HMR QUA Report - Devil's Night


HMR QUA Report - Devil's Night

HMR Quaestor Report - Devil’s Night

I really need a fancy header, I am sure I asked. I’ll need to do so again, Want a fancy header. Anyway.

I always say this report will be a shot report I’ve realised and usually, it’s because I’m not very good at reports. This month, however, its short because there’s so little to report on house-wise. To be honest we’ve not really approached House stuff because of a little War going on right now. Incase you hadn’t noticed of course, and if you hadn’t...well I am concerned by that a little.

So without further ado.

Today's report is sponsored by the letters G, J and W, the number 13 and all things spooky.

Song of the Night

I know, I know I could've used a Halloween song but if you don’t understand the above one...just stop reading, pack your little bag and go scour the shops until you find the above movie.Go now, shoo! Also, means I could stop my report here and no one would be any the wiser.

Apparently, that’s not allowed. Fine.


State of the House

We’re at War. In fact, we are just wrapping up Phase 1 tonight and we’ll have a small breather before moving onto Phase two for another two weeks of fun.I’m gonna brag everyone to Hel when the war is over. Especially those who manage to exceed the summits expectations with activity.

So I’ll start now with a small brag. I’ve done all of Phase 1, our semi retired always here GM Muz has done basically all of it too despite always working. We’ve had oldies like Shikyo and Manji return and participate in the War and put out comps. So if the old timers have awoken and heavily participated then I can only assume that when the war results come in that our active members have done everything. Right? Totally. Have loads of faith in you.

In fact, our beloved PCON has made a really cool spreadsheet for us to use so we can mark off what we have done. I’ll link it below.

Tracking Sheet

Remember though we have a break between War phases we still have the GJW full-length comps that you can do when you’re not doing phase 2. Also, remember when submitting team comps to list names and numbers on all work so the judges can refer to who is who.

Now talking about teams someone mentioned they hadn’t done some of the GJW because no one asked them to a team. This concerns me, not because no one asked you but because there were emails galore sent out as well as constant badgering of people on Telegram to make teams. If you are concerned about putting your hand up to get involved then come to one of the Clan summit and ask for help.

We’re really not that scary. Well, I am, or grumpy. Not sure which. But I generally care, on the weekends, every 3rd weekend...maybe 4th.


Who Are You?

This is a new section I am going to include each month in my reports, alongside bringing back Quaestors question time. No, this is not a filler as the House hasn’t done much outside of the War. Well, not really. Anyway. This is a little section about who we are so we can get to know each other better. Difficult to work with someone you don’t know.

So I’ll start.

Hi, I’m Opie and I’m an Alcoholic. Actually can’t even use that overused joke since I drink like twice a year. Ergh. Fine, I'm Opie and I’m a geekaholic. Live in beautiful Sunny Scotland and as most know I'm a big bald bearded bloke who loves metal, has a new lady every other month and is a bit of a grumpy sod.

I’m a DC fan, marvel bores me due to the over-saturation of movies with lack of real content. Favourite character is Harley Quinn and that’s got nothing to do with the Suicide Squad movie. I’ve adored her since the animated cartoon. Ophelia was based heavily on her, like Kojiro is, or was based on my love of Vikings. Now he’s more, something.

I have a two year old Son, he lives in Australia with his mum due to that being my home for a while. I’m a LARPer, doing Vampire the Masquerade primarily and I never take a holiday from this club. Except when I’m in a field for a festival.

I am pretty laid back these days. Have no energy to hate anyone ever. Which I so want to clarify. I’m an initiated Wiccan priest and follow the Nordic Pantheon.

There we go. Some basic info about your Quaestor. If you want to help me out and write a little spiel for me to include in next month's report hit me up on Telegram to show your intent.

Till next time, oh and do the WAR!


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