[CSP] Rollmaster Report - July 2018


[CSP] Rollmaster Report - July 2018

Rollmaster Report

Scholae Palatinae

Accept the challenges so that you feel the exhilaration of victory.

~George S. Patton


Welcome to the new format for my Rollmaster monthly reports. Just a reminder that Words and War is ongoing! The event long competitions are soon coming to a close but we do have some of the Phase 2 events continuing until August 8th. With that slowly coming to a close, we also have starting up an incredible event that I know I am very much looking forward to participating in! That would be the Clan Plagueis Presents: Pro Bowl III - An event of Clans Plagueis, Scholae Palatinae, and Taldryan which is currently in the Prologue phase! This is going to be a lot of fun and I cannot stress enough how much fun this will be for everyone. Definitely check it out! All the hype!!!

Unit Movements

  • Zeke Avignone joined Battle Team Krennic after completing the Trial of Identity
  • Bale Andros rejoined Battle Team Vindictae Immortalis
  • Shadow Nighthunter joined Imperium from Excidium, accepting the position of Aedile

Promotions and Awards

Award period: July 1st to July 28th

  • Jon Silvon CIx1 Cr:1R-2S-1E-1T
  • Mune Cinteroph-Palpatine DSS CFx136
  • Wagglehorn CGx2 Cr:1S-1T
  • Mako Henymory CFx92 CGx5 Cr:2A-3S-1E
  • James Mallum CIx7 CGx2 Cr:1R-3A-2S
  • Xantros Cr:1E
  • Derek Cinn Cr:1S
  • Reiden Palpatine Karr LoS Cr:3A-1S
  • Aylin Sajark CIx1 CGx9 Cr:1R-2S
  • Alara Deathbane CGx3
  • Elincia Rei CIx2 CGx6 Cr:2A-1S
  • Raiju Kang CFx6 Cr:1R
  • Ayden Dane SoFx3 CFx6 CEx15 Cr:2A
  • Kadrol Hauen CIx3 CGx4 Cr:1D-2A-2S-3E-1T
  • Ulfsark Cr:1R
  • Kell Palpatine Dante Cr:1S-1E
  • Jorm (The Jester) Na’trej Cr:1A-1S-1T


Clan Plagueis Presents: Pro Bowl III - An event of Clans Plagueis, Scholae Palatinae, and Taldryan - The third annual Plagueis hosted Pro Bowl, this year featuring Clans Scholae Palatinae and Taldryan! The 2018 Plagueis, Scholae Palatinae, and Taldryan Pro Bowl will pit two teams of mixed leaders against one another. This is going to be an incredibly exciting and fun event! Definitely get in on this one!

FIST 2018 Monthly Gaming Challenge - August - Are you a gamer? Interested in getting into gaming and earning Clusters of Fire and Clusters of Earth? Jump on into these competitions and represent CSP in the realm of DB gaming!

CSP Crossword #1 - Summer Fun - I know we have the Pro Bowl coming up, but, I wanted to put somethign quick and fun out there as an extra little bit of activity for you guys!


Even in this new format I will be using from here on in, I want to make sure to keep including a members spotlight section for both artwork and fiction. We have some incredible talents within our members, and I feel very strongly that we should endeavour to celebrate these talents at every opportunity!

The Shistavanen Rollmaster crossed the sandy dunes once again. He knew what was happening. He had seen this vision once before. Yet now it seemed it was clearer, with events coming to a possible close. He looked up into the sky, the heat tingling his furry throat. He howled for a second, realizing he was on top of a large building. The metallic surface of a city was now below him, with him at the top of the tallest building. He saw a city, bustling and built by modern standards. People moving about, not crumbling like before. He let out a sigh of relief.

But the sky turned red, like the dream before. Shocked, he looked up as bloody rain started falling down from the sky. He saw a black object fall from a great height. Following the object through the rain, it landed on the roof in front of him. It was a dead, mangled bird. He felt a wind rush over him, whipping the blood into his face. Wiping his eyes, Mune squinted through the heavy wetness. All he could see was what looked like a face.

“Nooooo!!!!” the Rollmaster yelled out.

~excerpt from Dek Ironius II’s final report

It is sad to see Dek go, but, real life will always come first and we all wish him the best in his real life endeavours.The above excerpt was taken from his final report, and, is a fantastic piece of fiction that finds his character’s plot completed in an epic way. Definitely give the entire report a good read.


This is a fantastic piece by the ever talented Zehsaa. I always enjoy seeing her latest works, and this one was no exception. This is of course a work in progress of her character Aylin being saved from… something… by Reiden!


CSP Proofreaders

The mailing list has found little use as of yet. I do encourage members of CSP to reach out to those of us on the mailing list for anything you may need proofed. The mailing list can be reached at [Log in to view e-mail addresses] and we will work to get on top of your proofreading needs ASAP.

Newcomer’s Quick Reference

This quick guide is coming together well, anyone wanting to lend a hand is welcome to reach out, more eyes are always welcome.

Master/Student Program*

  • Kadrol Hauen currently paired with Elincia Rei.

Useful Resources

  • Seraph - the Clan’s new home.
  • ...more to come!


There has not been much unit movement aside from some of our newer members AWOLed to Rogue. These are members from the influx of joins we saw as part of a recruitment campaign and is nothing to worry about.

Good job to those receiving awards through this report period, love seeing those Crescents and Clusters! Mako, as always, with the many Clusters of Fire, and more than a few of your with multiple Crescents! Lets keep that going as we press forward into the beginnings of the Pro Bowl! This is a big opportunity to show your stuff, no matter the teams you fall in, work your hardest to make the best showing you can of yourself. You don’t win by sitting on the sidelines.

In a competition, there’s always winners and losers. And I think everyone is here to win, which makes it fun for us all.

~Antonio Brown

Let’s all have fun.

For the Empire…


Grand Admiral, Rollmaster of Scholae Palatinae

Oooo, me likes the siggy and the new format!

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