Hoth Aedile Report #2


Hoth Aedile Report #2

Report Fiction

A tranquil peace whispered through the winds that swept over acid clouds, a serene cerulean sky looking down at the chaotic atmosphere below. Ships of all kinds flew through the sky like locusts, freighters and convoys moving cargo from one city to another.

“Sir, pirate vessel detected. The Rancor’s Maw.” said one of the technicians, “They are headed right for us and show no signs of stopping. Scans show weapo--”

A crack of turbolasers ripped through the sky, their plasma discharges ripping into the convoy that surrounded the precious freighters. Orders on board the attacked vessel rang out through the comm units, pilots scrambling to the hangar to launch their fighters. Like wasps protecting their nest, they swarmed outward and began making their way toward the assaulting vessel, a Nebulon-C Escort Frigate. More turbolaser fire barraged the convoy, this time from the opposite side of the attack.

“Sir! Another bogey is flanking us!”

Various fighters belched outward from the new vessel, a Gonzati class cruiser that had been heavily modified. Starfighters of all types buzzed out of it, filling the sky with explosions and debris as their ace pilots tore the defenders to shreds. Messages relayed from the convoy told the freighters to flee, the ships doing their best to escape the carnage.

But their attempts were futile. Before they could even manage to turn around, a CSS-1 Corellian Star Shuttle flew into their path and bashed the first freighter into the second. What should have been a victory soon turned into another battle, the initial vessel raining fire down upon the other two.

In one swift motion, the star fighters from the Gonzati cruiser flew towards the frigate and began targeting their hangar bays. One after another, the starfighters landed in the enemies hangar and brought the fight to them. The pilots jumped from their ships, a hail of gunfire bursting from each cockpit as they descended into the fray. Taken by surprise, the crew of the frigate were gunned down before they could be of any real use. Defensive turrets shot down at the invaders, taking a few of them before being destroyed themselves.

“Save the looting for later,” said one of the pilots, “Our lady wishes to see the captain.”

The group continued further, every combatant surrounding one singular figure. She was tall and athletic, with skin as black as the night sky and eyes that could make a rancor flee. She was wearing various pieces of armor stolen from fallen enemies, a testament to her prowess. In her hand was her scepter, the thing that brought both respect and fear from her crew.

As they progressed further into the ship, another firefight broke out, blaster fire ripping through the halls and scorching the floors. A shot hit one of the Lady’s crew, another grazing the arm of the Lady herself. She laughed as pain seared through her arm, the sound of it unsettling the defenders.

“Kill them.” she said, her voice quiet yet deafening all at once.

She broke off from her crew, leaving them to deal with the remaining resistance while she made her way to the Captain. She took out her hold out blaster she kept in her boot, making her way through the maze of corridors, the layout of the Nebulon-C burned into her brain. It was the stable, boring route that most pirates went with and the lack of originality made her shake her head. These “pirates” gave the rest of them a bad name, and this system deserved a better class of pirate she reckoned.

When she rounded the corner, she nonchalantly fired her blaster twice, hitting two guards next to the Captain’s quarters in the chest. She smiled as they slumped to the ground, pathetic excuses for warriors. She thumbed some keys but the door would not budge. She grumbled under her breath and ripped the control panel off the wall, reaching in and carefully cutting a few wires to reroute the lock. It took only a second, a trick she learned when she was a kid.

The doors opened to reveal the Captain, in all his glory. He was shaking, but not with fear. He was angry, his glory ripped from his hands, his hard work piggy backed off of another.

“You broke the oath.” said the Captain, his voice filled with rage.

“The oath? That antiquated code that no one really follows? The one that silly spacers that want to make a quick buck think they can hide behind? The same kind of silly spacer that uses a registered named vessel for illegal activities so they can be easily tracked by anyone? Real pirates don’t care about the oath.”

“It was my prize! I earned it!” he snapped.

“You can still take what you believe is yours. Kill me and my men, and you’ll have a greater prize than a couple of cargo holds full of spice.” she said.

Before the Captain could react, his comm began to buzz. He reached for it and heard a strange voice on the other side.

“Surrender. Your crew is dead.”

His face grew pale, his knees buckling and forcing him to his knees. “Do what you will with me. I surrender.”

The Lady frowned as she approached him, holding her scepter to his head. She leaned in close to his ear and whispered “And real pirates never surrender.”

As the last word left her lips, she thumbed a button and activated the lightsaber she had taken off of a fallen enemy. Her scepter released an amethyst blade of plasma and light, boring a hole in the skull of her enemy. She thumbed the button again, the body falling backward.

She pressed her comm link and calmly said “Take what you can, leave nothing.”


Hello Hothians, how are you? Are you well? You look well. Have you been working out? It looks like you have been working out. I know it’s late, but I have been thinking about you and just wanted to see if maybe you’d like to report and hang, which is similar to Netflix and chill. We’ll be talking about the following things:

Hoth’s Future

Wiki Stuff

ACC Thingamajig

Scimitar Results


And then I shall say goodbye to my sweet princes and princesses, but worry not my lads and ladies, though we say goodbye it will not be long till I tuck you into bed again.

Hoth’s Future

As you know if you frequent the Hoth Bar and Grill and if you read the report fiction, a new enemy is on the horizon. The Pirates of Kiast are coming, led by a mysterious figure known to her crew as The Lady, and she has an ambition burning inside her. The main concern I have is when to release the event, as I don’t want to start it before the Vendetta and have us burned out, but I also don’t want to us to sit on our haunches and get bored. So, tell me your thoughts in the comments and we’ll go from there!

Wiki Stuff

With the new Enemy and existing House things, we are in desperate need of wiki workers. I know Wiki Work isn’t sexy, but it is very important and because it is so grueling for many, any effort made by you all will be greatly appreciated and will definitely be noticed. This is a chance to shape the House on a very real level, since the Wiki will be used by everyone when they write their fictions and other things like that, so please be sure to volunteer. I’d really hate to have all of myself.

ACC Thingamajig

There is an ACC Event going live! Link can be found here. Be sure to sign up and enjoy the wonders of the ACC!

Scimitar Results

Here are the top ten members in the Scimitar Results!

Luna Okami 246

Jael Chi'ra 161.75

Tisto Kingang 124

Kenath Zoron 108

Daniel "Seraphol" Stephens 97.55

Ka Tarvitz 76

Kah Manet 74.25 (I don't count, I'm not a people)

Ernordeth Puer-Irae 47

Keiji Suoh 39.2

Great job guys! This is my first Scimitar posting so if I did it wrong, I do apologize. I’m pretty sure there are people in the top 10 that don’t necessarily count anymore, so if these aren’t accurate, I do apologize.


Whew. That was a lot. I bet you could use a cigarette and a snifter of brandy, eh? I know I’m sore, seriously, my hands cramped up a couple of times while I wrote this. I didn’t include a competitions list because I wanted this to more focused on unveiling the House enemy and showing you that we have a direction we’re headed. I wanted this to be about what we need to do to clean up and strengthen the House. People who participated in the Clan event, good on you! You are amazing!

Till next time, Hoth! I’ll be in your bushes, staring adoringly up at you while I befriend the squirrels in your yard.

Well. Tisto is clearly siding with the lady -Drags Ozosi along-

Interesting times are certainly ahead then, and it relates to piracy, no less. Methinks we need to liberate them of their ill-gotten gains.

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