Headmistress Report: Beasties and The Way


Headmistress Report: Beasties and The Way


A quick (sorry if that turns out to be a lie) report to highlight students and formally announce three new courses that we quietly released while the rest of the Brotherhood was battling crystal monsters.


New Courses

Creatures & You

This first new course is one we had on the to-do list to introduce members to the creature system the Brotherhood now has in place in both possessions and character sheets, but when a member stepped forward with an idea for a course on the fauna of the galaxy, we decided to let him run with it, instead. Rhylance completed the course, Creatures & You, within weeks of the proposal. So a huge thanks to Rhylance!

Definitely check out the course even if you’re already familiar with the subject, and remember it’s there as a resource if new members have questions or want to learn more. We tried to consolidate information on purchasing creatures, interacting with them with skills and Force powers, and also just basic information about each biological category of Star Wars beastie.

Mandalorian Culture Studies

With the renewed Mandalorian hype, our Mandalorian Studies course was due for an update. It should come as no surprise that a certain “Mandaboo” that is also on the Shadow Academy staff jumped at this opportunity. Due to the sheer amount of content, we decided to split this course into Mandalorian Culture Studies and a separate course (soon to be courses) on Mandalorian history.

Appius took the lead on this course to delve a little deeper into the nuances of Mandalorian culture and its development over time. Since this is considered an update to the old Mandalorian Studies, you won’t be able to take the exam if you’ve already taken the previous version, but I’d still encourage you to have a look at the new content and join me in thanking Appius for all his hard work!

Mandalorian History 101

As a separate course, I wanted to expand the section on Mandalorian history from the old course to include a more detailed account of Mandalorian history from their early crusades and war against the Jedi through the end of the Clone Wars. The result is Mandalorian History 101, which is a brand new course waiting for people to collect those Quick Learner trophies (be among the first ten to submit a perfect exam). ;)

This course will be followed up shortly by Mandalorian History 102, which will continue their history after Order 66 with the new content that’s been released.


Student Highlights

While wartime often means a break in Shadow Academy activity, our professors noted two students during this period that stood out both for their activity and the quality of the answers they supplied on their exams.

Acolyte Dalric Hadroll of Clan Vizsla joined the Brotherhood in late June and immediately began tearing through courses at the academy – including successfully completing ACC qualification within two days of joining! As of today, he’s completed 42 courses and five degrees with a perfect average. Our Combat and Warfare professor, Crysenia, also praised the quality of his answers on the exams in her department, and I’ve already seen him around Telegram, so I’m excited to see where he goes from here. Welcome to the Brotherhood, Dalric, and great job!

In addition to Dalric, both Crysenia and Sang, the professor of our Lore Department, highlighted Sergeant Raleien Sonvarret of Clan Scholae Palatinae for his exams in their departments, as well. Raleien (a former SA staffer!) just re-joined the Brotherhood a month ago and has jumped right back into the action, completing 35 courses and four degrees – including the infamous Alchemy exam.

Decathlon Winners

The 2nd Quarter Shadow Academy Decathlon just wrapped with the following winners for the entire quarter (check out the comp link to see the monthly winners):

Congratulations to all! To get on the leaderboard next month, just start taking exams and collecting those ACs.

Constructing Additional DJKs

And, last but definitely not least, I wanted to celebrate the “construction” of two additional DJKs (JM4s). These members were both promoted in late May and early June, but I hadn’t yet had a chance to highlight them, so here it goes.

Congratulations to Professional Doon Sulvir and Knight Draxion Durk!

The Shadow Academy is only a small part of the journey to this milestone for most members, but I love seeing new members who come through the academy use it as a springboard to really get connected with the club in the way that these members have to achieve these promotions. Their units can speak better to their accomplishments, so I’d encourage you to click on their names below to read their promotion events and celebrate with them. :)


Damn right! Congrats to our newly constructed DJKs–I mean JM4s!

Nice work Edema!

Voidbreaker representing 💪

Thanks, the top ranks were looking lonely so I made sure to add to them (plus I wanted the toys)

This explains how I could be one of the first ten to get a 100% on the creatures course. Definitely a fun and insightful course.

grats all the shout outs

Congratulations everyone

Thanks for the shout out! And congratulations to Dalric and the decathlon winners for their amazing work. Great report!

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