[HMR] QUA December Report - Happy New Year


[HMR] QUA December Report - Happy New Year


December 2018 Report

GR-75 Medium Transport “Spectator”
Engine Room
Wild Space

Captain Aurelias was not a patient man. A sigh escaped his lips as he stared at the engineer's legs that stuck haphazardly out from under the console before him. The piece of junk had died once again and this time dragged them out of hyperspace and right into dangerous territory. Home of pirates,cartels and who else knew what.

“Jefferson I thought you said you fixed it for sure this time,” Aurelias started. He needed to raise his voice to be heard over the sudden onset of banging as Jefferson started smacking something with great enthusiasm. Whether it was to actually fix a problem or drown out the moaning captain Aurelias could only guess. “How long till you’re done this time?”

Jefferson, or Rachel as everyone else on board the ship called her, stuck her hands under the lip of the console and dragged herself out from under it. She watched as the Captain's greedy eyes trailed down her body and as she did the girl needed to stop her eyes from rolling. Or at least her one remaining good eye. The other, like a vast part of her, had been replaced with cybernetics. A souvenir from her childhood where her body refused to fight against the disease that ravaged her. Now silver components clashed with the blue of her Chiss skin and raven black hair.

No one else looked, no one else had the same craven desires. But the Captain was a different creature. One who thought everything on the ship was his. Even if it was only sixteen cycles.

“Look, it’ll be done when it’s done. You hired me because I’m good at what I do. And I’ve kept this hunk of junk flying for months now.” She had to stop herself from adding that the ship wasn’t the only one past it but had the good sense to hold her tongue. Rachel wanted nothing more than the man to go away, she was content with the machines but people made her uncomfortable far too quickly. “Look I’ll have it done. Just give me the time.”

“You better or…”

She never found out what would happen if she didn’t fix it because right on queue the warning klaxons sounded. The noise startled both of them and caused Aurelias to look around uneasily before scurrying away to the bridge leaving Rachel very much alone. The young woman shrugged, reached down to her pocket and flicked a small switch. Music began to play from the small device in her pocket half drowning out the klaxon. She lowered herself back down and once more pushed herself under the console returning to her work in peace.

Rest can be found Here

<TLDR> * HMR tech agent, and adopted daughter of Quaestor Kojiro Keibatsu, Pandora has been working aboard a transport known to be smuggling artefacts.
* She’s disabled the ship's hyperdrive bringing them out into wild space.
* HMR TIE/FO squadron appears and harries the transport.
* Rest of the HMR fleet arrives, Locke and Talon company appear and take command of the vessel.
* Pandora provides Locke with the information about the artefacts, takes the crew off the transport so the Captain can be interrogated for more information.
* We acquire the transport whilst Muz and Pandora goes off to start the path that will take HMR down its new journey which is discussed below.

For our newer members, I’ll pop the links here for Talon Company and Pandora should you wish to know more about them.


The RoS

So what is there to say in regards to Clan Naga Sadow, something Brutal i’m afraid. Well, the results of the RoS came in as most if not everyone is aware and suffice to say we came last in the Clans, though luckily we finished above the Rogues which would have been a disappointment in itself if we did that badly. The greatest sadness in this all is we managed to drop from 4th in the Great Jedi War down to last and looking over the numbers for participation I can sadly see why. Especially when it comes down to our own performance. I’ll copy Bentre’s list for the awarded seals and number crunch with you all.

Teu Sadow: * 4 Seals of Fury

Shimura Keibatsu: * 2 Seals of Fury

Armad: * 3 Seals of Fury

Alexander DelGotto: * 1 Seal of Fury

Syntari Bastiayn: * 3 Seals of Fury

Kojiro Keibatsu: * 29 Seals of Fury * 1 Gold Nova * 1 Bronze Nova

Muz Ashen Keibatsu: * 15 Seals of Fury * 1 Gold Nova * 2 Bronze Nova

Locke Sonjie: * 10 Seals of Fury

So as can be seen only three people did more than 5 competitions in the entire 5 weeks of the event. Whilst I admire everyone who did something it still shows an issue. Participation helps the Clan and boosts our awards as a whole. Doing a competition per bin allows more points to be allocated, allowing our ranking to rise and potentially one day we could claim the top spot but sadly with how things are looking that seems to be a far away possibility. However, I feel in my gut you guys can prove me wrong.

