House Karness Muur Quaestor Report #6


House Karness Muur Quaestor Report #6



Welcome everyone to my latest and greatest report. Last month, we discussed the ACC in preparation for the Pre-Great Jedi War event. I proofed several excellent pieces of fiction and am proud of all of our members who earned their Seals this past month. That free-for-all has passed but unfortunately, we’re being cut off early. Some bittersweet news awaits us in this month’s Quaestor report as we discuss future plans for the GJW, .

News and Events

The big piece of gossip circulating in the club is the delay on the Great Jedi War. I’m sorry to say that we’ll be waiting quite a bit longer than twelve days to start the party. I know it’s frustrating with how high our hopes were, but my words on that are below. Otherwise it’s been a relatively preoccupied month throughout the club. The DC seems to be working hard on the delayed event as well as their usual day-to-day activities.


  • Most recently, we have our words from the Big Cheese himself, Grand Master Pravus in his latest (and most transparent) report. This month, the GM details information on the GJW delay, the overall state and goals of the club, and a series of questions from the members. This is one of his biggest reports of the year so give it a read.
  • The Voice’s latest report can be found here and although the ACC phase of the Great Jedi War is passed, there are some very useful tips for writing better posts. Additionally, the Voice has selected a new Magistrate in Marcus. Everyone give him a congratulations on the new position here.
  • The FIST has released his tenth report which includes details on a new Magistrate as well as the last quarter’s GMRG results. Congratulations to Zednich Wolfram and all those who earned their accessories. We also see his Praetor’s latest gaming update detailing the newest gaming comps and releases from E3.
  • The Shadow Academy’s Praetor has just released this month’s Headmaster Report. Congratulations to the clan’s own Kelly Mendes on her recent appointment to M:HM which can be seen here. We also have Wally to thank for a reworked Leadership Reports course with details here.
  • James continues to document his awesomeness for us all to see in the latest Seneschal’s report.

Quaestor’s Words

This month, we’ll be talking about my shattered dreams by which I mean the GJW delay. I’ll be the first to say that the delay of this event is bothersome. Not only did I have a GJW-specific topic planned for this month, but it’s also rather inconvenient considering the fact that one Seal-earning competition has already finished for most of us. It’s been more than long enough since the last event and another delay feels like a real drag. In fact, this War seems like a much awaited video game in that everyone wants it to be released so they can finally play it. The day draws near and the developers realize that they won’t be ready by the promised date. Do they release the game on time with half the features or delay it to release a finished product? In my experience, it’s better to wait. A few years ago, a video game that I awaited with bated breath had the option to delay again or release unfinished. They chose the latter and when it was finally out, the multiplayer was limited to team vs. AI as opposed to team vs. team. Within a couple of months, it was selling for $15 brand new.

Sure this is one specific anecdote and we’re really talking about an online competitive event rather than a video game but I still think the same rule applies. The creators simply feel that it’s not ready and I’m inclined to yield to that opinion. Unfortunately for the contenders, the decision has already been made and although I agree that it sucks, I feel like it’s for the best. What matters now is what we do in the interim. I don’t have details for you yet but it looks like we’ll be filling the delay with an appropriate snack to tie us all over. With any luck, we can use this as an opportunity to have a little fun while we ride the GJW XII hype-train for a little while longer.


Another important topic I’d like to discuss is the ACC preliminaries which concluded this month. Although the event was presented as bit of a pregame to the delayed Great Jedi War, one fact still stands out to me: this was the only way to participate in the War’s ACC ladder. Once the event actually starts, only one member of each clan (which has already been decided) and the winner of the preliminary get to continue on during the real ladder. That’s right. If you didn’t get at least one qualifying match done, you’ve already missed a Seal for the Great Jedi War and will therefore be unable to achieve a perfect participation score. However, don’t let that dishearten you. Just keep in mind for the actual event that if you aren’t participating in all that you can, your rewards at the end will suffer, as will ours. Do your part, Uncle Slags wants you!

Furios’ Fantastic Feature

With the continuation of the Clan’s personal wiki project, we’re getting to see the release of new artwork faster than Slagar can come up with pretenses to reveal them. This time, our fearless leader has obtained a smashing rendition of the Ascendant Legion’s own commander, Ranthe Benzayn by KaRolding. An artist of increasing renown amongst the Brotherhood, Ka brings his brilliant style to the Ascendant Forces with a pair of militant masterpieces (Azmodius has the other one). Ranthe’s hard features and demeanor are given excellent detail and life in this stunning depiction of the leader of our ground troops in his olive commander’s uniform (turns out the Legion gets olive while the Fleet gets black).


In Conclusion

Keep your heads high. I know we were all told that the War would kick off at the start of the month but TPTB have changed their plan. We’ll just have to make sure our blades don’t dull and our drive doesn’t wane. Maybe the other units will grow complacent and tired while they wait but we’re a different animal all together. Clan Plagueis is bred for battle and I know that we’ll be ready, in spite of such a delay. Do you think I’ve been writing my advice into these reports to read my own thoughts? No! I write this advice because I think it’ll help us achieve the greatest scores in both clan and club-wide events (but mostly to fill my reports). We’re the Ascendant Clan and we’ll prove it on the field of battle, no matter when the horns of war pierce the night!

See you next month!

Furios Morega

GJW or Half Life 3?

Hail Caesar!

Moving on from my off topic beginning, great words from a great fellow, folks. And as of the GJW: it will come. Until it does, there will be lots of shinies to be had, and fun to be had, too.

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