House Imperium Aedile Report #1


House Imperium Aedile Report #1


An imperial officer rushed over to Commander Dek Ironius II. The Commander stood with James Malum, the new Overseer of Crucesignatis Imperialis, and Reiden Karr, a strong headed Battlemaster with a strong penchant for honest remarks and well-known feats of combat.

The officer whispered, "The troops are ready, sir."

"Excellent," Dek smiled, "We'll be there shortly." The officer walked off.

"I've waited for this transformation for a long time," started Reiden, "Ever since the days of the old nobility have I missed the efficiency of the Empire."

"We had no reason to be as such in Cocytus," Dek mentioned. "We were established and well loved. But now those times have changed, and again, we have to unlock our old spirits for new duties."

"I've dispatched a group of Imperials lead by the Vexillarius to sort through some of the weaker elements of our ranks. They've already made many arrests and thirty disloyal citizens have been executed. Other battleteam members await the instruction of the Imperator...." Dek cut James off.

"The Imperator is still busy."

Reiden questioned, "He won't be joining us? But the address..."

"The address," Dek stated, "Will be done by me."

James and Reiden both looked at each other, slightly taken aback.

"His matters are more important than the address. Plus, this has always been my field of expertise."

Their faces changed to acceptance. Reiden responded, "Yes...Aedile."

"Shall we go?" Dek questioned nonchalantly.

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My name is Dek Ironius II. I am the new Aedile of House Imperium. James Malum has taken the Overseer position in Crucesignatis Imperialis. We are the official new House Summit.

We want you to know that this will be the first day of your new life in the House and Clan. We will be expecting the best from you, and some of your time as well. We want you to have fun, but also to contribute your thoughts and ideas on how to do so. We desire your opinions, and desire to intermingle them with our own to create the best House for you.

To start out, we have some competitions set up for all types of members to participate in. We also have a working vision for the House.


House Level


Flash Game - Flash - Go on a hunt

Fiction - Fiction - Explore the Caperion System as one of many scouts and tell us of your great adventures

Art - Graphics - Draw a strange flora/fauna from the Caperion system

Battleteam Level

Hexed and Perplexed - Flash - Hex orientated game

Clan Level

Conquer the Caperion System - Battleplan - Make a battleplan for taking out the current powers within the Caperion system...or such

Espionage in Caperion: Caelestis City - Fiction - A fiction about obtaining and retrieving information about this major city on Seraph's moon

Society Focus: June 2017 - Other - For each completed ACC battle you get 2 points and each Cluster of Ice you get 1 point; most points at the end of June wins

Visions of War - Fiction - Describe what you think or what your opinion is of the upcoming Great Jedi War


Qor and myself have discussed quite a few things involving the future of the Clan. We have many things in development, especially story wise, that we will be asking your help for in the future. This section will be stretched out more in the future.

One thing we have discussed is how to utilize our reporting methods appropriately. We see no reason for both of us to report on the same things so close together. We're to experiment in the future with our reports.

The Caperion system is our new home. And for the first time in a long time this means new fictions, new stories, and new games to be played. The Brotherhood has tons of fun to offer. The DJB has gaming in old, new, flash, upcoming games. There is literally no stone unturned in the gaming sphere. If you like writing, the DJB challenges you to write and to be better than others. It also gives you different places to write, whether it is technical writing, creative writing, or combat/action writing. If you are an artist, you can draw on almost any medium, and compete against others, challenge yourself, and learn from other skilled artists to improve your craft (or start out new).

And now we have a new playground to play in as a Clan.

We hope that this leg of our long journey will be shared by you.

Glory to the Empire!

Dek Ironius II

Wahoo! Great first report Dek!

Thanks Xen :)

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