Devil's Shroud Report #1: Changing of the Guard; All that Glitters is not Sapphire


Devil's Shroud Report #1: Changing of the Guard; All that Glitters is not Sapphire


Bentre Stahoes looked at the badge clenched in his fist. The torn fabric bore the symbol of Sapphire Squadron. He had spent a fair amount of time there, and he would always appreciate the time he had spent in the unit. Tenderly, he placed the momento into a wooden box, flipping the metal clasp before he placed into the lockbox. It was a little uncomfortable, but he would get used to all these things in his new room.

Now it was time to look forward. He brushed off his armor, and took a deep breath. Forcing a friendly smile to hide his unease, he strode through the open doorway, ready to face whatever the future would bring him. Marcus Kiriyu had left him a lot to be responsible for. He was ready to make sure that his new unit thrived. He wanted to help Devil's Shroud to be everything that it could be.

Greetings and salutations, everybody. I am Bentre Stahoes that shiny new guy appointed to lead Devil's Shroud! I have a lot of exciting things I want to roll into action for our Battleteam. I am ecstatic at getting to work with all of you. Thankfully my former Master, and your BTS Daedric has gracefully agreed to remain in his position to help make this new transition easiest on everybody.

I am hoping to hear from each of you what sort of things you expect or desire in a Battleteam, so that we can make this the happening place to be. I spent a good bit of time in Sapphire Squadron (in its most recent incarnation) and I hope to use the knowledge I have gained there to catapult this Battleteam to greatness and to even greater fun. I want everyone in Devil's Shroud to have their own impact, and for us to move forward our lore together.

There is also the recent email about the upcoming event, Awakenings. More details are being promised, and I hope that I can witness a strong showing from Devil’s Shroud!



Our Roster

I would like to stress that if I miss something here, it isn't because you did nothing, I just didn't see you do those things. Do remember I am a new BTL, so I may have missed out on some email activity or behind-the-scenes things.

Jades A Sadow

  • No observed activity


  • No observed activity


  • 1 Steel Cross Awarded
  • 35 Clusters of Fire
  • 3 Clusters of Ice
  • 4 Crescents with Emerald Star
  • 2 Legion of Scholar
  • 1 Crescent with Topaz Star
  • 1 Crescent with Amethyst Star
  • and transferred to Devil's Shroud

Daedric Turrelles

  • Some email activity

James McGarrett

  • No observed activity


  • 3 Crescents with Emerald Star Awarded
  • 2 Clusters of Earth Awarded
  • 2 Crescents with Topaz Star Awarded

Bentre Stahoes

  • 77 clusters of fire
  • 9 clusters of ice
  • 3 pendants of Blood
  • 2 crescents with ruby star
  • 2 crescents with emerald star
  • 4 crescents with sapphire star
  • transferred to Devil's Shroud

Sarge's Corner

Hey guys, welcome to the Sarge’s Corner, where you come to get your ass chewed but then handed a beer afterwards. Way back when Marcus was BTL, we ran a series of competitions to set up our new home. I got to dig through a series of emails and what not to pull up everything but I’m hoping to have the fiction out tomorrow (25.July.2015) night. Bentre and myself will work out the grunt work detail, but I stress if you want to help out send us an email. There’s plenty of work to be done and ideas and what not to come up with.

Other than that guys keep up the great work, a lot of activity has been flooding my inbox and even though I may not say much here lately, I enjoy reading what you guys have been up to. With the new clan wide event coming up we need to work together, a team that works together wins together. And who doesn’t like to win.


  • Marcus Kiriyu is new Rollmaster
  • Bentre is your new BTL
  • some new, exciting competitions to get involved in
  • hints at furthering story and lore for the Battleteam in coming weeks
  • “Awakenings” event for NS upcoming
  • Daedric thinks he's a jerk

Final Thoughts

In reference to the title, I want for our Battleteam to shine in its own right. We have the ability to be an example of greatness within our House and Clan, and I want to do everything in my power to make this happen. I never want for our unit to need for anything in my power to provide. Whatever we do, I want us to do without a shroud of resentment.

Dark Jedi Knight Bentre Stahoes

Dark Jedi Knight Daedric Turrelles

So pretty, much wow!

Very nice work on your first report, Commander. I'm sure in time you will make this icon of transparency your own.

In any case, prepare to be bombarded via emails!!

Excellent report! Can't wait to see what you'll make of it all!

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