Dinaari Aedile Report, 4/28/2014


Dinaari Aedile Report, 4/28/2014

Greetings all!

Welcome to another weekly Dinaari report. We like switching up the dates on you so you never know when you're going to get your news. It's a new strategy we're taking.

Also, I got sick last night. Apparently chicken wings offended my stomach. Ick.

Anyway! An exciting week this week, so let's dive into the news!

Two New Members
First of all, welcome back to Ondur! He's been away from Taldryan for many years, but returned to activity and is immediately making an impact! He's already been promoted to Jedi Hunter and I suspect we'll hear more from him soon!

Second, right as I was finishing this report, Damirael finished the Test of Lore and was transferred to the House, so welcome to Damirael as well!

A Couple Shinies
Armags has been doing a ton lately. As one of the primary leaders in TOR, Armags has represented Taldryan honorably and well, and on top of that, he's served as a mentor for many of our players there. He's been invaluable to the House with his mentorship of a new member and his work and activity over the last few months. Because of that, Armags was awarded a Steel Cross! Congratulations, Armags!

In addition, Kooks has been actively participating with Armags, primarily in gaming. This has earned him a shiny new Dark Cross! Keep up the good work, Kooks!

Tarax's Sword
Tarax's sword will be named in a proper ceremony, likely involving some necessary penetration, later this evening. We've had some great entries, and undoubtedly this amazing competition will lead to more great ideas. ;)

Our Universe Is Turning Upside Down!
Egads! In case you missed the news, we're now all legends. Or in the legends timeline, anyway. Star Wars is officially abandoning the current EU to the realms of "legends timeline." This is actually kind of exciting. Do you guys think the DB should go over to the new timeline, whatever it is, or do you think we should continue on our merry way in our own little corner of the EU? I'm in favor of starting over, but I always like new beginnings! How about you?

Big News from the Dark Council
We finally have a date for the next round of the Crusades: May 17th, with signups for the ACC tournament beginning on April 30th and ending on the 14th of May. What this mean is that if you aren't qualified yet... You ought to be!

Competitions and things to do
Dru is running a very cool competition to create another's Aspect! Check it out
The Harbingers still need a good motto, so go help Decimo out and submit one!
There's also Dru's awesome weekly puzzle competition!
Still a couple days left on this month's Gatekeeper Trial, so go out and beat some people up!

Telaris "Mav" Cantor
Dinaari Aedile
Combat Master

Yay, penetration ceremony!

It's sure to be... invasive.

This Sunday!

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