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Fist Supplemental 1.1

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Fallen Order Launch Party

The Fist office is hosting a series of competitions to coincide with the release of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. The first round of competitions went live with the game on November 15th and do not require ownership of the game. The second round became available today and does require ownership of it.

Fallen Order Launch Party

Not sure if you want to buy the game? Check out my Fallen Order Spoiler Free Review

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Gaming Engagement Survey Reminder

We are already up to 33 responses! Don't miss out on your chance to be heard.

Everyone please take the survey and be honest. When I send these types of surveys out I am more afraid that people will not be honest than I am afraid of criticism. Forward this to your friends, to your clanmates, even forward it to your sworn enemy. I want to hear from as many people as possible.

Gaming Engagement Survey

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Fist Report 1.0

P:Fist Report #13

Q4 GMRG Competitions

[DB Gaming on Telegram - Log in to view join link] on Telegram. Come be part of the discussion in the one and only official gaming channel of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood!

Send us an email at ([Log in to view e-mail addresses])


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I didn't get the game till after the Launch Party; but I did enjoy the game. I wish I could of participated. It would of been more fun! But I cannot get past Jerome.

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