Deathwatch Report #1: The First of Many.


Deathwatch Report #1: The First of Many.


(Fiction update.)

Why is there so much fracking paperwork!?

That was Appius' first thought as he stared at the mountain of documents and shuddered at the effort it would take to get through the seemingly endless piles in front of him.

For a Clan and House that like to live by their own rules there seemed to be a whole lot of administration involved. Equipment, supplies, manpower, contracts, bounties, intelligence around Zsoldos, the House Wren headquarters and not to mention the who, what, when, why and how of everything Battleteam Deathwatch laid on his desk in front of him.

He sighed and tried to think of someone who could help him get through all of this mess. His first thought turned to Kano Tor Tydex. A fellow Mandalorian and expert Weapons Specialist. He had to wonder how he'd react to all this paperwork.

The Sorcerer glanced around the room. Brand new and decorated with red carpets and tapestries that presented the Deathwatch symbol in all its glory. The wooden walls were polished and glistened with a brilliant shine. The windows on either side of the room allowed the natural light of Zsoldos to shine and illuminate the room perfectly.

He would probably destroy the desk, the room and all this kark with it. Then walk away like nothing happened.

He chuckled to himself as the thought crossed his own mind briefly. Perhaps a little bit of Force Lightning couldn't hurt? but then he dismissed it. Destroying part of his office probably wasn't the most practical thing he could do right now. But was there anyone else?

His thoughts then turned to Hector Ricmore, a Zygerrian Ace pilot that often liked to document his adventures in a little notebook, datapad, terminal… basically, whatever he had access to. Maybe he could put those writing skills to use now? Appius shook his head.

No, Hector would likely document how his bantha fodder of a Battleteam Leader made him do paperwork as his first assignment…

Vizsla's first knight placed his hands on the desk and attempted to surrender himself to the mundanity of the administration ahead of him.

It's just paperwork, it's just paperwork. He kept chanting to himself. Hoping for something to intervene.

His prayers were answered when a young man, wearing House Wren security uniform suddenly barged into the room.

"Sir, the Quaestor has ordered me to report to you. There's been an attempt on his life and he demands that Deathwatch fix their protocols so this doesn't happen again."

Appius turned to the young man. His eyes filled with the brim determination.

"Tell the Quaestor I'll get the Battleteam online immediately and deal with this at once." He replied authoritatively as the young man bowed and left the room quickly as he could. Appius followed, secretly thanking the Living Force that he could leave the paperwork just a little bit longer.

Hello, Deathwatch!


You know, when I joined the DJB back in June, I told myself I probably wouldn't end up in a leadership position of any kind. Fast forward nearly six months and here I am. Leader of a brand spanking new Battleteam for a brand new House of Clan Vizsla. Funny how things work out isn't it?

But that's enough of my rambling. Welcome to the very first Deathwatch report! I suppose an introduction is in order? I'm Appius Wight, Vizsla's first Knight and now Battleteam Leader of Deathwatch. (Though you already knew that.) In real life, my name is Adam. I'm a husband, a father of two beautiful children and a lover of all things Star Wars, fiction writing and video games (despite what my GMRG rank says). I like to consider myself easy to get along with and just want to have a good time here in the DJB.

I would like to just quickly take this chance to thank Warp/Rulvak and Esca/Amira for putting their trust in me for this position. I look forward to serving both House Wren and Deathwatch as Battleteam Leader.

Considering I have no predecessors in this position, it means I have been given the fortunate task of building this Battleteam from the ground up. Something I've honestly enjoyed doing, though there is plenty more still to do (more on that below) but overall I'm pleased with the progress that's been made so far.

With that being said, let's get on with the nitty gritty of this report, shall we?

What is Deathwatch?

If you've ever watched The Clone Wars animated series will probably recognise the Battleteam's name from the Mandalorian splinter group that was led by Pre Vizsla (and eventually Darth Maul) when they tried to retake Mandalore.

I've taken influence from that very group. Their bravery, loyalty, hard as steel and 'get kark done no matter what' attitude was what inspired me for this Battleteam. Hence the name, Deathwatch.

At face value, Deathwatch's primary objective is the security of House Wren, it's citizens and the Aedile and Quaestor. Naturally, Clan Vizsla has enemies. Enemies that are looking to take advantage of the new House that's opened whilst it's still in its infancy stages. We are not police, nor are we an army. We are a taskforce that will do what needs to be done for House Wren.

That's the basic summary of it, however, there is more to this Deathwatch than just that. If you wish to know more I shall link you to the Wikipedia page here.

How will you lead the Battleteam?

Isn't it obvious? WITH AN IRON FIST.

