House Dinaari Quaestor Report #3 - Holy cow he did another one so soon?


House Dinaari Quaestor Report #3 - Holy cow he did another one so soon?


Quaestor Report

Sith Warrior Omega Kira


What a few weeks it has been since my last report. The announcement of new rank and structure within the DJB. Clan Tal is the only Clan to do Light Jedi, Grey Jedi, and Dark Jedi; which is awesome.


Most of you saw my email; I temporarily suspended the Battle Team Harbingers. It had become filled with mostly innactive members. Everyone was moved under the house as a whole; and Nero was moved up to serve as my AED. We can bring back the Harbingers; but we need active membership. I hope that we can get out and recruit as a house; and that our games bring more active members back to the house. It seems house Ekky keeps getting the newest recruits for now, and summit leadership is evaluating the Gaming House / Fiction House. Untill summit decides differently, we should move to actively recruit other members!


New courses that align with Grey Jedi and the removal of the Krath and Obbie cores is coming to the shadow academy. Should you wish to help them; they are looking for a new professor and help with the courses they are currently, desperately, trying to update.

Starwars News

A new Starwars The Force Awakens teaser was released you can check it out here!


There are a couple competitions worth mentioning.

Noteable Achievements

Armags C'Hiesa

Omega Kira

Final Thoughts

Again recruitment is big on the list, continue to improve on increasing our membership. With the launch of Battlefield I believe our ranks will increase. We need to push and push to get new members into our house so we can bring back our Battleteams!

-SW Omega Kira

Quaestor, House Dinaari

Obligatory 'Yay'

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