Grey Wolf BTS Report 2


Grey Wolf BTS Report 2

BTL Report

Before reading further, please read the BTL report here


As you may have noticed, the above report is edited. The original plan was to take the Sword Sheath. However, the approval was disputed for various reasons by multiple parties, and resulted in the approval being overturned. To replace this, GW was given approval to build, name, and place a new base anywhere we want. All other plans will continue forward as if the Sheath dispute had never occurred

DB possessions beta

If you haven't already, I encourage you to sign up for the possessions system beta here

Final thoughts

I have to thank the rest of the team for their patience. I would also like to thank Frosty for his willingness to work with us, even offering his land grant as a location for our new base. One more thank you goes out to Lucifer for helping GW advance, and for working with everyone during this move. For those non wolves that are reading this, we are always open to new members.

Nice report!

Excellent report!

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