Disciples of Dreypa Battleteam Report May 2014


Disciples of Dreypa Battleteam Report May 2014

Monthly Thoughts

Word from the Instructor:

Now one thing in life has always kept me from achieving my truest ambitions and goals, and that one thing is fear. Now Fear in itself is something that some of us look at and scoff proclaiming wholeheartedly we have no fears and that nothing scares you. Yet when faced with a choice that may undeniably alter your future, or at least a future you have developed in your head, you may stop and take pause wondering exactly what it is you are doing and if you can truly do it.

Now that may come across a bit strong as a beginning to a report based around a club full of fun and the likes but in truth it relates to everything. The main thing currently has been the ACC tournament Fading Light. Now why is it scary? The simple answer is because you are representing the clan in a tourney against perhaps someone more seasoned than you, or a better writer than you or one of multiple reasons. Sure I myself am scared to go up against some of the greats in this club but as I don’t knuckle down and do it then I will never experience the situation and realise there is nothing to worry about and that the main point of the Tourney is to have Fun.

It doesn't matter if you win or lose. As long as you can sit down, do the best you can do and feel happy about doing it then that’s all that matters. Of course you want to win but it’s not worth making yourself a wreck over.

So on that note, go Forth and Conquer!

On another note I am truly sorry to see both Bubba and our Beloved Monty disappear from the Clan summit. Both have been inspiration to me and as far as Monty goes he was half the reason I came across to this amazing clan (The other half was the Ice Cream and Cookies..i’m still waiting on them!)

I am sure however Aabs will do an amazing job and whoever steps up to assist him will do a brilliant job also.

Ophelia Delacroix

Word from The XO:

The month in perspective

So, a quiet month was had by all it seems. But in retrospect we seem to have gained more visitors to the website resulting in a few new members so that can only be a good thing!

The obvious item everyone is hyping up and talking about is the Fading Light ACC Bracket Tournament. I share that hype. I myself have been placed in the brackets along with Ophelia; while she gets a bye to round two, I have to fight against Grand Master Jac Cotelin and I must admit it’s going to be a tough one for me. We have other Plagueisians in the competition so go cheer them on, give them your support and let’s keep their spirits up, even if they face overwhelming odds. They can do it!

On another note, we had a slow month, yes. But let’s not sit on our laurels but go out there fighting once more. Plagueis fought hard to become a Clan once more, we are a part of Plagueis, so let’s show them all how it’s done!

Congratulations on all the hard work everyone. Keep it up! And as our hallowed leader once told me (many, MANY times, actually) DO WORK, SON!

DJK Taranae Rhode (Sith) / BTS / Battle Team Disciples of Dreypa of House Ajunta Pall of Clan Plagueis [GMRG: IV] [SA: III]AC-ToSH / DC / GN / Cr:1R-2E-1T / CF-SF / DSS / SI-BL{SA: DPE - DPV}

The Disciples of Dreypa:


So this month has been a bit quiet. Part of that is due to the buzz of the ACC, the other part is the fact we had a few people go AWOL and sadly not pass the checks. I shall discuss that in more detail down below. Now I am fully aware this is a volunteer club and I am certainly not going to badger you every five minutes to do something as that’s not my style. I run and will always run an open door policy. I put out what is happening and then I ask you that if you have suggestions or problems to come forward to me or Tara and we will assist you or get things underway. Sadly however this does not seem to be working and what it is doing is the complete opposite.

I know at the moment people are busy, I myself am trying to push nearly a whole semester of work I missed due to being either in Hospital or ill into 2 weeks and this week is my last week of college where I have to finish a whole C++ programming course in 3 days. My point is, getting back on track, we are all busy and I am truly not asking for miracles just a heads up from you guys once in a while to let me know how things are if I send out an email to everyone. I am here for you to make this a fun enjoyable experience. So help me help you.

Oh also those on the ACC, go forward and KICK ASS!


  • T'yurbota


  • Meleu - Yay is now the Apostles of Syn BTL so good job bro!

  • Ash - AWOL Removed

  • Saydi - AWOL Removed

  • Morthai - AWOL Removed

Shadow Academy:

  • Ra’gnar - ACC Fundamentals
  • Albatros - DJBWIKI - An introduction
  • Meleu - Markdown 101
  • Marduss - Leadership Fundamentals


  • Marduss - CoI x 2
  • Meleu - Legion of the Scholar


This month is the ACC Tourney, good luck to everyone who is participating. To those who are not I have created a short competition to think on and develop your character a bit more.

Battle Song

Non specific competitions are as follows:

View All Current Competitions

In Conclusion:

Lets move forward, bind together, remove the fear from our actions and look at the Battleteam with new eyes. With a new summit taking over we have plenty of opportunities to shine and kick the proverbial ass of out our Sister Battleteam!

Time for inspiring music of the month! (Or at least a fun song.)


OT Ophelia Delacroix (Obelisk) / BTL / Battle Team Disciples of Dreypa of House Ajunta Pall of Clan Plagueis [GMRG: II] [SA: IV] GC / SC / DC-SiP / GN-BL / SN-BL / BN-BL / Cr:2R-4S-10E-6T-5Q / CF-GF / CI-RC / SotM / LS / S:16Rn {SA: MVC - MVF - MVH - MVPH - DPE - DPV}

Keep up the great work Ophelia and Taranae!

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