Herald's Holiday Special: Day 6


Herald's Holiday Special: Day 6


On the 6th Day of Xmas my Herald gave to me....some more stuff. Check it out.


Item 1: Synergy BR-5010 slugthrower pistol

Another gun Harrison Ford used in a movie is finally here. The iconic Runner gun from Blade Runner is available to every EQ1 and above.

Item 2: Synergy-Reynolds BR-5010 slugthrower pistol

No one can take the sky from you when you're armed with this gun :P The iconic pistol Mal Reynolds uses in Firefly is available to all EQ1 and above

Item 3: "Krayt tooth" lightsaber

Made by: Selika Roh

The Krayt tooth saber, aptly named for the dragon's tooth protruding out from its pommel, comes in 30 different style and color combinations. Available to Force-users ranks EQ1 and up.


Item 4: "Primus" Armor

Made by: Selika Roh

Obviously based on ancient Roman armor, this armor set goes hand in hand with anyone who considers himself a true swordsman and warrior. Available to ranks EQ3 and above.

Item 5: "Talon" armored robes

Made by: Selika Roh

Talon armored robes are a bit of a deviation from our usual style. Stylish, yet practical and they fit with any role you can imagine. Available to all, ranks EQ2 and above.


That's the end of Day 6, folks. hope you enjoyed them.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: My report comes out on the 25th as the last day of this Special. Due to the fact most of us will be with family and friends, I will be taking #AsktheHerald questions on Telegram all day today. So any questions you have, remember to tag and ask away.


Awesome slugthrowers! Yay Bladerunner!

I am sad I cannot rep the Roman Legion armor. T-T

Really love the highlighting and texture on that red cloak on the Roman armour </always the little touches that I like most>

Loving all the work here. I already have one of your swanky Holiday Special sabers so I will pass this time but it is all nice.

Nice work Herald face!

It's all so tempting! I love the finish on the bronze and black krayt tooth sabers. Awesome.

So awesome!

... That Talon armour is the sex


Nice stuff!

You're killin' me with all these options here.

I wouldn't have it any other way. :P

Talon armour reminds me of the Equalist armour from Legend of Korra.

Talon robes are SICK!

Once again, these are off the hook. Amazing work.

Is it possible to have both my lightsaber and a slug thrower on my dossier? The BR5010 is sexy, but I refuse to give up my custom saber

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