House Satele Shan Combined Report 3 November 2017!


House Satele Shan Combined Report 3 November 2017!


House Satele Shan Combined Report 3 November 2017!

Welcome to the November 2017 House Satele Shan combined GJW report!



I hear your drums beating loud ODANITES and your humility still remains!

This reports motivation music comes from Dropkick Murphys with a song called I'm Shipping Up To Boston for one of our final motivational music for the GJW HERE. Set your competition music for this GJW and go out there and reach for the stars!

If you don't go after it, you will never have it

It has been one heck of a GJW. You all have come so far and have truly shown your spirit in all of this. Win, or lose I am so proud of how all the Satellites have been performing. The WAR isn't over yet though. As of writing this report you have 2 Days to get those final submissions in.

Do not worry if you haven't participated yet, or haven't had the time. Even submitting to 1 competition counts. Read further and I will list the easiest ways to help your House and Clan earn participation points in just a matter of minutes and you will have fun doing it too!


ACC Event Bin still has a competition you can do

I wanted to highlight in this section that you can participate in the “Event Long: Combat Writing: Collective Strike even if you didn't participate in the ACC prelims. Some members have come forward not knowing they could do this event. I wanted to mention it is a easy solo 1v1 combat fiction with you versus one of the NPCs listed in the competition details and it only requires 500 words. This submission will help contribute 3 points in Clan participation. Check out the competition HERE. If you have any questions please let me know


GJW and Participation points

We have had a major turn out in Phase 1, but that doesn't mean we can relax on Phase 2. Review results from the last GJW. House Odan-Urr at the time was in 3rd place. By the end of that last phase 2 and the results for GJW XI were posted we slipped to 5th place. Our start has been strong and now is the final push! The time is now for attempting to hit 1 competition in each bin ODANITES! Every submission no matter how litte, or skillfully you complete it. We got this if we work together.

So participation points I summarized in a user friendly way in my last report for Phase 1 to highlight competitions that don't require a lot of time, skill, but net the Clan major points for participation.

Remember you do not have to do all the competitions. I know the website shows many, but all we need is 1 competition in each individual bin as your time permits.

Currently, there are 8 bins left that you can participate in with various competitions in them. The Run-on competition would be the only hard one to complete, but if your still interested e-mail me ASAP and I will see if we can muster some free members to form a team for you.

Your summit is here to help answer any questions you have if you’re not sure of something. Please do not hesitate to ask.

“You cannot fail, if you don't give up!” —Unknown

2nd track of my motivation music for the GJW HERE. The song is called Thunderstruck by AC/DC.

Great Jedi War Fiction updates

  • The Great Jedi War wiki page detailing the war with current updates can be found HERE Lots of good information!
  • The opening fiction for the Great Jedi War detailing our enemy The Collective can be read HERE . The fiction contains good information in regards to the enemy we are fighting.
  • The second fiction update for Chapter 1 of the Great Jedi War titled Vengeance can be read HERE.
  • The third fiction update for Chapter 2 of the Great Jedi War titled Impetus can be read HERE.
  • The fourth fiction update for Chapter 3 of the Great Jedi War titled War can be read HERE.
  • The fifth fiction update for Chapter 4 of the Great Jedi War titled Strike can be read HERE.


“Be strong enough to stand alone, be yourself enough to stand apart, but be wise enough to stand together when the time comes.” —Unknown

Competitions 27 bonus for event 5

8 bins, 15 individual competitions are still open to participate, and a total of 27 individual possible points and 5 bonus points if you do only 1 competition in each bin. Every point counts from every member and will also help boost our Clan credit supply for each bin a member participates in. These credits will be used to buy even more ships, assets, and more pew pews for the Odanites!

Remember you only need to do 1 competition in each unique bin. All of the competitions are not required

  • Main GJW Link The GJW ends November 20th Thats 2 days from now folks! Let's get out there and do it!

Unique Bin 1(Solo Combat Fiction) worth 4 points

  • Combat Writing runs through November 20th. A lot of people thought this was only allowed if you made the ACC, but that is not the case. Any member can participate and you only need to write a minimum of 500 words detailing your individual combat against one of the enemy NPCs listed in the competitions description.

Unique Bin 2(Gaming: Pazaak) worth 2 points

  • Pazaak runs until November 20th. Play 5 easy matches at a minimum with another member in the DJB.

Unique Bin 3(Build A Thing, Narrate A Thing, Etc.) worth 5 points

  • There are 4 competitions in this bin. The goal is to choose 1 at a minimum, but if you can do all of them then you would be positioning yourself for more awards and the Clan for more points/credits.
  • Comic pull out your skills with a comic based on the GJW timeline.
  • The Maker let your creative soul out and create something appearing in the GJW timeline.
  • In a World calling all voice actors. Make a recording of a fiction, or story in the GJW timeline.