All in all, HMR alone did 67 competitions across the board. Which you know seems fair given we’ve always been a compact house with varying levels of activity. Until you realise that's out of a combined possible total of 232 competition entries. I believe Locke mentioned to get full participation to help the Clan we only each needed to do about 13 comps and most of us never came close.

We as summit are quick to blame ourselves for lack of communication which yes was an issue, though I’m also aware no one responded to the emails I sent out. There's a mixed bag of issues and I am fully aware as QUA I could have done more to help you guys succeed. Though as they say you can only lead a horse to water, you can’t make them drink and to be honest this isn’t the only low participation event we have had in HMR. Locke’s had a small turn out, my House wide ones likewise get a limited turn out so there must be something we as a summit are doing wrong that’s causing you guys to not be interested or you just genuinely don’t want to do what’s available to you. Which is fair. People are busy this time of year I know. Heck, I alone do 5 days at Uni studying Veterinary Nursing, work the weekends, manage a relationship, do HMR QUA stuff, do Regents Office stuff and the RoS was in the middle of my exams. So we all get busy. But participation matters. It truly does. They take the Clan roster and work out how to award points based on it. Yet if half or three-quarters of the roster does nothing then that system penalises us more so than ever. I believe however that as a house this was only a small blip and we'll be right back up there helping the clan obtain 4ths and more in the Wars to come.

Why am I being brutal on New Year's Eve some might wonder. But it’s because if I sugar coat things nothing gets done. This RoS wasn’t good. Again those who participated in what they could thank you. For those who didn’t, I am interested as to why. To that end, you can find Ashia’s survey Here.

If you haven’t filled it in please do so. I want everyone to succeed and have fun. I just need to know what you guys want to do, what drives you what stops you from going forward. House Marka Ragnos has a legacy of being the best and we shall always strive to be that, so we will kick ass. There isn’t any other way about it. You guys have always been the best, leading the Clan from the front and leaving dust in your wake. Show the Club what we can do.

The RoS has been a learning experience. We know that the fourth quarter of the year is tough for everyone in different ways: finals for those of us still in school, holiday planning and parties for those of us with families, and for those of us who work retail, especially brutal at work. But ultimately, the clan is here to serve as a hobby, a pleasant diversion away from the hectic and unforgiving real world. We just need to use it properly. I am confident that the lessons we learned as a clan will not be wasted on us going forward. You can expect us to push further to get more of us involved, to bring more of you, the members, into the fold and get you engaged in whatever it is that you enjoy most about the club and the clan, and to bring the House back to the top, where we all know and hope it can go.

Come with us. Get in. We’re going hard.

House Progression - The Long Road

So has been a while since the last story update for HMR, apparently end of July which took me a bit back. The back end of 2018 has vanished and not in a fun way. So have decided that each report we will be going back to including progression fiction. Currently, HMR is acting akin to pirates. Robbing to make ends meet, taking supplies to feed us and generally doing what we can to survive.

With the onset of the Clan story revolving around a New Golden Age Sith Empire, I figured it was only right that HMR gets stuck in the on the action and follow suit. So I have been working on a story that shall see HMR travel the Galaxy on a quest, following an ancient Sith’s path and seeing where the adventure takes us.

Picture it akin to Knights of the Old Republic, but with fewer bugs, better graphics and a lot less Revan. Expect the first few non-event comps related to it to appear in January.

New Welcomes

I’d like to welcome a flood of new and old, very old, members to Marka Ragnos. Hades, Ciara and Archean join us. They all snuck in last week and used to be some of Tarentum’s finest. So I am glad to have them on board.

We also welcome Hilgrif, who has been active in the Clubs gaming scene and Dakor.

All these new joins have been flooding my inbox with countless SA courses and other accomplishments like society progression. I genuinely look forward to seeing what everyone does with the coming future.

Art Station

I figured I would do something different and fun. Seen a few questions thrown around about commissions so would like to highlight an artist who has done dozens of club pieces across the last couple of years. He’s called Ka Rolding and his Deviant art page is located Here. This months image I’ll highlight is my own Duality photo for Kojiro and Aurelia. Should you have any art you have done yourself, or gotten commissioned and you wish to share it so others can see it as well as give the artist the credit they deserve then ping me on Telegram.

Kojiro and Aurelia


This is my last report of 2019. The bells will toll the coming of a new year in 4 hours. 2018 has been a doozy and from my family to yours I wish you all a wonderful New year and here’s to a much more successful and fun-filled 2019.


Nice Report, Koji!

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