House Karness Muur Aedile Report #4


House Karness Muur Aedile Report #4



Hello Murrians, Pallians, and any other onlookers! I'll keep this report short, sweet, and to the point so y'all can get back to doing all the Probowlling!!!

bowling vader



Aedile Moment

For this month's moment, I'd like to focus on doing the things! So with that I'll go ahead and conclude this month's moment... JK! Real quick, guys and gals, this Probowl started as a clan event and quickly grew into a now 3-clan event. With that being said, it's not just about showing everyone we rock harder, faster, stronger, cooler, better than those other clans; but also about branching out and maybe making friends with some other people in the DB. I know THE GREEN TEAM has been doing really well with this in helping eachother out with proofreading and keeping the hype train going and I just know the rest of y'all are too! Keep it cool, Karnessites, and lets show em how we do things in Plagueis!!!

How its done


For reals, Y'all should be Probowlling so click Probowlling so y'all can be doing the thing I'm telling you to do, which is Probowlling.

If you've done the Probowlling and are looking for more things to do then dance to the beautiful song of discord in Chronicles of Plagueis - The Song of Discord - Month 2.



With that, I'll go ahead and bring this report to a close. I have some Probowlling to do, you have some Probowlling to do and Monster Hunter World just came out for PC so If anyone want's to help me and my cat fight dinosaurs, lemme know :).

cat needs me

Do the things!!

I'll think about it

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