DGM Report: Test of Identity and Unit Reports


DGM Report: Test of Identity and Unit Reports


Semi-away, again!

I'm off on another work-related trip, this time to Europe. I will be gone for a week starting tomorrow, but I will have internet daily and though I won't have mobile access, I will be answering emails and the like several times a day. I don't anticipate much slow down in my activity because this work trip will mostly keep me occupied during the hours I am currently busy and not able to do DB work, anyway.

This report will be a bit sparse compared to past reports, so hopefully it won't be quite as much a wall of text for you guys to read through!

Traditions update

We have received our first Traditions proposal, which was well crafted and is likely to be implemented in some form. One thing I didn't make clear is that individuals submitting the name of the Tradition do not need to use the Adherent noun. Thus, an individual that ascribes to a submitted Tradition could be known as basically whatever you'd like, assuming we approve of it!

Additionally, we've had some requests to make a place for members to discuss potential Traditions and find other interested parties. To that end, I've created a discourse thread here for people to discuss Traditions and propose them to fellow members.

Test of Identity

As some of you are no doubt aware, a group of Dark Councilors has finally pushed the replacement for the Test of Lore live. The goal of the Test of Lore was simply to determine if a member was alive. With that in mind, we set about redesigning the Test of Lore to be something that would test if a member was alive, but also be engaging in a way that might keep the mas members. With that goal, a year ago we began working on what has become the Test of Identity.

We worked through a number of ideas and decided to go with a rudimentary character creator, because we felt that we could use it as a means to "Hook" new members into their new DB personas. Furthermore, it provided a simple launching pad for new members to get an idea of the kind of experience they could look forward to, with Paths and Orders. None of the complex CS elements are included, but members do choose robes and the like. I've included a simple screenshot of my favorite part of the "test," picking a species:


Curious to see the exam itself? You can mosey on over to https://www.darkjedibrotherhood.com/admin/trial_of_identity and take it yourself! Please note, if you are not an INI, nothing you enter in here will be saved to your dossier.

In addition to the new test, we also modified the existing Join system, such that new members are not assigned to a unit until they: 1) Finish the Test of Identity, proving they exist, and 2) Confirm their email. This way, units should be getting far fewer dead-on-arrival members. The Headmaster has been tasked with occasionally whipping the Initiates that haven't yet completed the Test of Identity, so no new members will go unpoked!

Unit Reviews

Now that we've distributed and heard responses from all units on the unit reviews for the last few months, I wanted to share some relevant numbers. This reporting period went from very the start of May to last week.

First, the Brotherhood had 3000 competition submissions in that period, from 280 unique participants. This doesn't include anyone that is now Rogue or on the Dark Council. Every unit had well over 60% of its members participate the last few months, and the majority had more than 70%! Excellent job there, all! It was very impressive to see these numbers, in a relatively quiet time of year.

I'll share a couple major highlights from the unit report. All of our units showed different strengths, much like the last reporting period. For the second straight reporting period, both Tarentum and Naga Sadow had over 70% unique participation in their unit, and Odan Urr weighed in with a whopping 78% unique participant ratio. Arcona took the most writing clusters(along with the most crescents), Plagueis had the most gaming Clusters, while Scholae Palatinae and Taldryan had the most competition entries overall.

Personally, I am interested to see how our new Join statistics for units change given the new Path/Orders, and the new Test of Identity. For that reason, we did not look directly into comparisons between units on random joins or recruitments, because the recent major change has meant that looking back into the past and comparing it to the last month would be likely invalid. However, it is worth noting that Landon Cruise has recruited dozens of new members to CSP, which is incredible. Good job, Landon!

