Ektrosis QUA Report #3 - I Need a Vacation


Ektrosis QUA Report #3 - I Need a Vacation

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Back to your regularly schedule programming

The first round of Fading Light is over (yay!) and we’re just waiting on the results to be posted up. Although only one team managed to complete their RO for Taldryan, I would like to thank those who managed to get in the requisite number of posts. Everyone who signed up did so knowing what was expected of them. Remember when I said it would be your actions that determined your awards and positions in the Clan? This would be a good example of that, and those that did what they could will be rewarded now and in the future. Those that didn’t? Well, pull up those britches and find another way to make amends.

Anyway, with the above now all over (for the time being), we can return our focus to the House and Clan as a whole. Lots of stuff that we need to focus on, so there will be plenty of opportunity for those who want to help out!

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Shield & Sword

One of the recent discussions we have been having recently revolves around the fictional direction of the Clan. I will let our Clan Summit expand on the idea, but something I had brought up was the concept of the Shield and Sword, and how it can relate to Taldryan. As the names suggest, one is a more defensive trait, while the other is the offensive trait. In applying these to the Clan, we saw our two Houses as taking on one of these two sides, and generally being the bearer of those traits. As such, Ektrosis would be the Shield. Primarily, our focus would be on domestic issues, ensuring the safety and security of the Taldryan Dominion. For Dinaari, they would be the Sword, reaction to foreign threats and generally focusing on external issues.

Again, this is a very broad concept and we will be refining this and other ideas over time. However, this can give you an idea of where we, as a House, will focus our fictional attentions moving forward. While this doesn’t prevent us from doing other types of missions, it will give us a sense of where the bulk of our resources will be focused on. There is also a small little competition spinning off of this, so be sure to check below!

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Are you qualified yet?

Although first round results are not out yet, we may as well start preparing ourselves for the second round of Fading Light. According to some sources (ie. Voice report :P), it appears the ACC will be the focus of the next round. As such, you need to be qualified to participate! To qualify you will need to pass two ACC Courses located in the Shadow Academy. One is quite simple, while the other will require you to do some actual writing.

If anyone is having trouble with the ACC, then please don’t hesitate to ask. There are a lot of people in this House who have qualified and know their way around the ACC, as do plenty of others in the Clan. Don’t be shy!

Oh, and while we’re talking about the ACC, be sure to cheer on Taldryan as they attempt to win their matches in the Beta Ladder!

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You say goodbye, I say hello

There was a number of updates in the GM Report just last week. The big news was the resignation of the Herald, Orv (no, I will not use his new name :P) While Orv was not in the job for long, his presence was keenly felt and what he gave us was a lot of quality work. A new Herald was already chosen, so congratulation Socorra on her new gig.

The Recruitment Tribune has also stepped down due to RL, and the position is now up for grabs. If you’re interested in the job then you only have a couple more days to apply as applications must be in by March 27th at 11:59pm EDT. Good luck to those applying!

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Expand This!

There’s some news on expansions for a couple of games heavily used in the DB. First up is news about Galactic Strongholds, an upcoming expansion to The Old Republic. One of the big things seems to be the ability to have your own house, or something similar.

Also, the expansion to Diablo 3, Reaper of Souls, is out and able to be played. The Fist has released some competitions revolving around the game, so if you have the expansion then I suggest you jump in and see how far you can get! I’m hoping to get the expansion myself soon.

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All the Activity!

Glad to see a number of you have joined in on the gaming and are earning a number of CFs. Keep up the great work!

Promotions & Elevations
* Aiden Dru elevated to GMRG Rank III

* Howlader Taldrya earned a Crescent with Emerald Star
* Kenath Zoron earned a Crescent with Topaz Star
* Aiden Dru earned a Crescent with Quartz Star
* Quejo earned a Cluster of Fire x2
* Aiden Dru earned a Cluster of Fire x17
* Kenath Zoron earned a Cluster of Fire x29
* Chaosrain Taldrya earned a Cluster of Fire x6
* Halcyon Rokir Taldrya earned a Cluster of Fire x7
* Halcyon Rokir Taldrya earned a Cluster of Ice x2

SA Courses
* Jac Cotelin passed ACC Fundamentals (That’s a good GM)

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All the Competitions!

Ektrosis Motto (Ends Apr. 8th) - With a House reborn and a new direction, we also need a new motto! Send in your thoughts and you may be the one to give us a new motto

Am I mad, in a coma or back in time? (Ends Apr. 20th) - A alternate-timeline sort of competition, this one is a Voice-sanctioned competition. If interested, head on over and check out the details

Creating the Harbingers’ Logo (Ends Apr. 5th) - Our friends in the Dinaari BT need some help in designing their new logo. If interested, give it a shot!

The Wardens Weekly Puzzle #1 (Ends Apr. 1st) - A new weekly competition from Wardens XO Aiden Dru. Solve the simple puzzle and submit a screenshot of your time!

PVP Master (Ends Mar. 31st) - Have the best Win/Loss ratio in gaming for March and you can nab this title!

Kaz and Mav's Crazy Graphics Extravaganza (Ends Mar. 31st)- Do you like making graphics? Well, then go and help create some graphics for the Summit of Dinaari!

Taldryan Gate Keeper Trials, March 2014 (Ends Mar. 31st) - Be the best PVPer in the Clan and earn this new title!

Monthly Mobile Gaming: Basketball Mania (Ends Mar. 31st) - Download this app for your phone and try to get a best score, then submit the screenshot

Ektrosis Report: Hunt the Jedi #3 (Ends Mar. 31st) - Sign-up, read the clues and find the person! Fastest people with the correct answer will get the nice little medals. Oh, and now open to all of Taldryan!

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Le Fin

And that’s it for the report this week! There’s a few more competitions being cooked up in the background that hopefully we get to see released soon. Also, as I said a lot of our wiki pages need updating. There’s just a lot of stuff out-of-date or just not detailed at all. It’s a lot of work, but for those looking for big rewards, this would be the place to nab them. If interested let your Summit know!

As always, my “door” is always open, so feel free to e-mail me any questions or comments you may have, or alternatively, just bug me on IRC if I’m around.

DP Halcyon Rokir Taldrya
Quaestor of Ektrosis

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