Dakhani Solutions Sergeant Report


Dakhani Solutions Sergeant Report

Dakhani Solutions - Sergeant Report

Did you guys know Flight Leaders/Sergeants can make reports? Izanami currently has no access to a PC with internet, so I am reporting in his stead. This one is probably going to be brief. It'll include some news, awards, and competitions.


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The biggest Clan-related news is that House Marka Ragnos Aedile applications are open. You can read about it here in Malik's News Post. Anyone can apply, but as he points out, this is a great first or second Summit position for aspiring leaders. It's a great place to learn the ropes as far as being a Summit member goes. Aedile was one of my first leadership positions, and when I started I had no idea what I was doing, but I learned a lot. So if you're interested, apply! Can you fill Vaar's shoes?

The next bit of Clan news is that Artisans are over. The results will be listed below in the rewards section of this report.

From the sound of rumors, it looks like there may be a small vendetta-type thing coming up at the end of this month, so right now we just have some small competitions running. We'll keep you posted though.

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In Battleteam news, I recently emailed you guys to say hi and find out what you are interested in, in addition to just wanting to talk and be social. I also wanted to find out what people like to do so I can create competitions and activities related to that because we're all here to have fun. And I also may be a little biased in wanting my own Battleteam members to place more in my competitions than the rest of the Clan. Sorry, rest of CNS!

In addition, we've been hard at work fleshing out the team's fictional identity and everyone's role, and that's going pretty well, too!

In recent club-wide news, a ton of stuff has been posted about Rebels! In addition, there was a Fist report recently, which you should all probably read!


I'm going to spend this section highlighting Artisans because it's the big thing that just recently ended.

Artisans had several parts, including a competition to name our new cover identity, a run-on, fiction, wiki, and gaming competitions. I'll have the placement below, with DaSo members bolded. Note that Vaar changed his name when he transfered to Odan-Urr ( :( ), but I'm using the name he placed under.

Name That Criminal Empire!

  1. Vaar Mai
  2. Rhian Baenre
  3. Shi'Dan Kal'Rai

Run-on: The Shadows of Markosian

  1. Shirai Ryu Dupar, Roxas Buurenaar, Macron Goura Sadow, Maelous Ascarend

  2. Locke Sonjie, Syntari Bastiayn, Jades A Sadow


  1. Vaar Mai


  1. Rhiann Baenre
  2. Vaar Mai
  3. Ashura Isradia Sadow


  1. Vaar Mai
  2. Kairus
  3. Rhiann Baenre

That's all of Artisans, so if there was an MVP, it would definitely be Vaar. Congrats, Vaar! Rhiann also did very well. Vaar placed in four competitions, and Rhiann in three, which is pretty amazing when there were only five to begin with!

Great job to Dakhani Solutions members Jade, Ashura, and Kairus on placing in Artisans competitions as well! I'm not sure if Malik wants to rank the Battleteams on participation or not, but that's his problem. As for me, I'm proud to see that four of us placed!

As for other competitions that DaSo members have placed in, Jade, Ashura, and myself have all earned Clusters of Ice for participation in the "Betrayal From Within" Runon that ended at the end of last year. Nice work guys!

Also, my CNS Acronym Challenge competition recently ended. The top three were:

  1. Rhiann Baenre
  2. Mirado L'eonheart
  3. Malik Sadow

None of those are DaSo members. :( Really, letting our Quaestor beat us! AND Malik!

Everyone keep an eye out for more stuff to do in the future. We'll keep you updated and try to keep you busy until the Dark Council calls on us to fight the One Sith again!


Let me take a moment to highlight currently running competitions, starting with the stuff only open to members of our Clan, and then I'll list everything else. There's thirteen in total!

CNS Only

Words of Motivation They will know us by... Know what I meme [FEB Edition]

Entire DJB

Valentines for the DB (This ends today!)]
GMRG Gorefest: February 2014
The Mighty Hunter
Flashpoint Fun!
King of the Hill
Walk a mile in my shoes...
Monthly Mobile Gaming: Splashy Fish(iOS)
Monthly Mobile Gaming: Clumsy Bird (Android
I'm a WHAT now?!

That's basically it for this report! Thanks for reading. In the future, expect to hear more about what's going on with the Battleteam and future DJB-wide events, as we develop our fiction and do more stuff!

Have fun out there,


Nicely done! You totally need separators!

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