He remembers his heart


He remembers his heart

A brief report, wherein Muz talks about some of the cool things that have been accomplished over the last bit of time, teases some cool stuff going forward, and pleads with his team to write run-on posts.


It's been a little long since my last report, as I did one off-cycle and it's thrown me off. Sorry about that. On to the meat!

The Night Hawk's run-on "The heart of Coruscant" has been plodding forward very slowly. So Far, Macron, Raistlin and I have been working up posts on it, although Ashia has teased us with the idea that she was going to do a post. I hope that everyone can get a couple posts in on this story, because writing together is really part of the fun of being on a battleteam. If you have any trouble coming up with ideas, or anything related to getting a post together, hit us up, and we will work to get you sorted out. We're in this together, after all.

There is an upcoming feud with Scholae Palatinae. Later on in the summer, Locke has promised us the chance to smite some enemies in another clan, and I am hoping that the Night Hawks will make a serious showing. We wouldn't want to let someone else win just by dint of us not showing up. I have full faith that if we can field a few submissions apiece from our team, we can all but guarantee victory for CNS. And that makes people feel good, gets people more enthusiastic about doing stuff for the clan, and basically starts a domino effect that can really amplify everything in the club. But it starts with stuff as simple as doing some competitions.

Speaking of which, I went full-nerd on Operation Firestorm and the following 'HMR rest and relaxation'. I did 9 submissions for Firestorm, and ended up taking second place overall, and managed 100% participation (and first place) for R&R. In addition, I played a crapton of Diablo, won third place in a DB-wide gaming competition (seriously, how the hell did that happen?), and increased my GMRG rank. I also nerded out, forgetting the rule where a Sadow and summit member can't become a black guard and beat tasha's comp for that. I have never been a black guard, so it seemed like a cool thing.

Why am I telling you all this?

To shame you into activity. :P

If my retired arse can bang out a couple thousand words, some graphics, and a metric butt-ton of gaming while holding down a real job and trying not to be a complete bag of phalluses to my wife and kid while completely dropping the ball on a report, you all can get in here and stand with me as they start making medals rain down on us. Come on in, the water's fine. Watch out for the sacramentals when they fall, they're sharp.


Thereis going to be some serious empire building soon. Kar Alabrek, and much of the Marka Ragnos infrastructure has been neglected, retooled, and destroyed more times than most of us care to remember. Every time there is a narrative that needs some collateral damage, or some sort of thing that needs destroyed in a spectacular way, Kar Alabrek turns into Kenny form South Park. Tasha has talked to me and a few others about consolidating the lore, making the cities work again, and building everything back up to a level of grandeur befitting our clan and house. She also promised that she isn't going to level it on a whim next run-on. So there's that.

To that end, one of the projects I have been working on is to flesh out the Bar I drew for one of the R&R comps. The older ones among us will remember the Amicus Club as put together by Trev and Oberst. Since I kinda Accidentally the whole Antei, (and before that it was hit hard by Crask, and before him, the Vong), I thought I would make something similar and awesome as a hub for Sadow and Sadowans alike. I'll keep you all posted as I get actual work done on it, but I am kinda enthusiastic about doing that kind of thing again. (and fictionally, Muz is stupid rich, so he could pull it off...)

Here is where we normally talk about the cool competitions that are available for you to own. You could go to https://www.darkjedibrotherhood.com/competitions and look, but I would rather that you talk to the team and work up a runon post or two for the Heart of Coruscant. If nothing else, it's good training for us as the Feud looms closer.

Otherwise, keep having fun out there, and let me know if I can help with anything.


Fantastic! Love the report and all the information. :)

Nice report Muzy-Muz

Nice reporting!

love le report!

Nice report. Looking forward to how the bar turns out!

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