House Satele Shan August Aedile Report


House Satele Shan August Aedile Report


New Tython

Outer Seher

Shan Lyceum Forum

Seridan had been sitting alone in the vacant forum for hours, contemplating his new position as Aedile of House Satele Shan. The Miralukan felt entombed by the thick, windowless walls of the room - a product of the Quaestor’s more traditional building designs, though the rest of the lyceum followed the Seherob aesthetic with more open, well lit spaces that looked upon central Seher’s teeming marketplace. The Jedi of House Shan were mere moments before their first official forum in their new lyceum.

This will be an interesting one, Seridan thought to himself as he shifted uncomfortably in his seat. The forum would no doubt be focused almost entirely on the Sith that had been captured by Seher during the Invasion of New Tython almost four years ago. Although utilised as slaves and servants, these Sith had earned some freedoms by trading knowledge but were still, for the most part, slaves. The Seherob boast about their Sith as if they are hounds. They were collared, electrocuted, malnourished, overworked. Is this really about deciding the lesser of two evils?

A familiar female voice echoed through the hall, “It would appear that you’re early, Chief.” the robed Tythonian Jedi smiled under her hood at the sight of someone she considered a friend - the sheer optimistic attitude of Gresee ebbed from her very being, Seridan didn’t need any form of sight to recognise her.

“Ah, Lu`Aisha, you’re early too I see,” the Miralukan remarked, his eyebrows shifting in a curious manner. “But why, I wonder?”

Gresee dropped her hood, showing short dark brown hair that rested softly against her oval face, her smiling widening further, “I was hoping to find both Quaestor and Aedile together, in order to thank you for giving me the chance the lead the Disciples of Baas. But -” Seridan felt a wave of anxiousness meander through Lu`Aisha before dissipating “Is it true about the Sith Slaves? Do Seher still hold them?”

The Aedile’s brow furrowed as he paused, before nodding “Yes, the Seherob are actually quite open about it. I would have invited you along to see them, but some of the conditions were too bad to contemplate.”

Gresee’s brow furrowed, “The Sith did a massive amount of damage to my people’s home, sir. They pillaged and burned, ransacked and killed. It was a massacre. You can’t blame them for clinging to the only vengeance they can enact for their losses? Especially when the city prospers from the information these Sith had. I’ve heard that some of the Sith are held on very loose leashes, and are able to wander the city unaccompanied.”

“Hmm,” Seridan grunted. “But there is a necessary human right that is missing for these individuals - freedom. Despite them being a symbol of destruction and of loss, surely they do not deserve to be holed away, kept within Seher like a cage. I have heard only horror stories from your people about the Sith, it’s true, but there must be more to life than this… captivity. How would it feel to be owned by someone; to be the personal property of another being. I’d bet it would be downright horrible.”

Gresee wasn’t convinced, but she didn’t pursue it. The pair settled into a silence that extended until the sounds of footsteps grew louder. Mar entered the forum, with Jafits at his side.

Despite the impenetrable mask that Mar sported, there was an aura of annoyance. The Miraluka knew for a fact that the Quaestor thought the whole thing was pointless. He thought that any being who followed the Dark Side, and did not repent when given the chance, deserved everything they got - including slavery. Mar himself had visited the slaves, and offered to redeem them. Apparently they all but spat in his face. Turns out captivity doesn’t sweeten one’s demeanour. After that Mar seemed determined to keep them in captivity. He had said that they were beyond redemption. It was only down to the urging of Seridan, Gresee and Skrumm that he agreed to hold the forum at all.

Mar nodded his head in greeting, but before he could say anything else, the Jedi of Satele Shan started entering and taking their places around the forum.

Mar’s voice entered into Seridan’s head, “I am not looking forward to this, you realise.”

Seridan took the telepathy in his stride. He and Mar communicated more and more using it, as it made for secure, private conversation. “I know. Fighting for something you don’t believe in always has been. But this is the right thing for us. Trust in the House, and do right by it.”

Mar allowed a small smirk at the sentiment, a rare gesture. He then stepped up to his spot, preparing to speak his piece. The Miralukan felt unsure as to the future. The Seherob may accept, which would be the best option. But they may also laugh in their faces, or worse yet, evict the Jedi from Seher or start rioting. It could be a very bad day. A bad day indeed.

Trust in the House. His own words haunted him for a moment. He should trust in the House, but he couldn’t. There was an uncertainty to this whole issue - as if the extreme act of slavery were just a controversial piece of flim-flam. It wasn’t right.


Hello House, Seridan here.

The last month was fairly quiet, by our standards, but that doesn’t mean a load of stuff got done. We lost Vyr to the Dark Council, and gained the pony-lord Turel in his place. We’ve also had an event, the results of which are below...

