Ektrosis QUA Report: Now with a T


Ektrosis QUA Report: Now with a T


Fresh Meat

Please join me in welcoming Apprentice Laochan Iarmhéid and Apprentice Alcaeus Ipaos. Hopefully they come hang out with us on Telegram where all the cool kids and Omega hangs out.

They have a form for that

Here in Tal we are pretty good at bitching, in fact it's an art. Now thanks to modern technology a small fraction of your bitching can be put to good use. After complaining about a SA course on Telegram, you can go here and paste your complaint. Then delete your comment because you don't want to come off as a jerk and rewrite it without expletives or sounding condescending. This form is to help the SA staff adjust courses and you could be rewarded for your work.

Around the House

-Kooki earned herself a Cluster of Ice

-Djasei nabbed 12 Clusters of Earth in Tor.

-Zoron brought back the beloved Sporcle. Go Sporcle. Go now. Then come back. There are plenty of other comps to entertain yourselves with.

The TID and You

The current round of Taldryan Intelligence Directorate closes in a few days. The final leg of Bob and Omega's comp should be closing out at the beginning of April. Lets all finish strong, defend Tal's honor and earn some shinies along the way. Here's whats out atm:

Competitions (What, more?)

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