HMR QUA Report - War Eternal


HMR QUA Report - War Eternal

HMR Quaestor Report - War Eternal

I’ve just realised when I started this report I never did release a second part of last month's I’ll blame Sang for stealing my thunder and stuff. Totally his fault. Likewise since not much has occured this month at all this report will be quite small. Expect a larger one next month and the month after since we'll be at War and After the War.

Right so before we begin figure I’ll put a music track in to go along with this report and get everyone in the mood for WARGHHHH….or eh War. To much Total War Warhammer of late.

War Eternal

So the Clans are marching to War once again...utter temptation to put up Grave Diggers- Rebellion but I won’t. For some of you this is your first War so I will say relax, take a deep breath and do all the things! Just approach the War the same way you would approach any event. The only difference is you will be challenging members from every other clan and the rewards will be higher. I believe all of you will do well, I will be putting out a call to war to get some of our oldies back in and all I will say is relax and have fun. Try and do everything you can and go out there and kick ass.

Talking about War I hope everyone has read the latest release of fiction from the Voice. It’s certainly interesting from a CNS point of view and a House Marka Ragnos pov due to the nature of our involvement.

To put it bluntly, HMR decided to say No to the idea of supporting terrorists and the Lotus and stood by the Iron Throne.What does this mean? Well, you’ll have to wait and see for after the war but it certainly will have its consequences. Expect a newish Story location to be explored in more detail, issues with our sister house and general chaos all around. Just the way we like it.

Some of you, of course, may be worried that since you are HMR you have to support the Iron Throne and that choice has been removed from you. You don’t because in truth that story has ended. There is no more Lotus v Iron Throne story instead we have a new batch of enemies to deal with. Not much is known about them but what we do know is they are bloody strong and terrifying. So it will boil down to where do your characters loyalties lie? To your Quaestor and the House or to Sanguinius? More info will come after the GJW.

Oh and for your convenience:

Wally’s Report


State of the House

Not much to say here this month.

Tasha is BTL and Armad is AED and both will do a fantastic job.

The War approaches, which is mentioned above and will be in more detail in Sang's upcoming report. I will ask if you know any of our vets who are currently not active or fully active to get them roped back in. The War starts in the middle of October.

There were some competitions released for the House and Clan. Our lovely PCON Benny won both.


Benny also claimed the top spot in Below Zero, followed by Firith and then by Jurdan. Due to the efforts of the Clan in the event we have taken over and reopened the old Dlarit bases. Armad, for his amazing ooc work over the last year and more, has been appointed to the position of fictional director of the HMR Dlarit wing. What does this mean for you?

Well once they are fully refitted and refurbished they will be creating weapons, arms and armaments for the Clan and its troops. Basically being used as an excuse for why we can replace our gear and why members have access to lots of different possessions IC. Makes a bit more sense than popping to Arx every other week to shop.


Smaller report this month. There’s not much to say except the War will be with us soon so go out, kick ass and win everything. There will be a greater report to come after the War.

Thank you for being the best house in Naga Sadow, you guys make me proud.


Good report, but it's gonna come down to you and me, Koji-chan! Man vs Bearded Murder Machine. :P

I am glad that Dlarit is being given purpose again and all. Good on you guys for trying to tie things up nice and neat. :)

As ever, if I can help with the developmental fiction stuff in any way (I have been doing a lot of wiki-fu of late for CNS anyway) give me a holler. Or even just come to me and brag about what all you guys have gotten done. Either way, keep on rocking on House Marka Ragnos.

another gif

Interesting to see how you formed your team and removed another whilst the illustrious leaders of this Clan stood by and watched. I remember a time when it took way more effort to replace a BTL ;) Kuddos to your cunning skills, you got this political stuff down a lot faster than me. Hope HMR can turn this into something prosperous!

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