The Great Jedi War: Civil War, Phase Two


The Great Jedi War: Civil War, Phase Two

Dark Brotherhood,

The Great Jedi War has engulfed us all. While the battle still rages in the Valley of the Dark Lord and in skirmishes above Korriban, the fighting has spread across the entireity of the planet. Below you will find a variety of links and useful information for this, the second phase of the Great Jedi War. Good luck to everyone!

The fictional update for this section will be posted as soon as the Internet allows the Deputy Grand Master to do so.

As always, this event is designed for everyone to have fun. Do your best, but do it in the the spirit of fair play.

Reference Material

  1. Plot Update 1: The Final Way
  2. Plot update 2: Krath Temple Burning
  3. Plot update 3: Jac moves on Antei
  4. Plot update 4: Muz's Unlikely Allies
  5. Plot update 5: The Civil War
  6. Fading Light Fiction: Nicht Ka
  7. GJW Fiction Folder: Here!
  8. Dantella Nova
  9. Synin Torin
  10. Colyn "Tusken" Skybender
  11. Rhiaen Ust'essi
  12. Connor Grey
  13. Darth Necren
  14. Three Pontifexes
  15. dbb0t's analysis of alliances
  16. GJW Planner's Note
  17. Fiction Planner's Note
  18. Gaming Update 31
  19. Mid-GJW Voice Report

And don't forget the bonus competition, Guess Esoteric's identity!

Telaris "Mav" Cantor
Voice of the Brotherhood

Mav is dreamy.

btw, not sure if anyone has pointed this out, but mav's avatar looks like Andy Samberg.

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