HOU Aedile Report - 31 January 2015


HOU Aedile Report - 31 January 2015

House Odan-Urr

Aedile Report - 31 January 2014


  • The Blamening
  • Statistics
  • GJW Advice

The Blamening

The big news of the moment is, you guessed it, the eleventh Great Jedi War. GJWs do not happen very often, and are considered to be the largest Vendettas in our club (unless you count the Independence Games as a Vendetta). Our performance in the Great Jedi War directly reflects on how well our House is doing in the eyes of the Brotherhood at large, particularly the higher ups who stand in the shadows as the powers that be. I cannot emphasize enough, how important your efforts are.

Following the Great Jedi War, I’ll be making some changes to how I operate. I’ll be moving into more complex study subjects, I’ll have stable internet once again, and I’ll be putting into action a few changes to my role here as Aedile. I’ll also have a long list of awards to hand out to those who have contributed towards our war efforts. More to follow on all of this next month.


Here are some statistics that I’ve collected from our efforts in the Great Jedi War so far. Please be aware that as team events will have their participation added manually after the War, I cannot track them effectively.

Round 1

  • Participation: 67%
  • Submissions: 39
  • Active Members: 19

Round 2

  • Participation: 41%
  • Submissions: 24
  • Active Members: 16


  • Round 2 is current as of this morning
  • Participation = Submissions / 58 (our roster at the start of the War)
  • For my purposes, Gaming is counted as “Submitted” or “Not Submitted”, not by actual matches submitted

From these statistics, we do have some room for improvement in Round 2 and I encourage everyone to join in the fun and put some effort in and remind the Darksiders that some of us believe we are not just a retirement home. In particular, there were only 3 submissions for Fiction in Round 1. Fiction counts for more points than any other event, and 3 simply won’t cut it when playing with the real club. I know for a fact that we had some very talented writers here, but as my former Sensai used to say, you are only as good as your last session.

And a special shout out to Mar Sul, who has participated in seven events across both Rounds despite his busy study schedule. Keep up the good work, team, the weekend has just begun and I’m sure that I will not be the only one committing some time to this hobby this weekend.

GJW Advice

The Round 2 Puzzle takes less than half an hour and can be done in any web browser. I do not feel it is too much to ask, for each of you to commit half an hour to this hobby a week.

The Round 2 Fiction doesn’t have to be an epic piece about yourself. You are required to feature one of the NPC characters, so for those feeling a little stale (like myself) or for those who play less war-like characters, you do have an opportunity to write as someone else. Be creative with it. Do not worry about whether it is an A-grade piece or not - anything that has had reasonable effort put in will count, and there are ten places you could qualify in.

The Round 2 Gaming can be either on one of the X-Wing platforms or my personal favourite, Pazaak. Pazaak is a very simple game to play, it’s just a Java app that resembles Blackjack, with special cards that can increase or decrease your hand. I will typically play towards drawing the match rather than winning the match. I usually use the cards as a last resort (if I use them at all) and I do have a pretty solid track record. Please play respectfully and be mindful of good sportsmanship and the Rites of Combat.

The Round 2 Graphics event is traditional drawing, so anything sketched up by hand counts. At least half of your submission must be hand drawn, so you can tweak it a little digitally, but this is first and foremost a traditional drawing event. For those hobby sketchers like myself, it’s gold.

Do not worry about winning events. Events are graded to top ten placers for this GJW, so there is ample opportunity to place, even without a quality entry.

For those who need to reference the GJW XI Fiction Archive or the NPCs, check out the helpful links in the latest Voice Report.

TL: dr;

  • Participate in the GJW!
  • No, it isn’t too long.
  • Have you done all the events yet?
  • Statistics not good
  • Is your submission in yet?

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