House Imperium Update - Shadow Guard


House Imperium Update - Shadow Guard

Unknown Space,

35 ABY

The soft whirring of the engines droned on through the night as the duo sat in their cockpit, the Quarren staring out into the abyss of space while the bald Human slept silently. Lexiconus softly rubbed his chin and observed the nothing before him, as the passing of time forced his thoughts to turn.

He considered the progression of the House, the members and this outcome of their future, that their path was uncertain. He believed he was the best person for the job of commanding a collection of soldiers, but the strain was palpable on his mind. He’d seen it many times before, soldiers refusing his orders, commanders laughing in his face, the sight of privates doing as they please instead of following Sergeants. It was a nightmare on his mind.

“What are you staring at?” Jurdan looked up at the Quarren as his vision became clearer, his sleepy eyes widening. Lexiconus shook his head and sighed.

“Nothing, exactly nothing. The future that the Force has for me is unclear.”

“Well,” Jurdan replied as he stretched. “Maybe your judgement and perception is unclear and clouded. You seem to be overworked lately. More than usual, I mean.” Lexiconus changed the subject.

“So, where is this contact you are meeting?” A small blip appeared on the screen as a shuttle slapped from hyperspace and proceeded to dock with their ship. Jurdan quickly stood from the cockpit as the duo went to greet their visitors. The Quarren quickly followed behind while his grip tightened on his saberstaff, which made Jurdan weary.

The hissing and clunking of the docking procedures finally ended and the airlock opened to reveal a familiar woman standing with a Warhost commander. Before Lexiconus could move, the snap-hiss of her crimson lightsaber burst and cleaved its way through the Quarren’s chest. Blood trickled and spat from the cavity as the Quarren’s face grew pale, then dead. His corpse plummeted to the ground, while Jurdan watched with complete silence and shock.

“Jurdan Krennel? You have been chosen to join the Sadowans. Come with me.” Her tone cold and alluring, she turned and left her mess to rot. Jurdan couldn’t shake his eyes from the Quarren’s body, his mentor for months on end, simply carved and tossed aside.

Evelynn escorted Jurdan further into the shuttle, while the doors hissed shut and left the ship behind. As the man stared back at the ship, a single blaster cannon fired and shredded the grave of Lexiconus. The streams of light expanded as the shuttle slipped away into hyperspace.

IMS Tipoca II,

35 ABY

“The reports from our scouts are true - the Imperator’s ship was destroyed by a Sadowan. The hyperspace emissions match up to a ship owned by the Shar Dakhan unit.” Elincia finished her report, while G14 worked her technical magic in showing the model of ship.

Xen’Mordin quietly stewed these words, his fingers running across his cheek as his eyes darted across the monitors. His silence broken as his hand motioned for the protocol droid, the servant for this area of Tipoca, who limped towards the east door and disappeared.

“Naga Sadow will be served justice, but we have an immediate problem arising. I lost the only two leaders of Imperium, and there are no successors. What do we do, Elincia?” Xen’Mordin turned to his old ally, as his hand brushed against his stubble in silence. Doctor Rei had an idea, but it wasn’t a favoured one.

“There is a suitable option, Xen. I believe Mune has a viable candidate under his wing.” The Togruta shifted in her seat as she spoke of it. She heard rumours about this subject that Mune kept close, they weren’t pretty.

“Oh, I’ve heard of this beast,” Xen’Mordin stood and approached the observation window, his eyes scanning the void of space. He searched for a better answer to his problem, but the Force didn’t hide the truth. He needed an enforcer, someone capable of defending and protecting his laws and people. He needed a being capable of instilling fear and desperation into his enemies, into their hearts. To make them realise they are only mortal, compared to the power of his Empire. They needed a beast. Elincia raised a datapad to her face and began reading.

“While on an infiltration mission to the broken planet of Ilum, Mune came across a mining colony owned by Hutts slavers. Inside the main yard, he saw a riot beginning and a group of Wookiees began to attack and crush the guards. Mune said, and I quote, the Force bled from this particular Wookiee, like a half-bitten pear would bleed its juices. It sounds like this beast has the gift.” Elincia looked up to the Consul, who silently nodded in agreement.

“He sounds like our man, but is he capable of obeying orders?” Xen’Mordin turned back to the Grand Vizier and stared into her eyes. He needed this answer, more than anything else. It was the key placement of their success, a keystone. The eastern door slid open and Mune walked inside.

“Yes, he is very open to following your commands, Consul. We have a life debt.” Mune smirked.

“We?” Elincia’s brow raised in concern, but her questions were then answered.

The ground rumbled and vibrated as low thuds echoed through the corridor. A giant, black figure ducked under the doorway and rose to meet with the group, his eyes burning like a fire. With charcoal fur and a beard inlaid with golden chains, Wookiee appeared and felt in control.

While the protocol droid quickly limped back into the room, the Wookiee let out a loud but reserved growl, causing the droid to jump and fumble, and fell to his knees. Xen’Mordin’s eyebrow raised as he noticed an elite shock collar still attached to the Wookiee’s neck.

“Does he not feel free in your presence, Mune? What’s with the collar?” Xen’Mordin asked.

“My Emperor, that was his choice to keep it. The droid translated that it gives him the fury to win his battles.” Mune replied. Their eyes quickly darted to the collar, as a jolt of electricity surfaced and ran across the beast’s face. A small smile crept against his fur.

Xen’Mordin smiled back. This was a plan.


Just a quick update here folks! With a heavy heart, we say goodbye to Jurdan Krennel as he takes his place as House Shar Dakhan’s Aedile, we wish him all the luck he deserves!

This fiction update also shows us something else, as a far more sinister persona appears. For a while I have stewed over the reasons behind Lexiconus commanding a House of knowledgeable fighters and Imperials, and it did not seem logical to me. A more sinister and imposing figure seemed better fitting for the role, which is why you shall be looking at Imperator Yorzhul a Wookiee Sith hailing from the unknown.

If you’re unsure how he fits into this role, just think of Darth Vader but with 100% more fur. That’s what I do! ;)

Additionally, with the absence of a BTL I needed a replacement, and after careful study, scouting and communication, I have bestowed this honour onto Dek Ironius II, he will lead Shadow Guard for you now.



Congrats Dek!

Thank you for this opportunity. I will advance the position of this office as much as I can.

RIP Lexiconus. The doctor finally had to go :( Congrats Dek!! :D

Congrats Dek on Shadow Guard. Take care of it and it will take care of you.

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