[Imperium] Dek's Fourth Quaestor Report


[Imperium] Dek's Fourth Quaestor Report

The Shistavanen Rollmaster crossed the sandy dunes once again.  He knew what was happening. He had seen this vision once before.  Yet now it seemed it was clearer, with events coming to a possible close.  He looked up into the sky, the heat tingling his furry throat. He howled for a second, realizing he was on top of a large building.  The metallic surface of a city was now below him, with him at the top of the tallest building. He saw a city, bustling and built by modern standards.  People moving about, not crumbling like before. He let out a sigh of relief.

But the sky turned red, like the dream before.  Shocked, he looked up as bloody rain started falling down from the sky.  He saw a black object fall from a great height. Following the object through the rain, it landed on the roof in front of him.  It was a dead, mangled bird. He felt a wind rush over him, whipping the blood into his face. Wiping his eyes, Mune squinted through the heavy wetness.  All he could see was what looked like a face.

“Nooooo!!!!” the Rollmaster yelled out.

Minutes before the destruction of the ISN Vader

Dek sat near the humming engines of the ISN Vader.  They provided a soft sound for him to focus his mind.  Frequent migraines most recently gave him pause to the work he was doing.  The hum combined with the silence of all background noise gave him some peace of mind minus medicine.

Dek gave side eye to a being entering into his range.  It was a tall figure with a mask across the mouth of their face.  Dek became intrigued by the figure, wondering who this person was.  The figure leaned on a railing about two meters from Dek.

Her thick accent spat out some strange basic: “Engines.  Good sounds, correct?”

Her figure was bulky.  The area seemed more silent than usual all of a sudden.  Guards were not around.

Dek’s communicator lit up, but he didn’t answer it.  He felt he was in danger, but still responded, “Yes...and you are?”

“I am one.  I am from many.  We give gift to you.”

Dek could feel that this was a mistake.  He hit the answer on his commlink, and out came Eli’s voice: “...not a drill. I repeat, all members of Scholae get the fwec out of there right now.”

Dek took a step back.  The cheeks of this tall person lifted.  She let the face covering down, revealing heavy burns to her jaw, with a few teeth missing.  But also a mark that Dek noticed immediately. It was the mark of the Kleg Moldate.

“We wiped you out,” were Dek’s words.

Her smile continued into her voice, “Thinking you did, yes.  But not so. I am last. I am end.”

Dek chuckled, knowing that his past actions may have come back to haunt him in ways he didn’t expect.  She proceeded to slowly take off her jacket, revealing a cluster of high yield bombs, possibly nuclear devices.

Dek started again, “You’re experts in this technology.”

“Yes,” she responded, “We know well.  We use against you.”

Dek smiled, and this time her face frowned.  “Did you really think,” Dek stated, “that we would let you get away with that?  I have people already rallying around your final destruction.”

“They continue without you, in life,” her yellow saliva fell from her somewhat numb mouth.

“I feel happy knowing that the last of the Kleg Moldate will die with me,” Dek retorted.  “I’ve won,” he smiled.

She immediately hit a button.  Distant explosions could be heard.  As they got closer and close, Dek slowly thought of his life and time in Clan Scholae Palatinae.  He thought of his time in the Cocytus System, and thought of the one person he truly loved. He thought of the beginnings of his time on Ragnath, and his incoming end.

He then felt an immediate presence in front of him, as if someone were trying to reach his non-Force Sensitive soul..  It was as if a large beast was peering into his soul, yelling something at him.

Dek felt the heat wash over him, searing his skin, and immediately destroying any piece of him, along with whatever soul he had.

Greetings Imperials,

Yep, I just killed Dek. Partly because I don’t need the temptation of returning sooner than I need to.

Recently, life has picked up for me. I was accepted into a teaching fellowship in NYC where I can teach and get my Masters in Education at the same time over the next 2 – 3 years. So what does this mean? Firstly, it means I’m moving to New York City in August. Secondly, it means that I’ll finally have full time work and a consistent future. Lastly, it means I cannot be Quaestor of Imperium anymore.

There were a few reasons for my leaving. But ultimately my time here is at a point where it cannot be shared between RL and the DJB anymore.

With that being said, I wanted to go over what we’ve accomplished together in the past few months as a House:

1) Fictional Update:

We’ve updated ourselves all the way up to modern day. We’re no longer stuck in the past and grasping at for what our modern day House looks like.

2) We’ve been given an image:

Even if we don’t stick to it and it changes over time, we have something to go off of and look forward to. People can use this in the future as a model for solidifying and improving what our House does.

3) Military expansion:

We’ve been allowed a military. Wagglehorn and Reiden worked on their respective ones for the BTs while Aeternus and myself worked on Imperium’s. We have a solid military for ourselves currently.

4) Wiki update:

I’ve updated as much of the wiki as I could. It’s not a ton, but it allows for others to potentially to have a hand at it.

5) New enemy:

What ever happens with them happens. Maybe they fade into obscurity, or maybe someone takes hold of them and does something with them. Anyways, they have a place in our history as a legitimate event to help set our story as our own.

We accomplished this in a matter of months. I hope my successor will carry on this legacy.

Anyways, if anyone has questions for me in the future, I’ll always be open to them. Maybe I’ll return someday, but right now I have a lot going on and I simply can’t be here anymore.

I hope you remember this time as a good time.

Glory to the Empire



Thanks so much for your service, Dek. I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavours.

Good luck, Dek...!!

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