Ektrosis QUA Report #5 - Live and Let My Report Be Late


Ektrosis QUA Report #5 - Live and Let My Report Be Late



Alright, sorry about the late report - there was a lot of gardening and building going on in my house the last few days, so I really didn't get to the computer much at all.


Remember Yacks' Recruiting Office competition: Canon Fodder Episode 1 - The Inquisitor There's a few days left still to get this done!. This is meant to write a story about how the Inquisitor from SW: Rebels tracked down and killed a rogue jedi on Naboo.

Kyber and I are hosting a short mini-event based on a great fictional prompt that Kyber had. It's called Bogan, Moon of Terror (meant to harken back to the old-school serial sci-fis with their whimsical naming conventions). It has a short fiction event, a flash event, and a general gaming event. Take a crack and snag some medals!

There are a few other fiction competition running right now - DJB For Life!!! is a light-hearted character-development one where you tell us what your day-to-day life in the DJB is like. The Dark Depths is a more serious prompt where you explain how your character reacts to being locked into their own mind.

Other than that, take a look at the competitions page linked above.


Not a lot has happened since Raist's report last week, so this'll be simple.

  1. Yacks' report touches on many things: Star Wars news, poll results (about what YOU want to see in competitions going forward), and general news round-up.
  1. A "slow" week on the news front as everyone has been overwhelmed by the news coming out of Celebration, which includes a new trailer as well as updates on Battlefront.

Final Words

Look! I've managed to keep this one under a billion words this time! Huzzah! As always, email me or Raist if you have any questions, concerns, complaints, or if you just want to tell me how handsome I am.

SBM Kenath Zoron/Ektrosis of Taldryan Quaestor

Nice summary for the Battleteam, no updates on the Ice in Summer comp yet? ;)

Battlefront! Wooo!

The rounds are barely started! Once a few more series get decided I'll update the Discuss board stuff.

Discourse, Zoron... disCOURSE. Also, you're very homely.

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