HOU Aedile Report - 3 Oct 14


HOU Aedile Report - 3 Oct 14

House Odan-Urr

Aedile Report - 1 October 2014


  • New Aedile
  • New Googlegroup
  • Projects
  • Affliction
  • Fading Light Round 3
  • Achievements
  • Competitions

New Aedile

As I’m sure you’re all aware by now, I’ve been appointed as your new Aedile following Mirus’ elevation to Praetor to the Grand Master. Previously I had served as the Tetrarch of the Disciples of Baas, a responsibility now taken over by Cable.

I do apologize for being a little late with my report. I have gone from Codecademy to a proper Diploma in Website Development, and am still experimenting with study schedules that achieve my necessary targets on time and have had some other drama come up early this week.

I am stepping back in to IRC from today, though I do have a Herald project to catch up on as well as some personal fiction to update and a character sheet to amend. Should make for a fun weekend :)

I remain best reachable by email, and have been able to keep abreast of discussions and what have you despite the near flood of achievements you’ve all been making. I’m also contactable by the rest of the Summit on Whatsapp for something urgent (though I am Australian and do sleep :P).

New Googlegroup

As per Liam’s email, we ran into some administrative difficulties on our end and have migrated almost everyone to a new Googlegroup. The new address is [Log in to view e-mail addresses]

I was not able to migrate Kaylesha Blackheart or Justin Wayne, but have emailed them both with invites and I hope to have them on shortly.


My main responsibility as Aedile is to coordinate and drive our House projects, so if you have a proposal or want to do something, let me know and I’ll coordinate with the rest of the Summit to keep things rolling and on time.

I need to touch base with the Gazette project team to see where that stands. I am currently unaware of any other major projects going on, so if you are in the middle of something, please let me know too so I can keep track of things and help out - and give awards - where needed.

We are also working on a “bounty board” where we will be posting projects on Trello, where people can “claim” the bounty/project in a bounty hunter kinda way. I need to poke my nose in and ensure that we can launch this soon.


Mirus has committed some of his time to finish off his mini-Vendetta, Affliction, and provided us with the awesome ending fiction and some words of encouragement including a shoutout to T’Espera, who was able to achieve second place overall despite being only a Disciple, against some experienced Knights and Equites.

The overall winner was Rhiann at 45 points, with Kaira and T’Espera joint second place at 40 points, and Kaayn in third place with 35 points. The Light Side won in the end with 185 points against the Dark Side’s 160 points.

Thank you to everyone who participated - your time is valuable, and thank you for contributing it.

Fading Light Round 3

When does it launch? Soon (tm). As long as things go according to plan, the powers that be will be launching Fading Light Round 3 within the next 1-2 weeks. Fading Light is a club-wide Vendetta-level event, and is a great opportunity for us to go head to head against the other Clans and Houses in the club and prove how strong we, as a team, can be. Participation in such high level events is highly regarded around the club, provides us with new people to challenge ourselves against, furthers our stance as the defenders of Light in the galaxy and makes for a lot of fun and opportunities to show how talented we are.


Welcome to the House! Zeon Blacktooth Autumn Axiuos LaLa Maxex Power Jaden Cardie

I’d like to congratulate some of our members on their recent achievements in the Shadow Academy, GMRG, and for earning medals and promotions since my appointment. I’d also like to welcome a few new faces to the House.

LaLa and Autumn Axiuos Both have passed Essentials 1-6 and earned the Dark Pundit: Essentials.

LaLa has also passed GMRG History and Dark Brotherhood Basics. Jaden Cardie has passed Galactic History II: Origins of the Jedi Order.

LaLa: Disciple Autumn Axiuos: Novice T’Espera: Dark Cross, Em Sa Em Am Kaayn Salis: Scroll of Indoctrination, 2 Sapphire Crescents, 1 Topaz Crescent Kairus: Scroll of Indoctrination Ji: Crescent with a Topaz Star. Kaira: Crescents with an Emerald, Amethyst and a Sapphire Star Jason Hunter: 1 Sapphire Crescent Rhiann Baenre: Crescents with 2 Topaz, 2 Emerald and a Ruby Star Nathan Deciarus: Crescents with an Amethyst and Topaz Star Seridan Brehevik: Crescents with a Sapphire and Amethyst Star Shorurra: Crescent with a Sapphire Star JScumm: Crescent with a Sapphire Star Xaezhul: Crescent with an Emerald Star Seraphol: GMRG VIII


My September Poetry competition has ended, with the following results: 1st place: Korvyn 2nd place: Ji 3rd place: Seridan 4th place: Kairus

Thank you all for participating, I found Korvyn’s to be the most thought-provoking and I was quite happy with the quality of everyone’s work. As a side note, Western Haiku are either 10-14 or 17 syllables - multiple stanzas aren’t correct in this form of poetry and I did request one entry be modified to accommodate this. Well done everyone :)

I won’t be doing another side competition this month, as we are expecting Fading Light to launch soon (tm). However, there are a few competitions going around the Brotherhood right now:

Strike-Team Ooroo: Just for Fun

Some fun little competitions that Revak is organizing during down times, including:

Ooroo’s Honor

Find a new song and dance for StO! Platform: Youtube 1 October to 8 October


As Begeren Turns

Open-ended fiction competition to help shape Begeren, the scene of Fading Light Round 2. Platform: Fiction 13 September to 6 October

Cap This

A good ol’ fashion caption comp. Platform: DJB Site 27 September to 7 October

DJB Star Wars Celebration Q&A

What would you ask the guests at Star Wars Celebration? Platform: DJB Site 22 August to 5 October

Speed Sporcle Challenge #4

Complete a Sporcle challenge! Warning: Subscription timed event. Platform: Flash Game/Puzzle 22 September to 5 October

Speed Sporcle Challenge #5

Complete a Sporcle challenge! Warning: Subscription timed event. Platform: Flash Game/Puzzle 6 October to 19 October

Mobile Monthly Gaming: Spider-Man Unlimited

Spider-Man, Spider-Man, level him up as high as you can! Platform: Mobile 12 September to 17 October


Earn the most CFs from Destiny. Platform: Destiny 21 September to 15 October

Loot Cave Simulator

Get the fastest highest score in the Loot Cave. Platform: Destiny 2 October to 31 October

Yay, new Aedile report!

Great report! Nice to see you settling in. You need some sexy report graphics though...if only there were some HOU people in the HRLD office who could help you with that :P

Oh gee, just what are you implying Turel :p

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