Grey Wolf BTS Report, April 2016


Grey Wolf BTS Report, April 2016

Legends of Beowulf

Yridia II

Vitae Fortress

Caesar sat in the Battle Team’s Commanding Officer’s chair, his desk full of paperwork that needed to be done. The data pad on his desk bleeped, looking up from his paperwork, he give a sigh and thought, Well I didn’t want to do the paperwork anyway.

“Lev here Sir, we have a problem. A planet in the Outer Rim has put out a distress call; their local government has gone mad. They plan to hold some kind of celebratory games in which they kill off civilians from each city in some kind of death game, we have been asked to help Boss”.

The Battle Team Leader switched off his data pad and quickly rose from his chair; he had a look of concern on his face as he walked the short distance to the Battle Team Sergeant's Office giving a quick knock on the closed door. Levathan, Grey Wolf BTS, replied “Come ”.

Caesar walked in the office with an air of confidence, sat on the chair opposite of Lev’s desk, slumped deeper into the chair, put two feet on the desk and said “Ok you have my attention.” “So what is the plan, and do we have Clan Summit’s approval, and if not all the better”.

“Well”, Lev said, deciding to ignore the pair of boots on his desk,” I was thinking we could use the Huntsman and put Black Hawk in command to go down, recon the planet and report back to us on whether we can help these civilians.”

“Ok we do that then. Can you call the Team to the Main Hall for a briefing? You can wear your Usual”. Caesar gave Lev a smile and stood up, nodded and began his walk to the Fortresses Main Hall.

Caesar walked with his hands behind his back, thinking on what to say and do, he did not take long to make up his mind.

The Main Hall was large and cold, it had two large chairs, one to the right one to the left, the walls where decorated with old War Banners from Tarentum and new ones from Grey Wolf. Chairs of various shapes and sizes stood in a circle, somewhat reminiscent of the Jedi Council chambers of old… with the glaring addition of the Grey Wolf Battle Team Seal, emblazoned on the floor.

Having been newly re-purposed and rebuilt, the Fortress smelled clean and sterile. Caesar thought this should change to the smell of blood sweat and tears, of a fighting team close together arm in arm, ready for the battle. The Battle Team Leader sat in his chair and waited for the Team to arrive; he did not have to wait long as the team entered in ones or twos. Once assembled with the omission of the team’s Sergeant, Caesar nodded and said “We wait for Lev as he has some important information for you”.

To be continued in the next Report.

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen of the Grey Wolf Battleteam!

And you other lurkers out there, I know you're there! working for the man! (Puts on tinfoil hat.) It is my pleasure to bring to you an update on the goings on our team as well as our path to the future.

First off, I’d like tell you about our little admin plan that we shall follow going forward.

  • Reports: Caesar and I will alternate reports, so the one after this one will be done by C and the one after that will be by yours truly.

  • Emails: will be handled by Caesar while I will deal with anything that slips past him.

  • Awards and promotions: Evaluations will be done for each member on the 25th of every month.

  • Competitions: In an effort to make sure you guys will always have something to do, I will be running competitions every month, Titled under “Lev’s monthly cycle.” Caesar will handle the more specific competitions and unit co-operative events.

If we come up with anything further they will appear on these reports. If you have any ideas, requests or concerns, please talk to us about them, and we’ll see about dealing with them.

Also! If you would like more responsibility and earn more brownie points, let us know! We definitely have things for you to do to help you along in climbing the ranks!

We believe that one of our core issues is that we don’t talk to each other enough, this needs to be fixed.

So to do that I would like you all to simply talk on telegram, or through emails about whatever comes to mind. The first step is simply to talk. Also in this regard and to encourage this, our very own Dazta, has graciously offered to help encourage this.

Thus we hereby name Dazta to the post of Socialist Political Officer… what? I like the name don’t you? :p

Also in the near future we have a little something in the works with House Mortis. The little bit of fiction above will have their involvement, can you guess where the Masters of Death will play into this?

Next up is a whole Bunch of competitions to keep you busy.

Most are nice, short and simply fun. While others are more in-depth and play to the Tarentum’s current story, so let’s start with that!

The March to Dathomir There are 9 competitions under this one, covering all fiction, flash game, mobile game and poetry. Your spoilt for choice and doing these directly contributes to the sordid Tapestry that is the story of Tarentum. So get to it!

Lev's monthly Cycle As mentioned above, these will be new competitions every month under this name. They are very short competitions, and easy to do. Have fun!

Celebrity Challenge This one is certainly a curious one and pretty out of the box. Organized by our very own James Rajax and Caesar, check it out!

Six word Fiction This is a bizarre one but most certainly interesting. By Farrin’s request; write a story! Easy huh? But wait, word maximum limit… six words… yeah that gets your gears spinning doesn’t it? Especially for those with a spark of OCD, I know this has been spinning in my mind for a while now.

Twelve Weeks a Haiku This is a DB wide competitions but I would like to mention it here because it does seem genuinely interesting. It will not only test your creativity but also your technique and restraint. Have a look see!

I would like to personally Congratulate Knight Dazta Delel for her recent acquisition of a Dark Cross, for her efforts and dedication! Well-deserved I say!

In case you missed it, I would like to call on all Tarentae to take this survey going around, we want to make it like herpes.

Kidding, but seriously, take it if you want your voice to be heard, it lets us know directly what YOU think and what you would like to see or want. We’re not mind readers, so if you’re not comfortable talking to us (totally understandable, I was like that too,) take this survey and let er rip. Link:

I would like to announce the creation of the Beowulf moniker. This is an unofficial way to recognize high achievement towards and within the Battle Team. As founders, the first members to have use of this name will be:

  • Caesar

  • Yours truly, (Strikes a provocative pose)

  • Telona

  • Dazta

  • James

  • Black hawk

Congrats to these members! And may in this plain or the next, we always hunt together.

Now this next one, I am as much in the dark about it as you, I was told to mention the Caeser Award. What this is and what effect it will have… well that's food for thought!

One last thing i would like to announce to all of you: BTL/BTS QnA This will be a section on following reports in which we will take questions you have for us, and put up answers in the reports. The idea is so that we can cover the more commonly asked questions to the benefit of all our members…

PS.. don't tell C but you can also ask weird questions too, and i shall answer them ALL! Example:

  • Q: what colour are Lev’s underwear?
  • A: Purple rhinestone g string. What? I like purple!

That’s it folks! Have a good month!

Luv ya all!

Altheseus Levathan, Grey Wolf, Tarentum

Good work Lev now for your surprise you are here by now named the first Lev Caesar well done Lev

woop woop woop! (raises arms and makes Zoidberg noises)

Thanks C :)

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