Nah, I kid. I firmly believe that the correct way to have a good term as leader is to make sure that the membership are involved. So here are my promises to all of you.

  • You will all have your say.

Whether it be for the competitions you want to do, the fictional direction of the story and more. I want all of you to be comfortable knowing that your opinions are valued and taken into consideration.

  • You will receive credit for the work you do.

I will regularly monitor group activity and recommend the appropriate rewards and praise when due. And whilst we are on that subject…

  • Kano Tor Tydex

Kano was responsible for that badass looking report header at the top. I have sent an email to the Herald recommending that he receive Clusters of Graphite for his work. Thanks once again Kano!

  • Hector Ricmore

Hector has approached me and asked if he can make an NPC for the Battleteam. I look forward to seeing what he creates!

  • I'll be there for you! (Cue 'Friends' theme song.)

Whether you need something proofing, or a second pair of eyes on something you're working on, I will gladly take a look. I will also ensure that you guys have something to do within the Battleteam itself. Whether that be comps, world building or even Wikipedia projects. (I know, I know.) I will be available through Telegram and my personal email address ([Log in to view e-mail addresses]) and will aim to respond to anything you need within 24 hours.

What needs to be done and how can we do it?

  • Membership recruitment.

At the minute there aren't many of us. How do we fix this? By being active within the Battleteam and proving that we are not just an idle sub unit. Make something for everyone.

  • World building and Wikipedia Projects.

I can already feel the shudders coming from all of you. Don't worry, part of making these wiki projects engaging is to have everyone involved in the world building for Deathwatch. As an example, the Deathwatch's HQ still needs building. The Deathwatch wiki will be an ongoing project that will need regularly updating as our story continues.

Competition list

Celebration: Mandalorians

Ends in a few days! If you submit to all six comps you get access to a special Mandalorian themed store. Worth it if you haven't entered them all already! Ends 6th December.

Deathwatch: An Introduction

A small series of comps made just for Battleteam Deathwatch to get things kicked off for activity in the Battleteam! Starts 7th December and ends 21st December.

Vizsla: Code Red

Vizsla only fiction comp where you hunt down a Collective group (and hired assassin) that have raided the Vizsla credit vault. It's your job to bring them down. Ends 5th December.

House Wren - Underworld Bounty #1

Exclusive for House Wren, you head into Nar Shaddaa to collect the Bounty on one Emilia Skyheart. Ends 7th December.

[Clan Vizsla] - Monthly Cluster Race - December

Organised by Vizsla's own Kenneth Zoron, this cluster race starts and runs through December into the new year! If you enjoy your gaming and PvP this is a comp for you.

Remember, remember!

Do you want to save or destroy our Clan summit? Now's your chance too in this fiction comp! Ends 10th December (wait… am I part of the summit now!?)

Time to unwind

An art comp where you can draw your main character enjoying some lovely fireworks. Ends 3rd January.

Deathwatch Chapter 1

The first story arc for Deathwatch will commence at the start of the new year and will focus on the assassination attempt on the Quaestor's life. (Sorry, Warp.)

New Battleteam, new year, new story. (Plus it gives us all a chance to get through the holiday season.) I have my ideas, but I will consult with those in the Battleteam about what kind of competition's they would like to take part in for the event.

Ask Appius Anything

  • Hector asks:

What do you think I should aim for long term to help our BT?

Be active in the Brotherhood, engage with Battleteam storylines and plot developments and never shy from sharing your opinions with me.

  • Warp/Rulvak asks:

Now that you've been in the brotherhood for 5 months, you've seen a plethora of things. What did you enjoy participating in the most?

It's no secret at this point that I love writing fiction. But the thing I have enjoyed the most is interacting with everyone and getting to know everyone in not just Clan Vizsla, but the Brotherhood as a whole. It is part of what has made me so passionate for this club.

  • Farrin says: (not a question but thought I would reply here.)

You joined and immediately started kicking ass is what I remember :)

I think the best way to be in the Brotherhood is just throw yourself into whatever you can. I joined the Brotherhood and then two months later we entered a Great Jedi War so… what a way to make a start. It is difficult for new members from what I can tell. It was certainly nerve wrecking for me when I first joined and it's something I would like to help the Brotherhood with in the future should I ever enter a higher position of leadership.


Wow, you seriously read all of this? Give yourself a pat on the back and a cookie. (I stole them from the Dark Side.) I look forward to working with all of you in this Battleteam and if you were on the fence at all about joining the Battleteam I hope I've done enough to convince you to join!

Appius Wight (BTL: Deathwatch)

Nice report! Where do I sign up?

Good report Appius, love the graphic

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