House Imperium Aedile Report - APR 2015


House Imperium Aedile Report - APR 2015


Wherein a host of new members, awards, and promotions are announced. Update on the ongoing Entanglement competitions as well as a few ongoing items of note.


The remainder of the month of April is dedicated to the Entanglement competitions. This event has many competitions, offering something for everyone. Trivia, run-ons, multimedia, gaming, as well as tried-and-true fiction! Do not miss out on the ability to earn awards, put effort towards promotions, and to start the fictional identity of Imperium.

Imperial Intel

  • Due to the great activity and outpouring of ideas, House Imperium is proud to announce its working motto; Death Before Dishonor (Mors Ante Ignobiles).

  • Odd occurences, disappearances, and assassinations have been documented throughout the Cocytus System. Activity has been contained to Ptolomea and Caina. Imperial security forces and Intelligence has so far released no statements and assure the populace all rumors and speculation are unfounded. To further this end, Imperial officers and military assets have been mobilized to investigate.

  • Rumor has it that the Emperor himself has signed off on the new ranks of nobility within the Empire and the associated command assignments of the new Imperial officers. More to follow after the events on Ptolomea are contained.

  • With the alignment of the new Imperial Houses, Imperium has officially taken control of key facilities across the Cocytus System. The new headquarters has yet to be publically announced however, Aedile Zagro Fenn has removed himself with his honor guard to the space station Dynasty to oversea current operations. The whereabouts of Quaestor Kell Dante are undisclosed.


Awards, Promotions, Transfers

  • Krath Epis Saskia Ortega-Inahj from Soulfire Strike Team
  • Drun Syg to Guardian

  • KE Saskia Ortega-Inahj awarded 2 Clusters of Ice

  • Elincia Rei awarded Crescent – Amethyst

  • Xantros awarded 3 Clusters of Ice and 2 Crescent-Emerald

  • Delak Krennel awarded Crescent-Topaz

  • Chrome awarded Crescent – Emerald

  • Ulfsark awarded Crescent – Emerald and Crescent – Amethyst

  • Reiden Karr awarded Crescent –Sapphire

  • Aule Jr. awarded 2 Crescent – Amethyst

  • Landon Cruise 2 Crescent – Sapphire, Crescent – Emerald, Crescent –Amethyst

  • Anahorn Dempsey awarded Crescent – Sapphire, Crescent – Ruby

  • Drake Starfire 3 Crescent – Amethyst, Crescent – Ruby, Crescent – Sapphire

  • Zagro Fenn 2 Crescent – Sapphire, Crescent – Quartz, Crescent - Amethyst

Final Word

April has been a very busy month in terms of competitions at the Clan level and a myriad of DJB wide events are ongoing. There are big things in the works that will see drastic changes to Orders and alignment, however, the exact manner in which this will be rolled out is unclear. It appears the DJB will be aligning closer to Star Wars canon to better attract new membership due to the influx of interest with the upcoming movies. Also, possession system is being ramped up. Looking forward to May as a time for internal development for House Imperium and finalizing the nobility system, new HQ, and other fictional aspects. If anyone has any suggestions please feel free to let me know.

For the Empire!

KP Zagro Fenn

I also received 2 PoB's for highest PvP score in March. But other than that the report was short and sexi!

Drake, you are correct. PoBs will be reported going forward...CFs and CIs will not as they are gaming and writing participation recognition and not strictly speaking 'awards'. That, and with our Gamers I would be counting CFs all night!

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