Ektrosis AED Report - "The Five Changes"


Ektrosis AED Report - "The Five Changes"


Uh. I don't really know where to start. So much stuff happening. This past week was a rather noteable one for the Brotherhood, as I'll try to explain below. I apologize for the length.


  • Hokay. Game plan is to start at the top and work my way down. The big news is that Muz has stepped down and has been replaced by Pravus. Muz was GM for 6 years (!), so his departure is certainly a huge shake up of things.

  • Our new GM posted his first (33rd?) report. It's a doozy. Relevant details:

    • The new DGM will be Mav (go Tal!)
    • The new Voice will be Shad (go Tal!)
    • The new Justicar will be Jac (go Tal!)
    • There are no longer Independant Houses in the Brotherhood - they have all been re-clanned! The DGM's report below touches on the new policy changes to accompany this.
    • Yacks got promoted to Dark Prophet, which is pretty much the hardest rank to obtain. Nicely done boss!
    • Changes to how Orders/Paths are handled are coming down the pipe, so that should be interesting to see. There's also the option to get muggle-ized (non-Jedi).
  • Our new DGM has put out his opening report from this time around. In it, he reveals who the bestest GJWer was this time around. No surprises, a Tally has the honour of being named the First Hero of the Eleventh Great Jedi War - HALCYON! Make sure you congratulate him and all that jazz :P

  • More medals! Halc and Howie both received well-deserved Grand Crosses of the Dark Side. Congrats to both!

  • There were a TON of non-merit medals and awards this week. A crap-ton of Novae, a bunch of clusters/PoBs, and some crescents as well. There were also Seals of Revelation for everyone who participated in the GJW. Seriously. My inbox had about 30 different medal/award notifications, so outstanding work to everyone (and a bunch of those emails dealt with multiple people in the same message)!

  • We've unfortunately lost a pair of heavy weights from the clan, with Tarax getting fictionally killed off, which allowed him to retire into the shadows for RL. Shaz'air also succumbed to the pull of RL, though he insists he will return eventually.

  • On the home front, Dru is back and kicking (yay!) and Bobecc has been appointed to the Battleteam Sergeant position for the Wardens, congrats!

  • The Master-At-Arms put out a report that updates us on a host of changes revolving around promotion/award requests.

  • The Headmaster also released a report that reveals that IRC Basics course has been rewritten, you can now delete unfinished exams from your queue, and the Alchemy course is being rewritten to account for one of Muz' last posts (he released the new Alchemy Guide there).

  • Our DGM actually squeezed out another report, but this time under the guise of his former Voice position. He tallied up all the GJW fiction and explained the grading. He also revealed two new races that are available under the Character Sheets - Khil and Coynite.

  • Wow. Last thing. GJW's final fiction was wrapped up, with the big reveal of who Esoteric is (speaking of which, no one apparently guessed his identity correctly for Pravus' competition). Take a look through and chime in on the comments.


The competition board is again filling up, so hunt for whatever interests you and get at it. If what interests you isn't offered, tell me and we'll see about getting something organized!

1 - Flash/Mini-Game - Speed Sporcle Challenge #7 - Ends 2015/03/01 (Hosted by me!)

2 - PvP Gaming - Taldryan Gatekeeper Trials, February 2015 - Ends 2015/02/28 (Hosted by Yacks)

3 - Run-On - Eulogy for Tarax - Starts 2015/02/28, ends 2015/03/14 (Hosted by Armags)

4 - Fiction/Character Development - The war is over! - Ends 2015/03/14

5 - Fiction/Character Development - It was my first day - Ends 2015/03/20

5 - Mobile Gaming - Monthly Mobile Gaming: Ice Rage - Ends 2015/02/28

6 - Mobile Gaming - Star Wars Commander: Galactic War - Tournament 5 - Ends 2015/02/28

7 - PvP Gaming - Star Conflict PvP - Ends 2015/03/01

8 - PvE Gaming - TIE Fighter Single-Player Competition - Ends 2015/03/20

9 - PvE Gaming - TOR: Blood Hunt Hardmode Speed Run - Ends 2015/03/31

10 - PvE Gaming - Diablo 3: Season 2 Greater Rift Ladder (Seasonal Characters) - Ends 2015/08/31

11 - PvE Gaming - Diablo 3: Season 2 Greater Rift Ladder (Non-Seasonal Characters) - Ends 2015/08/31

Final Word

Lastly, there are a couple Magistrate spots up for candidates - one for M:DGM and two for M:MAA. If you have any interest in helping out with projects and getting some valuable experience, check the appropriate reports linked above and get your submissions in.


SW Kenath Zoron (Sith) / M:GM-AED / House Ektrosis of Clan Taldryan

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