House Satele Shan

With Compass having finished now, Shan will be moving onto a new storyline, that could challenge everything that we’ve been doing so far in Seher, and could test our characters to the limits. We’re looking at getting the first event released in few weeks time, give or take. The battleteams will have some competitions running soon, plus there’s Turel’s comps for all of us to do.

Compass of Reason: Part 2: Conflict of Interest: The Results

Oooh… you can almost feel the anticipation…

This Compass comp was the last in the series, wherein we negotiate with the Seherob and try to get the city to stop practicing bad things, like slavery and sentient sacrifice. This time, we were discussing among ourselves whether to bring up the topic of slavery at the next Seherob Forum. The Seherob Harakoans had a number of Sith in captivity and used them for advanced technology, and manual labour, among other things.

Over the four competitions we received 16 entries, from 9 different people. I would have made a treemendous graph like Vyr, but neither me nor Mar had the time to create one :P The Graphics, Fiction, and Debate comps each had three entries, with the Flash-gaming comp receiving the most entries with seven. Both battleteams showed activity, with 50% of both teams taking part. Our planned future for the battleteams is to train them up to be our heavy-hitters; our hyper-active participators. Whilst 50% is good, and makes up the majority of our entries, we might like to see a few more in the future, if possible.

Okay, and now, by drawing out the process, we’ll reveal the competition placements for each comp first, before declaring the final winner at the end.

Compass of Reason: Exaggerated History

1st Place: Xantros (996636 points)

2nd Place: Junazee (608271 points)

3rd Place: Marcadi Thowar (133501 points)

Compass of Reason: Eye to Eye

1st Place: Aaleeshah

2nd Place: Krandon

3rd Place: Droveth

Compass of Reason: Shan Conclave

1st Place: Samael

2nd Place: Voden

3rd Place: Xantros

Compass of Reason: Reflections

1st Place: Samael

2nd Place: Aaleeshah

3rd Place: Voden

And, now, what you’ve all been waiting for…

Compass of Reason: Final Podium

1st Place: Aaleeshah and Samael Ozriel

2nd Place: Xantros

3rd Place: Voden

These four participants each participated in more than one comp, and more than once got on the podium. Give it up for the House’s top participators! Congratulations to everyone who participated - each entry was awesome to look through, so thank you! :P

Disciples of Baas

The Disciples now have the great Lu’aisha Gresee as their BTL. I know that Aisha will do great things for them, and she’s already got plans for the future. A few comps may be on the horizon…

“Founded during the fall of Purity Rock, the Disciples of Baas is a Battleteam of Clan Odan-Urr whose main focus is critical aide and protection of innocents throughout the galaxy. They teach with their wisdom. They defend with their lightsabers. They heal with the Force. They protect with political savvy. They are the Disciples of Baas.” Is your character a scholar, an advocate of peace, a medic, diplomat or teacher?! Then this is the place for you! Disciples of Baas is the perfect Battleteam to join if you want to develop your character further and take an active role as one of the Jedi Masters within Arca Praxeum!

Contact Aisha for more info.

Strike-Team Ooroo

Jscumm leads this ragtag team of space ninjas. Reliable, active, and sneaky :P “Founded in the wake of the Dark Crusade, Strike-Team Ooroo is a strike team of Clan Odan-Urr dedicated to preventing the oppression of the Sith - those of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, those of the One Sith, and even any non-Sith or non-Dark Sider oppressors. Their goal is to directly fight for freedom, justice, and peace in the galaxy, and to help stabilize and secure those that they free from further oppression.”

The closest to space ninja you're gonna get folks! Strike team are for those who wish to play the stealthier types of character, you'll have all sorts to do such as undercover missions and Crime fiction.

Contact JScumm for more info

New Members

This month, we’ve been joined by Duntis, Teikhos and Fisto.

Special shoutout to Teikhos, who’s been tearing through the SA and has already made it to Protector, and Rank IV: Junior! Congrats!

In Closing

Congrats to the winners of the comps, you did great!

That’s it for this month, House!

“A Shining Beacon to the Lost”

That’s all from me, folks!, Seridan Brehevik

Congrats to the winners and many thanks to those of you who participated! I hope you all enjoyed participating as much as we did making the event :)

Let it be known that throughout then event Sampwnael was sending judges risqué photos of himself and with this now in the light, I demand a recount!

Great work Shan! I love the direct recruiting you guys have been doing, keep it up!

Great job everyone and Thanks Mar and Seridan for the awesome comp. It was tons of fun to do. Can't wait for the next house event!

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