Success of Naga Sadow

As those of you can see from above, Naga Sadow has done very well this reporting period. But even before that, earlier in my tenure as DGM, it was clear that CNS had excellent leadership. Locke has been a good leader, and an excellent member, for the last 20 months. CNS has benefited tremendously from his vision and dedication over the last 6 months as Consul. Not only has the unit shown tremendous activity and growth, but Locke himself has been an active participant at all levels of the club. So... Locke, congratulations again, on your elevation to EQ4. :)

That's it for this now!
  • Mav to Europe; back in a week.
  • New Tradition coming soon. Use Discourse for more!
  • Test of Identity implemented!
  • Unit Reviews look promising; lots of activity!
  • Locke to EQ4!
Telaris "Mav" Cantor
Deputy Grand Master

Holy crap, that ToI is awesome. So much better than the wall of text. So much more engaging. I absolutely love the work from that team!

Also Mav you're the worst for bumping my post. JK, but srysly.

I see a Chiss on that form. Aren't they technically a grandfathered species? If not, that's awesome, but I'm curious all the same.

Chiss were made canon as part of Star Wars Commander.

Also the ToI is super amazing. Also yay for being first on the tradition proposals. :P

Ah, cool. That's awesome. Same sort of thing for Zeltrons, I take it?

Also, to those who say Thrawn can't happen. His species did. :P


Great job guys

Congrats Brimstone on your canonship

@Liam: "They were made canon in 2015, when author John Jackson Miller revealed that an unnamed Jedi youngling in his novel A New Dawn was a Zeltron through the book's production notes, which Miller released on his blog." http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Zeltron/Canon

Congrats Locke on EQ4. Congrats Brimstone on being real.

So... any hints about the new tradition? Might help get juices flowing for other new ones.

Wait so are Chiss actually able to be chosen? I thought they got grandfathered?

@Selika: Awesome, didn't know that. There's hope for Legends species after all, it seems.

Chiss are Canon, any new member can choose to create a Chiss character.

@Liam: There's actually a lot of hope. Much of the new canon content has brought back previously established materials from the EU. Interdictor cruisers in Tarkin, Sienar Fleet Systems in Rebels, Tie Defenders in Star Wars: Commander, the list goes on. :)

Love the ToI, seems much more straightforward and interesting than the ToL used to be.

Also, I'm so glad the Interdictor is canon again. Yay, Tarkin!

And Chiss. Chiss are nice, too.

Here's to everyone that made the new activity possible! Go you! And again, congratulations Locke sir! :P

Woo! TOI! And viewable for those who already took it too! Brilliant!

The ToI looks pretty cool, just a small suggestion when it comes to selecting robes, given that you have to pick gender as the first think wouldn't it be possible to only show the robes for that specific gender?

Damn, I wish I could join up now, that ToI was pretty awesome the way it feels so good to go through it all. This should definitely keep new members interested.

@Malik: I get where you're coming from on the robes but while the female robes do suit females more I don't feel like the 'male' robes would be something no female would wear. Also some of the female 'robes' are more like outfits than robes. To go back to the boring real world, there are men's clothes some women will wear while aside from drag queens and cross dressers it's rare. So if it was possible I'd imagine just taking the female robes from someone who selects male would be the more appropriate option. Especially since the robes with female versions have male alternatives.

Good point.

Great report...love the ToI idea

The Shadow Academy entrance file on the page is kinda crooked?
Or is it meant to be like that

I also noticed that you can only pick Grey Jedi as starting point? Is this intentional? If so, why? Wouldn't this scare off possible members because they cannot pick Light or Dark from the very beginning?

OR did i just miss something and not pay attention again :D

I think that's because you already have a dossier, with a name and a path selected.

IIRC you choose path when you sign up so the options for each path should be visible, I saw the Sith, Dark Jedi, Merc and Loyalist orders when I was looking through it.

You're correct. A member already decides on their Path when they join, so it's known going into the ToI, and only Orders available to their respective Path will be available. This applies to anyone clicking through the link above to check it out.

@Arvalis It's meant to be that way (crooked). If you read the text on the ToI, it is meant as the datapad that is collecting your choices that you review at the end.

Ah ok was just checking. Makes sense ^^ Cool beans :D

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