House Satele Shan Aedile Report #1


House Satele Shan Aedile Report #1


Greetings everyone. I am excited to announce my first report as the Aedile of Satele Shan. First and foremost, thank you to Len Iode for his tenure as Aedile and congratulations on his promotion to the Rollmaster position. Also, big thanks to Raider Chrome for not only creating the header, footer, and section breaks but finally for providing me guidance on how to center the graphics in the report. My personal Markdown guru if you will. Finally, Talis Demorte has taken over leadership of Tython Squadron. I know he will do great things and continue to grow the lore and development of the subunit.

Without further ado, loads of things are going on right now within the organization directly pertaining to the members of Satele Shan. We have had several leadership shifts, an ongoing major event, and more open positions within the organization that I have ever seen. Lots of opportunities abound.



This report is somewhat different from my usual format, in that I will forgo spotlighting the great contributions and accolades earned by our brothers and sisters and hold til the end of the ongoing friendly event with Clan Arcona, The Consul Bride. The reasoning is to better spotlight all of the great opportunities within the organization. While we never like to see our best and brightest leave, the opportunity to take on increased leadership and responsibilities within the club is a hallmark of ones' career and should be considered. Open positions as follows:

  • Clan Plagueis Consul

  • Wiki Tribune

  • Taldryan Proconsul

  • Social Media Tribune

  • House Imperium Quaestor

  • Clan Naga Sadow Rollmaster

  • House Shar Dakhan Questor

  • House Shar Dakhan Aedile

Got that? More open positions than one can shake a lightsaber at! Now, to the fun stuff. There is, indeed, a major friendly event ongoing until April 15th. This is The Consul Bride, being run between Clan Odan-Urr and Clan Arcona. There are a full 12 competitions here, many of them short and sweet like trivia, puzzles, and flash gaming. In a coming report I will spotlight each and every competition, but wanted to drum up support and awareness beforehand. The fiction can be found here



Shifting up things and working to better my reports as an Aedile, will be adding a TL:DR!

  • Talis Demorte to Tython Squadron BTL

  • Len Iode to Rollmaster

  • The Consul Bride running through April 15th!

  • Apply to ALL the open positions


Well written and great graphics. Time to kick some tail in this event folks.

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