Deathsworn BTL Report #2


Deathsworn BTL Report #2


“Death is nothing, but to live defeated and inglorious is to die daily.” - Napoleon Bonaparte


Hey guys! Mawgath, back again. I’m excited to be reporting, because all kinds of cool stuff has been happening. There’s life being breathed into the Deathsworn, and I’m excited about moving forward!

I have a few things I’d like to cover, so let’s jump into it!


I’m glad to see people doing things / winning shinies / being evil. Let’s take a look at some of the goings-on since my last report!

Dain Cathis
* Promoted to Acolyte
* Won a bunch of crescents, and a Legion of the Scholar

Thanadd Mawgath
* Promoted to EQ1 (Warrior)
* Joined ACC Staff as Judge / Atra’s boot shiner

Mystic Kromtal Stormfield
* Appointed Rollmaster of Tarentum
* Promoted to EQ1 (Mystic)
* Awarded Anteian Cross
* Won a bunch of crescents, 2 Clusters of Graphite, Legion of the Scholar

Saitou Tarentae
* Awarded Dark Cross
* Won 2 Clusters of Graphite, 1 Crescent, 2 Legion of the Scholar

Etah Shankura
* Updated CS, Wiki
* Became unofficial Droid Master of the Brotherhood

* Is Zekk
* Appears on Telegram! It’s super effective!!


The inter-clan event with Clan Naga Sadow is upon us!! The link to our festivities is pinned on Tarentum clan chat!

Things get started in just hours!! Check out the container, under the official title “New Ties,” here:

Important to note is that the competitions are marked as targeting the “Entire DJB,” but are in reality only open to the members of Tarentum or Naga Sadow!

Get ready guys! Jump in tomorrow!

While on the topic of competitions, we have a plethora out there. I’d like to point out that our team specific fiction competition, “For the Master!” is still open. Our Mortis Quaestor, Scion, is also running a writing workshop and a cipher competition, both which open in two days. Check ‘em out!


The Deathsworn are under continuous development. We will be an integral part of Tarentum, linked irrevocably to the rest of the Clan (even those stinky Grays!). I reiterate that we are villainous – even in the context of the Sith - so keep that in mind as we mold and express our place here.

A few times a week, I’ll be continuing to pin questions and scenarios in our Telegram channel. Beef himself has been popping frequently, to pose these or participate in discussion. If you guys have ideas for development, Beef and I are always open to entertaining them. Let me know what’s on your mind!

In the meantime, we should all start getting familiar with the other Houses and BTs. Of particular significance to us are the Nekros Coven, another cult local to Mortis. Solas recently posted a link to the updated wiki page for the team, which offers great insight into their background and function. Read it here:

Enjoy it, guys!


You will notice that, in lieu of fiction, I posted a quote about death at the beginning of this report. I’d like you all to think about this quote in relation to your characters. Ask yourself what they would think of these words, and explore the implications of such an idea. I find it’s a fun way to get to know our characters better than we did before. Give it a try!

I’m liking our increased level of activity, and I anticipate great things for the team. We contribute to Tarentum as a complete whole. Let’s continue doing our part to maintain TARENTUM MOMENTUM!

Mawgath out!!

So much fun reading this report, I like how you alternate between fun and serious stuff!

Nice report! Keep them coming!

Great report :) Congratz again on EQ1!!

Great report!

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