Devil's Shroud - BTL Report - June


Devil's Shroud - BTL Report - June



I have just returned from a wedding, so this report might make very little sense. I love you all and when someone says drink, you bloody well drink! It’s good manners.


Lot’s of things happened all at once this past month.

  • Clusters of Earth were implemented. If you play PVE activities you will now get Clusters of Earth, instead of Clusters of Fire. Clusters of Fire remain as a PVP award.
  • The rank changes for the SA society were implemented as well. This is supposed to make better use of all the SA ranks.
  • As always, lots of competitions. Click the link to find them all. I also sent out an email to the clan about all running competitions, so be sure to check your email as well.


Congratulations to everyone who received a reward or who As always: “It’s not that you didn’t do anything per se, it’s just that I didn’t see you do it.”

Jades A Sadow:
Promoted to SA Rank VII: Graduate

Promoted to SA Rank V: Senior

Marcus Kiriyu:
21 x Cluster of Fire
1x Scroll of the Master
1x Crescent with Amethyst Star
Passed Markdown 201

Daedric Turelles:
1x Scroll of the Master
Promoted to SA Rank VI: Super Senior

Rhan Ocheron:
Transferred to Rogues

James McGarret:
No activity

Promoted to Protector!
Passed Comms 1: Discourse Forum
Passed DJBWiki: An introduction
Passed Gaming 101: Setting up & Finding Matches
Passed Dark Brotherhood Basics

Sarge’s Corner

Unfortunately Daedric is still away on deployment and has very crappy internet. Because of this, he was unable to write his usual paragraph for you guys. He should be back this Wednesday, yay!

Final thoughts

A New Home has kicked off and the first submissions are in! I’m hoping you’ll all participate, there’s easy crescents to be won and places in official lore to attain. Submit to me!! Err, I mean to the uhh, competition, of course. Yes. The competition.

Final thought: Let Daedric and myself know what you enjoy. Fiction? Graphical? Gaming? Trivia? Tell us! We will make awesome stuff.


  • A New Home has it’s first submissions!
  • Rhan Ocheron transferred to Rogues, we wish him luck.
  • Let us know what you want to do in the DJB!

Dark Jedi Knight - Marcus Kiriyu
Dark Jedi Knight - Daedric Turelles

Nice report. Keep up the good work guys!

Keeping things rolling, guys. Good report.

Really curious to see how the New Home thing works out and hope everyone enters!

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