[GJW XVI - Transcendence] Chapter 1


[GJW XVI - Transcendence] Chapter 1


Construction of the great PORTALS comes

to an end. The time for preparation is over

as the BROTHERHOOD marches to a realm

beyond anything they have seen before.

But while they prepared, so have the

CHILDREN OF MORTIS. Deeply entrenched

with a massive fortress to defend, they

block the path to the CHAIN OF THE


The ETHEREAL REALM awaits the arrival of

the Brotherhood. Primed by centuries of

usage by the Children, a myriad of

wonders and horrors await within.

Woven into every action both sides have

taken is the looming presence of the

former Grand Master, TELARIS CANTOR.

The Brotherhood, the Children, Telaris

Cantor. The fate of the galaxy hangs in the


Read the complete first chapter of the Sixteenth Great Jedi War here.



  • The Brotherhood converges on Arx, preparing for the activation of the portal to the Ethereal Realm
  • Bril Teg Arga meditates and centers himself as the time for battle approaches
  • His meditation is interrupted by the sound of ships leaving hyperspace just above the camp
  • Sagitta lands near his tent, having completed one last practice run.
  • Zenod'ande'rson walks by handing out fresh intel he has found from a captured member of the Children.
  • Darth Nehalem addresses the entire Brotherhood.
  • He reminds them of the heavy losses they took when the Children attacked their planets.
  • This is not just a fight for revenge, but a fight to save this entire reality from the Children’s control.
  • He stresses the importance of standing together as One Brotherhood to win the day.
  • The Grand Master personally uses the force to lower the portal keystone into place, and leads the charge into the Ethereal Realm.
  • In the streets of the Ethereal Reflection of Eos City, the spirit of Chelsie Crimson, who died to bring Rath Oligard back to life in the Ascent, attacks the Grand Master and his guard.
  • From a Sky Island, Telaris Cantor watches the Brotherhood flood into the Ethereal Realm and establish a hold of Eos City, and the Portal, their only way out.
  • Having pushed ahead, Darth Nehalem senses Cantor, and locates him on the sky island, running off to face him.
  • The Deputy Grand Master, Dacien Victae is left to lead the Brotherhood’s assault against the Children.
  • With the Brotherhood in the Ethereal Realm, facing off against the Children’s forces, the Great Chain of the Force finally appears.
  • The Father prepares to use Avitus Oligard in the dark ritual to shatter the chain and remake all realities under his own control.


The Ethereal Realm

As a reminder this entire war is taking place in the Ethereal Realm. The wikipedia page has a lot of good information about the dangers (and opportunities) that await there. Locations and Force Effects can be found throughout different competitions in the war. Highlights of the realm include:

  • A ghostly reflection of Eos City
  • Sky islands and bizarre gravity
  • Deep trenches of forgotten horrors
  • The Corpse Fields
  • Areas of enhanced force powers, and areas of no force powers
  • Areas where even NFUs can tap into the Force



Let's go!!!!

Time to whup these schuttas' asses again. Lessee how many times they try to fist a beehive before they learn their lesson.


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