Devil's Shroud Report #7ish: The Parting Glass


Devil's Shroud Report #7ish: The Parting Glass


Evening everyone. This is my last missive as Battle Team Leader for Devil’s Shroud. It’s not so much a report as a temporary farewell. If I could remain, I would, but life rings the bell of “gotta go.” I did a little Q&A - something I don’t see much from the BTL-level of leadership - just for some fun “last hurrah” activity. Let’s get into it…

Atty: Tell us, why "Q?" (Qek, Qyreia)
I’ve always been fond of making up names in the fantasy/sci-fi genres. I wanted something that was unique, but not obscenely long or impossible to pronounce (spelling notwithstanding). “Q” is just easier for everyone to say, and Qek is just an Aurebesh run-off of said letter. Makes for a good, ominous name when I write “the Red Qek.”

Atra: Why do you never call or write? Then you disappear for 2 months... it's like you don't care.
Birch, I call you on TG more than you do to me. The whole disappearance is the army’s fault. Blame them. I would much rather be at home where I can sit around, talk to all my friends and family, and enjoy reading and writing like I always do.

Atra: Would you be interested in returning to leadership upon your return, or has that ship run its course? Does the drive remain, and if so, what would you do differently with a second run?
I would like to, yes. Be it BTL again, or some other form. Maybe work as a Magistrate or something. Sky’s the limit. Had I a second run with BTL, I would definitely plug away a bit more at the wiki stuff. Jeebus-knows that I had every intention of doing that, but never got around to it.

Tasha: Why are you leaving me to these scary people?
Again: army. It’s a sadistic organization that likes to send me away to “embrace the suck” for eight weeks without anything more than letters to contact the outside world. At least the pay is okay-ish.

Ophelia: Why are you stealing our question time? (I did my Q&A at the same time as HMR)
Honest answer? I had thought up the idea last night, and didn’t think about running into another group in the process. Sorry!

I hope you all enjoyed me while I was here. I know I wasn’t the best in the position, and I left enough work for my successor to keep busy for a while (including a proper report for this month). Hopefully this training is a one-shot, and I don’t get recycled and have to go back. Then I can return to the Brotherhood with more exciting and raucous tales for you all to read, pictures for you to oggle, and generally annoy everyone into oblivion. Mwahahaaa! Be nice to my successor, and be excellent to each other.

But really everyone: keep in touch, stay classy, and I’ll see you all in space.


Qyreia Arronen, Privateer
Devil’s Shroud, House Shar Dakhan

An entertaining last report. Well done in your post and safe adventures in RL! Hope to see you back sooner rather than later.

salutes stay safe Q

It's been good having you, Q, and we'll be glad to welcome you back when you're able again. :)

You still suck for leaving :(

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