Herald report #2: Progress


Herald report #2: Progress



Second report. Woohoo, progress.

Several good reports down there * points at news feed *. Go check ‘em out before this one, eh?


I’d like to say a couple of words first. First of all I want to thank and congratulate A’lora Kituri on his exemplary service to the Herald’s office and Clan Odan-Urr. A’lora has been awarded the Amethyst Kukri for his efforts. Well earned.

Turel has taken my old position of PCON of Odan-Urr. I’ll enjoy working with him again in serving the Clan (I still do that, you know, even if I’m the Herald :P Councillor of Urr! Represent! :P) Hopefully he, A’lora, Nathan and the rest of COU’s Summit will work well together. Make me proud guys. :)


As you all may or may not know, my new Magistrates are Arcia Cortel from Arcona and Selika Roh from Plagueis. Both of them are truly exceptional artists and a boon to the team. Their day-to day work includes lightsabers and warbanners, however they do and will help me with DB-wide projects as we progress.

They will, however, only remain in their positions for 6 months (or longer, depending on projects they're working on at the time). Why did I implement this system? To open the office to a wider crowd of people. Until now the Herald's office has been very much closed for many members due to a permanent staff. I want to change that. this is not to say that Arcia or Selika don't do good work, quite the contrary. They will be able to reapply should they want to.

Again, the point is to keep a flow of people moving through the office, learning new techniques, influencing the Club's overall graphics and steadily building a community of artists that could one day become a new society.

But regarding my Magistrates, I expect great things from them, so when you seem them on chat congratulate them on their new positions.


Right now that that’s out of the way, today I have several goodies for you guys to chew on. Strap yourselves in cowboys, we’re goin’ for a ride.

Future/Underway Projects

Web design

Web design is nearing a close very thoon. Very, very thoon. James (who is awesomesauce, btw) and I have been working hard on ideas and designs and ideas and stuff and...for almost a week now. We’re nearing completion of the project and you should expect it to be done….well...Thoon :P

For now I leave you with a teaser:


News News News

Not really :P Mav has revealed a teaser for Possessions in his last report. You can expect a lot more of those coming as we progress. The project is massive so please be patient a bit longer. ;)

Herald Style Hanukkah 2015

Preparations for HSH ‘15 have already started as I type this report. As this is the last official HSH before we implement the new system, it will be huge. You can expect two robes and two weapons a day for eight days around Xmas. (not sure on exact dates yet. i’ll keep you appraised.)

Yes, you read that right. That is 16 robes and 16 weapons!

The robes will be 8 unique models for males and females while the sabers and weapons (maybe blaster, maybe vibroswords, who knows) will probably be 8 of each. These numbers may change in the future depending on our workload but I imagine we can deliver on this promise. We have a solid team now and everyone will contribute evenly to get it done. Gone are the days when the Herald did everything alone. Time to team up.

Another teaser


Finished Projects/Products

Cluster of Earth

The cluster of Earth has been sitting on our to-do list for a while now. I apologize that it came out so late but we just didn’t have a good design ready. Well that all changed when my Praetor, Rhiann, presented me a hand drawn sketch for the Cluster. It was badass, bold and screamed “Earth Nation” to me :P Suffice to say that’s the route I took when making it come to life. You can find it on your dossiers, but if you’re interested in the large version, here it is.

Warbanners, Sabers and Requests

Let’s start with


In the past two weeks four were completed. From left to right:

  • Obelisk Prelate Caesar by V’yr Vorsa
  • Consular Cleric Solari-Urr by A’lora Kituri
  • Sith Battlelord Terran Koul by V’yr Vorsa
  • Sith Warlord Andrelious J. Mimosa-Inahj by Selika Roh


By Selika:

  • Aaleeshah
  • Rayne
  • Zednich Wolfram
  • Nite Dawn
  • Teylas Ramar
  • Tra'an Reith
  • Tharess Crestor

By V’yr Vorsa:

  • Ranarr Kull

Graphics Requests

By V’yr Vorsa

  • House Galares Report graphics
  • Tar PCON Report graphics
  • Shadow’s Bane Report graphics
  • Apostates of Syn Report graphics
  • Sapphire squadron Report graphics
  • Harbingers Report graphics
  • Knights of Allusis Report graphics
  • House Hoth QUA Report graphics
  • Masters of our Fate Taldryan event graphics



There’s a Form for that

Ask the Herald

Locke asks: What new graphics will you be providing us with soon?

I have already presented the web design teaser. Possessions, most definitely, though I’m not sure when. You can expect a couple of comps for the Day of the Fox and of course Herald Style Hanukkah.

Omega asks: What's your favorite colour and why?

