Grey Wolf peeks around the corner (BTS report)


Grey Wolf peeks around the corner (BTS report)

Hello everyone!

Grey Battle team Sargent here again. It’s been a busy month for us Greys, with the Alliance event with Shadow Guard of Clan Scholae Palatinae having ended. I would just like to thank Shadow Guard for having this event with us, and hope we can do more events like this in future.

As you’ve likely seen in Farrin’s report, Caesar, myself and the extended clan summit have been putting together a proposal opening House Corsair. Named after our patron and de-factor founder. While it is by no means a certainty it is something we can look forward to as out numbers grow. On that note, upon opening of the house Caesar will take the rains as Quester and I will take the reins as Aedile.

The Grey Wolves will then be moved under the command of House Corsair, we’re still considering whether to change the name to suit it’s new position or keep it as is. As it stands the new Battle team leaders will be:

*BTL: D’Cota *BTS: Dazta *Advisor: Black Hawk

This choice was made after a lot of consideration and a lot of back and forth between Caesar and I, until we finally settled on this order, taking into account RL positions and time constraints too. Now on to other news!

###Tarentum: There is an awesome first entry to a new chapter in Tarentum’s fiction is up, written by our own Sith Bloodfyre it certainly promises to be an interesting time for us all. Seriously go read it! Beefy Fiction

###Brotherhood news -Everyone now has access to lightsabers, even our brethren who don’t wield the Force all thanks to the Voice of the Brotherhood! Said voice also put up some awesome tip and tricks to use when building/updating a character sheet so go check out his report. Voice Report

-Valhavoc is stepping down as FIST, if you think you have what it takes to fill his shoes, take a peek here! FIST news

###On a final note: Ever since the holidays the numbers for participation and competitions run have been low and have stayed that way. This is not good obviously but it’s also, plainly, not FUN ! As Farrin said in his report, don’t have a competition you like? Make one. Caesar and I would be more than willing to help you at it.

So let’s grab out collective butts and get to it!

You’re loving Sargent Lev

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