House Ajunta Pall Quaestor Report #16: Keep Bowlin' Bowlin' Bowlin'!


House Ajunta Pall Quaestor Report #16: Keep Bowlin' Bowlin' Bowlin'!



Plagueis, it I, your friendly whip-wielding Quaestor. There's going to be the usual shiny roundup, talk of the Probowl, me gushing about my new Aedile and what that means for HAP as well as updates on projects and finally answering some questions in character.


Plagueis(&Friends) Probowl

We're most of the way through Week 1 of the 3rd Annual Probowl which means you have the weekend to finish off any entries.(in keeping with tradition the fiction is the last thng I need to do) The good thing is that this being something we've run twice before we know the format and the scoring system. Many competitions can be done quickly and sometimes it's even beneficial to do it as quick as you can. This week's activities are being run by CSP's former consul Xen'Mordin Palpatine with former Plagueian, di Plagia, Plagcast guest, HAP co-founder and Commissioner of the Brotherhood Gaming League Alaris Jinn taking charge next week and our very own member of the Illuminati Teylas Ramar di Plagia Closing out the organising duties. The most important thing is to have fun, though do bear in mind if you're looking for a promotion or award big events like this, especially given the number of clans involved, will look good to the Panda.


New Blade of the Fallen

As was announced by our fearsome Wrath and internet mom Ronovi, Taranae was chosen to become my new Aedile. Now she's settled in pretty well and I'm confident she'll continue to perform but there's more about this I'd like to highlight. This is quite a few firsts, at least in the four and a bit years I've been around. It's the first time Plagueis has had an all-female House summit, which is understandable given the demographics but it's a nice sign of progress. On the topic of progress, it's also the first LGBT House summit and the first time two House summit members have been involved in a romantic relationship in character. So I don't usually talk about this stuff but I figured history deserves to be mentioned and people should be allowed to be comfortable with who they are. That said, with the push for a house story within the larger clan narrative, I assure you it's not going to be a lovefest between Kelly and Tara, I'm still very committed to it being about the members, so if you can sneak in a run on post between Probowl stuff that'd help show me who has an interest in being part of the house fiction scene.


Project Updates

So the competitions I wanted to run in July were put on hold because RL got busy for a bit, now we have the Probowl and a Rite of Supremacy coming at some point in the autumn(fall for ze Yanks, which is most of you) so that's where we stand on that.

After the Probowl I'll be reaching out to members who expressed interest in being involved in ACC projects and anyone who wants to be part of the PPN as well on working to further refine Wally's ACC Guide for general use.

I believe as a Quaestor I'm accountable not only to Arden and Ronnie but you guys, the regular members, without you my position means nothing and without regular members, the club falls apart. So much focus is put on leadership, but Silent, for example, is a great symbol of what a regular member can be, he's often been the main non-summit event hype person and prolific in his event activity.


Promotions, Medals, Crescents and Clusters

  • Taranae Rhode 3x Crescent with Sapphire Star
  • Kelly Mendes 1x Crescent with Amethyst Star, 1x Crescent with Emerald Star, 248 Clusters of Fire and 9 Scrolls of Foundation.
  • Wrathus 1x Crescent with Amethyst Star.
  • MegaMarian Joined and promoted to Apprentice.
  • Oni Joined and promoted to Apprentice.


HAPpenings Elswyr


Ask Whip Lady

So, this is a pretty simple concept, much like Arden did in his Consul report, where he answered questions posed to him from an in-character perspective. I thought the idea was neat and might do more of these in the future.

TuQ asks: Do you see the appointment of an NFU Quaestor as a slap in the face or an opportunity for inter-house relations?

A: Both, it's a slap in the face because we already have a Dread Lord who's basically an NFU but it's also an opportunity because your predecessor was never really interested in crossing the planet, sitting down and having a nice discussion about how to better our Houses and Plagueis as a whole. I assume as long as there's the potential for profit you will be willing, so I'll tell my people to get in touch with you.

Tahiri asks: What do you think of Tahiri and Kul?

A: Well, I've never met you Tahiri, but I believe you will be something of a calming influence on him, his pride is a rather obnoxious quality but you should be able to keep him from doing anything stupid. And since I'm married to his master I might have to invite you to a double date sometime.

Tahiri question dos: As the Whip Lady, would you be willing to teach Tahiri some tricks of the trade? (She's always wanted to learn more on how to use her whip😏)

A: It would be a pleasure, too many people see what they perceive to be bad things about whips, none of which are about their use as a weapon, or more adult practices, we'll meet up and decide which you want to learn and go from there.

Tahiri's final question: Knowing that the Collective can take out a clan and their homeworlds, what measures would you do to ensure the safety of the clan and its homeworlds?

A: It is my firm belief that those who were able to escape Yridia should incorporate themselves into Plagueis and if they have any insight into the Collective's naval tactics they should ask to see Admiral Ranin and give her all the information you have to better prepare Plagueis. As for actions I'd undertake myself, I would do my best to see the Collective defeated before they can reach Aliso, failing that, I would have us take whatever we can with us and destroy the rest, we wouldn't want to give them any additional help in their bid to destroy us.

Azmodius added: If you would only choose your own safety or that of the few you cares for/deems worthy/useful, how would you do so?

A: leave Aliso and either find another clan or see if there are any entities related to Dark Councillors or their slghtly less prestigious associates that could find use for people of our skillsets.


Closing Thoughts

So that is all from me, my precious Pallians, at least on the report front. Enjoy the Probowl and Tara's first Aedile report will be on the 20th.

Glad to see Kelly is willing to discuss the future of the clan!

Wrathovi. I like it. Trademarked!

Well written, I enjoyed reading it!

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