Fist Report #19


Fist Report #19


Message from the Fist

Aloha from the island of Oahu! I’m all settled in the new house and am absolutely loving the island life. The beach is a six minute walk from the house, my house is surrounded by palm trees, and there is a local brewery that is stumbling distance from my front door. If you ever find yourself on the island, let me know and I will treat you to a beer!

This report will be relatively brief. I have some new staff to introduce, some much delayed Pendants of Blood to dish out, a major announcement for the future of the Brotherhood Gaming League, and an update on some of the platform updates I discussed during my last report.

Enough talk. Let’s get to it.


Game Updates

Force Arena

Not an update per se, but a clarification on guild membership. I will be adding this to the wiki upon posting this report.

Due to the limited size of the DJB Guild on Force Arena, any members that have not played in 30 days will be removed to make room for new members. If you are removed for this reason, you may request to be re-added 24 hours post-removal.

At all times, the Fist and the P:Fist will be members of the guild. Only the Fist or P:Fist can serve as Guild Leader. If for some reason a member finds themselves as guild leaderand they are neither Fist or P:Fist, that member will immediately return guild leadership to one of those two individuals.

The Fist and P:Fist will screen all guild applicants.

DJB membership is a requirement to be part of the FA Guild. Non-DJB members will be removed.

Force Arena names that are not associated with active dossiers will be removed (hint: add your FA name to your dossier.

Additionally, any member under the age of 16 that does not have parental consent will be removed until they are in compliance with DJB policy.


New Praetor to The Fist

I received some excellent applications for the position of Praetor. One of the key elements I looked for in selecting my next Praetor was the potential for that individual to become Fist upon my retirement (yes, that will eventually happen). Edgar Drachen has already shown that he has the drive and love for gaming to make an excellent candidate for Fist. His hard work over the past year and some change has led to the addition of two highly successful gaming platforms: Heroes of the Storm and Force Arena.

Upon consideration of each application, I have selected Junazee of Clan Odan-Urr to serve as the next Praetor to the Fist. Juna’s efforts as Magistrate and her extremely level head and calm demeanor were what set her above the other applicants. So a big congrats to Juna as she moves from Magistrate into the second in command seat!

New Magistrates

With Junazee moving to Praetor and Donny finishing his extended tour as Magistrate, I have two positions to fill. Junazee and I reviewed each applicant and have decided to select the following individuals to serve six-month tours as Magistrate. Congrats to Justinios Drake and Ayden Dane on their selection! Both brought some very great ideas up in their applications, and I’m looking forward to see what they bring to the table over the next few months.

Alaris will remain in his Magistrate position until the completion of the Brotherhood Gaming League Tournament of Champions, which will be held later this year.


Brotherhood Gaming League Special Announcement

As many of you are aware, we lost one of the club’s most avid gamers earlier this month.

After discussion with Dox and the rest of the Dark Council, I feel it is only right to memorialize Frosty Romanae Tarantae by having the Brotherhood Gaming League Tournament of Champions played in his honor.

In addition to the tournament being named for Frosty, the overall winner of the the Brotherhood Gaming League will receive a special title and a small trinket through the possessions system. Both the title and the item are still in development, and will be released upon the announcement of those gamers that will play in the Tournament of Champions.

It is my hope that this will help to keep Frosty’s memory alive in the club for years to come, and will serve as a reminder of his love for gaming and the DJB.


DJB Wide- Gaming Competitions:


Weekly and Saturday Pendant of Blood Awardees

Getting caught up on these. Last time they were issued was in January. With my training event I haven’t had the chance to put these into the system. So, congrats to all who earned Pendants over the past few months!

Weekly PoBs

Saturday PoBs


Admin and Policy Reminders

All current Gaming and Fist Policies can be found on the Gaming Information page. I suggest that all members read this page as it has some great info. I will make sure this page stays updated to reflect all current office policies. I do not want to confuse anyone, especially with what is and is not allowed in the DB Gaming Telegram room.

Other items of note:

  • The staff has 24 hours from the time you submit gaming activity to approve it. If your submission has been sitting for longer than that, there is a problem. If it hasn’t, there is no problem. The staff do their best to process gaming submissions as quickly as possible, but they are real people with real lives. I do not expect them to sit behind a computer processing gaming submissions all day, and neither should any of you.

  • Solo submissions are never acceptable for Clusters of Earth/Fire. My staff and I will reject any that come in. You must play with at least one other DB member, no exceptions. This is not changing any time in the near (or far) future.

  • Pendants of Blood are not acceptable for submission to cluster-counting competitions. If we see them, we will remand the request.

  • Reminder: Feel free to run Gaming competitions DB wide. Gaming is a slightly different community, and is one of the few that consistently brings club members together outside of the competitive environment. Most of the people I currently game are all in different clans. By opening up your event DB-wide, you increase the pool of possible participants, which could allow for a crescent upgrade!

  • Reminder: While I sincerely appreciate having proposals/great ideas sent to me via telegram, please email the staff list (email is at the bottom of this report). I ask that your House and Clan leadership take a look at your proposals before you send them up. This isn’t to add a layer of bureaucracy, it’s because I’m sure they’d like to know how you are trying to help the club improve...helps with award and promotion recommendations and all that. Feel free to cc them on your email to me and my staff.


Ask the Fist

It’s been a while since I included this in the report. Got a couple good questions on telegram that I think are worth answering here.

Raiju asks: Can we earn PoBs for cancelled games?

Short answer is no. Once a game loses support, no more awards can be earned from it. That’s simply the way of things. No game is removed without notification, and there is always a set amount of time that I give the members of the club to help to re-energize activity for that game. If there isn’t a sizeable increase in activity, the game is removed.

That does not mean the game is gone forever, though. If enough interest in a game that was removed suddenly arises, then I will consider it for support again. It will go through the exact same process as a new game, but will be much easier to re-support if the interest level is high enough. So if there is something we don’t support that you want to see reactivated, the proof is in the pudding. Get people playing that game and come to me with the request for reactivation. I will absolutely take the wants of the club at large into account when considering games both new and old for support.

Almost Every Gamer in the DB Asks: What games that are coming out will get added for clusters and pendants?

I think that still remains to be seen. Nothing on the current list makes me thing we’ll have a new major release title added to the DB’s library. I think it would be wrong to definitively say that there won’t be one, but as always it’s up to the club’s gamers to drive what does and does not get added. Even harder to predict with new games is whether or not they will fit our gaming system.

Do I WANT to have some new stuff to add? Yes, of course. Unfortunately, it is just too early to give anything a green light.




  1. I typed this report from the beach. I am becoming very tan.
  2. New Staff. Congrats to them!
  3. BGL Tournament will be named for Frosty
  4. Competitions to do. Games to play.


We get our stuff in four days. Once I have my computer, Xbox, and PS4 set up I will put out notifications for Gaming with the Fist. I will do this a bit differently than previous iterations, and there will be a benefit to those who take part (apart from getting to play video games with me)!

I’m hoping to start up the DJB’s Twitch account soon. I think with the push we are getting on Social Media it’s a great opportunity for us to showcase our gamers to the rest of the world. More to follow on that.

Until next time.


-Dracpool, out.


Alo-ha surferpunk :P

Congrats Juna, Justinios and Ayden! Great job. Amazing way to honor Frosty!

Congrats to the new staffers!

Yay Congrats to all the new staffers and I love how you chose to honor Frosty.

Honored to be a member of the team, looking forward to working with everyone.

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