Dinaari AED Report 29/11/14


Dinaari AED Report 29/11/14

Dinaari AED Report

Thought for the day

Be wary opening links in IRC posted by Tarax when you have children around……. :p

Well it has been sorta quiet around of late, guess this is to be expected with Fading Light over and everyone needs some rest plus thanksgiving and christmas just around the corner. Let us not forget the brotherhood and jump on IRC and slap Dru at least once a day…...


Few things lately of note. While he may not be a Dinaarian let us congratulate our lovable panda Howie for making everyone do all the things. I won’t go into too much detail here as his recommendations are glowing and can be found here. But I would like to say thank you to howie and for all the effort he does put in, and all the other summit members as well to keep taldryan the well oiled machine it is. Except for me im just getting carried on their greatness….

Gaming world

CHEAP SALES!!!!. If you have ever thought about getting some blizzard games or upgrading to the expansion, but don’t wanna the cashola… don’t worry anymore as stuff is crazy cheap. Even SWTOR has some deals going on the GTN. Check out Val’s report for much more better detail then my jibberish, it can be found here

Dinaari - much better than Ekky……

We are at war fellow Dinaarians’. Do not take this lightly as winner WILL have bragging rights for many a time to come. The first weekly game is almost over so if you haven’t had a go, give it one. We must win, can you imagine Dru if we don’t…. Now defend our house, link can be found here

It is also good to see many people, especially after going so hard in fading light still around and actively competing in many different competitions & completing SA courses. While I often don’t go into detail too much with who did what, I feel like adding a new section to my reports……Dinaarian of the week.

Dinaarian of the week

In this section, I will go in depth with one Dainaarian a week, listing accomplishments and a Q and A with that person possibly even. Although since this week I didn’t give myself much notice on this section there will be no Q and A, may do a catch up next week.

This week i would like to shine the spotlight on JH Serenla. I seem to always be getting an email about another thing Serenla is doing. A real workhorse the takes Howies saying and actually does it, Serenla is doing ALL THE THINGS.

This month alone Serenla has earnt:

•310 CFs

•1 POB

•Been promoted to JH

•Attained the Dark Maven - Lore Degree

•GMRG level 5

•6 SA courses

•2 Seals of the Crusader.

This is awesome work serenla, keep it up

And that’s a wrap people.


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