Fist Supplemental Report - GJW XV - Long-Form Gaming Clarification


Fist Supplemental Report - GJW XV - Long-Form Gaming Clarification



If you haven’t already please see my GJW XV gaming rules post.

I will say at the outset that the guiding principles of the Rites of Combat vendetta rules and the specific competition rules for the GJW cluster races is that members should be able to find a match and parties should be reasonably open to new members.

Long-form gaming, that is game matches that last longer than a few hours, is not something I anticipated when drafting these rules. These are games like scrabble, chess, checkers, or monopoly than can be played asynchronously over a longer period of time. Outside of a vendetta members can take as long as they want and submit the screenshots when they are done. The intent behind the casual gaming queue cluster race is to allow members flexibility to play any game that would normally qualify for a casual gaming queue submission. In that spirit of flexibility, some clarifications to the vendetta rules must be made to accommodate long form gaming in a fair and inclusive way. For the purposes of this rule clarification “long-form gaming” also includes turn-based strategy games which allow you to save a match in progress or play asyncronously such as Civilization, Stellaris, and the Crusader Kings series.


Long-Form Gaming Clarification for GJW XV

1) The Rites of Combat and Competition rules are still in full effect for all forms of gaming, no matter how long a match takes. In particular, this means that members who are no longer actively playing a match must leave the party and if all players in the party are no longer playing a match the party must disband.

2) For long-form games where members could conceivably have multiple matches ongoing at once, the party size should be at least 10. This is an amendment to the competition rules specific to long-form gaming.

3) If a new member joins the party, the party leader and existing members of the party must make reasonable efforts to ensure the new member gets a match. If you are participating in a long-form gaming party you are accepting that you may have to take on multiple matches to ensure everyone who wants to play has a match.

4) For long-form gaming parties, members must list in the discord party thread when a new game starts and who is playing in it as well as when a game ends. This is for tracking and verification purposes.

5) Screenshots for long form games must still be submitted to the site within 24 hours of match completion per the competition rules. Screenshots must also be submitted by the end of the competition in order to receive credit.

6) Party leaders for long-form gaming parties must re-advertise their games at least once per 24 hour period using the "Broadcast" button inside the party thread so others can see their party and have an opportunity to join.



Casual Gaming Queue Cluster Race Competition Rules

  • The Rites of Combat vendetta rules are in effect for this competition. Use of the party create tool on Discord is mandatory for all gaming sessions submitted to this competition. Submissions to this competition will be checked to ensure that a Discord party was created when the games were played. Because of this verification, site submissions must be made within 24 hours of when the games were played. Gaming sessions that are not advertised in Discord will be remanded or denied. If you have questions or technical issues regarding the use of the party create tool please contact the Fist.

  • Discord parties should at least be large enough to match the mode being played. For example, if you are playing a 4v4 mode then your Discord party should have at least 4 slots so members who want to join have a chance to join. For 1v1 games the party should be at least 4 slots so members who want to join can get a 1v1 session.

Section 5.4 of the Rites of Combat

a. Members are not permitted to excessively idle when creating or joining parties in the #gaming-matchmaking discord channel. Members who join parties should be added to in-game groups within a reasonable amount of time. Members who create parties should start gaming within a reasonable amount of time after the first person joins the party.

b. Party owners must use the /disband party function when their group is done playing.

c. Members must use the /leave command if they are planning on not playing any more matches.



Remember, please direct all questions on competitions and rules to Evant, Bubba and myself via email so we have a record of it. When in doubt, ask.

Rajhin Cindertail aka Turel

Fist of the Brotherhood

Great call on this adjustment to the rule sets. Very important to keep things fair, especially in a competition that is intended to provide an inclusive experience for all members.

Thank you for the rules clarification. I agree with Drac.

Awesome sauce, thank you for the clarification Rajhin

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