I don’t have any particular favorite color. I prefer warm yellows, oranges and browns to any colder color, though. I generally don't like black, unless it's coffee or clothing (that's metal :P)

Locke asks: Can you give us an example of your graphical style so we can get an idea of what HSH might look like?

You can find most of my stuff here: Portfolio. Hope that helps.

Atty asks: Vyr would you be interested in converting some of your tutorials to SA courses?

Yes, in the future when I’m not busy as I am now.

Atty continues: ...and would you do art trades? <3


Locke asks: We currently have the societies and ranking up as ways to obtain new shiny graphics for our dossiers. Will you be providing us with any ways to earn new options in the future? Such as other things to stick in the accessory slot? Although, I freaking love my Crusade ribbons

You can expect the Fiction society to have cool options, but other than earning them through societies, no, you will not be able to receive (Custom) Accessories for the foreseeable future (unless Possessions changes that in some meaningful way.)


Soon™ :P

Lexic asks: Could I have a Pokemon Flute as an accessory?

I don’t even know what that is :P

Aaleeshah asks: What are going to be included in the new possessions, if you know?

Can’t say at this point in time. Wait for my next report, or the one after that. Maybe then I’ll have something solid for you. ;)

Turel asks: Vyr, are you planning on re-launching second sons or a successor program?

The Second sons never actually stopped working, so to speak, but there is not much work for them to do. The whole reason I started this 6 month Magistrate cycle is to develop a steady community of graphics designers and artists for a future society (maybe?). We’ll see what Possessions bring but I don’t imagine they’ll have a lot of work to do with the team I’ve built now.

Turel asks: Also, any plans on adjusting rank requirements for sabers, warbanners etc?

Unfortunately, no. Those are pretty well balanced now. Any change would require a major overhaul of the system. The system is working, so why break it?

Turel asks: Bonus: Can I have a pony princess in my robe slot?

You can have whatever you want….when you get my position :P

Rhiann asks: Vyr, what species of tree are you if you had to pick a real one

A birch. I’m not even kidding and no it’s not a pun :P

Locke asks: Will you make more DJB Telegram stickers for us?

Since when do I do those? :P Maybe. Possibly. It’s classified. :P

Mar Sul asks: How many crayons do you have at the ready? and what color are they?

20.865,76 crayons. And they’re all magic colored.

Malik asks: who do we bribe/kill for custom robes

Custom robes will be issued to DC members and winners of annual Herald comps only…for now. :P


Commission artists and Artist Feature

every report I will present 3 artists from various sites on the internet that do commission work. You can directly contact them through their contacts on these pages:

This report's artist feature is our very own Seyda Norith.

Seyda has a very unique and interesting style some have defined as "cute". And they're right. It is cute :P

You can find her gallery Right Here! Go check it out.

Closing word

Big time changes. Lots of progress. Lots more to come. Stay tuned and as always...

See you Space Cowboys. ;)


Wooo reports!

Great stuff!

Dat site teaser...veeewwwy interesting.

And hooray for DJB members being featured as artists! :D

Great job Rhi on the Cluster of Earth! Now all we need is a Cluster of Air :P

Looking forward to the site changes

Love the new CEs, real nice design Rhi.

CEs look amazing. Site teaser looks amazing. I really want to know what the "Another Teaser" thing is going to be cause it looks cool.

Also Turel: We also need a Cluster of Heart. First to earn all 5 gets to play Captain Planet.

Really cool report, lots of interesting information and looking forward to seeing what you bring next to the table!

That CE looks amazing. I do love my new warbanner, thx for that. So curious about what comes next. Your report is great, as all the work your doing.

When I read my question, I was terrified that i'd incorrectly spelled colour in IRC. I hadn't.


s( ^ ‿ ^)-b

oOoooooooOOOoooH!! Whose the thexy lady with the ISD fleet? HOT DAMN!

Hrm. Sedya can draw things... excellent....

Nice stuff Vyr, hope to see moar!

I called dibs, Yacko. Go away :P

Shhh, its ok Vyr, shhh.

I love everything about this so much. And them previews. Vyr, you tease. <3

Really nice report, love the answers to my questions. Those help a lot. :)

Seydas been holding out on us!

Yay Seyda!!

Awesomeness incarnate. Like all the things I have seen in this report

It is true, the common consensus on my art is that it's cute. :p Thank you for featuring me aaaa-

@Dru: I haven't been holding out on anybody! I just haven't mentioned it?

Re: HSH armors please, please, please, please can we get some light armor type gear for JK/DJK level folks. Please V'yr, I'll be your best firend :)


i like the idea of rotating your Magistrates. looks at SA they could learn something here from this fine example.

Great report, im barfing rainbow colours now!

Great report, V'yr! I can't way to see the new themes for the website. And A'lora: that's one badass looking saber!

New themes are absolutely amazing.

Im in wuvs! SPLASH!

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