HMR AED Report


HMR AED Report

Good Evening House Marka Ragnos!

I am Battlelord Hades, your Aedile. So much has happened in such a short time that now is the first chance I have to get a report out to you. Most of you know me, but for those who do not I’ll try to sum up my resume briefly.

I joined the DB in 2000 and served Clan Tarentum until it’s premature closure a few years ago. I served as a BTL, AED, and QUA several different times with a brief stint as PCON as well. I’m fairly easy going and love to joke around but I am as serious as a heart attack when the situation calls for it. As for my character, Hades is a semi-crusty human, but very agile. He was a former starfighter pilot and Fleet Admiral for the Emperor’s Hammer (long story) and Admiral of Tarentum’s Navy. Grand Master Muz appointed Hades as the Admiral of HMR’s forces during his tenure. As you can tell, Hades is more of an Imperial in his mind and demeanor but has the skills with the force and a lightsaber to back up his Sith credentials.

Now that’s over, my reports moving forward will be focused on the house’s plot and competitions that the house/clan is putting on OR it’s a large event such as the Great Jedi War that we need all hands on deck. This club is here for all of us to have fun in and enjoy. That should be true from the top down. When we have competitions, especially on the house level, we will do our best to engineer them so they will be interesting and fun. But we are human after all. Sometimes a comp might be just off the mark. That is where we come to you for feedback. Maybe the flash game we used for a comp wasn’t as fun to you as it was for us. Great, let us know. Have an idea for a fiction competition? Great! We will work with you on organizing one and how it will work with the House’s plot moving forward. We are always open for ideas and input. Please do not hesitate to talk to us on Telegram or by email.

As far as the plot for HMR is concerned, the clan had just recently retaken their home system and HMR had retaken Orian. The house is currently working on re-establishing themselves on the planet and working in peace with the local population.. Hopefully. It was during this time that the clan got the call to come to the Dark Council’s aid. The Collective is attacking Arx. The Dark Council is requesting all clans to come to their defense. That is the premise for this Great Jedi War. That brings us to where we are currently.

The Great Jedi War and it’s competitions can be found here:

This will have every competition for the war listed. You can click on it to read the public information about each one. Some competitions have a timer, so be careful and reach each description before you subscribe to it. Once the timer starts, you can’t stop it until you submit your entry so make sure you are ready to start on the comp before you click that button.

There are many different types of competitions, from flash games, to poetry, to puzzles, and many different types of fiction. There are even art competitions for those of you who can draw something other than a stick figure, unlike me. Lastly, there are competitions for groups of people to enter and compete. This is a great opportunity for newer members of the clan and house to meet new people and make new friends.

The last competition I want to mention in particular is the Clan Run-On. Currently we have an email thread about the Run-On and who is doing what. We also have a g-docs where people paste the post they have written to be proofread by other clanmates for items such as grammar or story continuity. We also have a special telegram channel that is clan members only and war related. If you are not in that channel please tell the Consul, Bentre Sadow or the Proconsul, Darkhawk and they will add you. This is a clan event so be respectful and play well with others. If we do that and put forth a great RO story then we ALL get the Gold Nova.

Okay, that about wraps it up for me. I hope this was a good ground rules report for us to move forward. I look forward to gaming and hanging out with all of you. I know we have a few new recruits who are just blazing an impressive trail but that is for the QUA’s report and I won't steal his thunder!

If you have any questions, ask me anytime.

<Bow> Battlelord Hades (Sith)/AED/House Marka Ragnos of Clan Naga Sadow [SA:III] [GMRG: IV] [ACC:Q] [INQ:IX] GC/SC/ACx3/DCx2/GN/BNx3/CR:2R-6A-13S-15E-8T-3Q/PoB/CFx31/CIx70/CEx301/CGx15/SI/SotMx2/LSx4/SoLx3/S:1P-6U-2B-De-3Aff-1Rn-13Cr-6Rv-4Wr-1F-14Di {SA:MVF}

Nicely done, friend!


Well written report

Excellent report. It summarized the main points without being too wordy.

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