Unique Bin 4(Run-on Fiction) worth 5 points

  • Run-on runs through November 20th. If you need help signing up shoot me or Len an email and I can get you coordinated with a team.

Unique Bin 5(Solo Fiction) worth 4 points

  • Multi-Objective Fiction runs through November 20th. Write a minimum of 500 words in a fiction that has to do with you crash landing on the Collective's planet called Nancora. I know we have a lot of great fiction writers out there and this competition is worth 26% in placement points. The largest of all the competitions and by almost double points from the next competition even close to it.

Unique Bin 6(Mobile, Diablo 3, and Destiny 2) worth 2 points

  • 1v1 PvP runs through November 20th. Gaming competition against other members of the DJB, but not from your own Clan in anything that allows 1 versus 1 player. Force Arena is a free one, but need to be level 3 which is easy to get and to be invited to the guild. Please do not wait till the last day on this one as it will be harder to complete. Other options that are free include Star Conflict, Star Craft, SWTOR, and anything else besides Pazaak and JA since they have event long competitions running currently.
  • Diablo 3 Greater Rift runs through November 20th. You will attempt to run the highest solo greater rift possible utilizing a Seasonal character. Season 12 begins on 9 November, so you have plenty of time to gear yourself up and take a run at the Greater Rift leaderboard. You can run the rift on any toon you want.
  • Destiny Crucible Efficiency runs through November 20th. You will showcase your skill in Destiny 2's Crucible. You will submit a screenshot showing your highest efficiency earned in a single match. You must play that match with random members. You may not have another member of the DB in your group, as this could potentially lead to kill feeding. DB member is defined as a member of the club, not just a member of the Destiny 2 Clan.

Unique Bin 7(Graphics/Drawing) worth 3 points

  • The Battle of Nancora runs through November 20th. This one you create a landscape image of a battle on Nancora. Stick figures can be used and are easy to do if your short on time. Check out one of the quick and easy to do images by our very own Proconsul Arch below. Still, counts as participation and humor can still help you place high!
  • Armor of the Elite runs through November 20th. Create a vehicle based on walkers, speeders, grav-vehicles, starfighters with modifications if you like that would be more against Force Users. Against stick figure vehicles count. Yes that's a thing!


“If you hear a voice within you say "you cannot paint," then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced.” —Vincent Van Gogh

Unique Bin 8(SA exam, Web hunt, Puzzle) worth 2 points

Blast from the Past runs through **November 20th. Fun Shadow Academy exam. *We regret to Inform You runs through **November 20th. Write a letter from the Master-at-Arms to a fictional relative of your character about their death and speak to your characters accomplishments. **Minimum 250 words* Puzzle runs through **November 20th*. Odanites love puzzles. If you haven’t had a chance to get this fun one in then check it out before it ends.

Well, folks, I tried sorting out the different bins. Remember 1 competition from each bin is where we earn Clan participation points for the GJW. The more you participate in will only boost the Clans chances at more points and your chances are higher rewards in the GJW and post GJW rewards when the Summit will be submitting for all participating members. GJW activity is counted higher due to the prestige, so the more you do the better Len and I can work to get you those shinies and promotions. Have fun, be humble, and do not be afraid to submit. Every submission counts and could be those few points that matter in the end.


The last 100 meters of the GJW XII race. We can see the finish line, keep our game faces on! For those of you in Telegram, I made a post with links to all remaining comps as a quick reference. We all have our part to play in pushing Odan-Urr to the top!

Len Iode

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” —Helen Keller


The 3rd track of my motivation music for the GJW HERE. The song is called Here comes the boom From P.O.D.. Yes I love the movie “Here comes the Boom too haha.


Activity Report for GJW October 2017

You all have done great work. Don't let off the gas yes. We will cross this finish line together and enjoy all we have achieved together. Due to the prestige of GJW participation, I will mention our members who submitted to at least 1 competition in each bin for Phase 1. Many of you were close to to getting all 4 bins. Keep it up and there is always the event long and phase 2 bins to earn the bonus! I look forward next month recognizing all of you as the reason we had a blast in the GJW and placed well.

Special shout out to members who participated in all Phase 1 bins

Junazee, Mauro Wynter, Sia Thiano, Tyraal Bitshiver, Kasula Daegalla, Len Iode, Talis DeMorte, Ethan Martes, and Zeline Nemesis.

Keep up the great work!

Member Activity

Due to the GJW, I will not be listing activity since activity within units during the GJW is somewhat hidden for a reason. Next report I will combine all GJW activity in the post GJW report.

“It's not the size of the person in the fight... it's the size of the fight in that person. ------Unknown



Well, it’s been a fast start to the GJW and we are only 2 days away from the end of the GJW XII on November 20th at 1959 GMT. If you have free time to spare, or you are looking for something to do this weekend then you are in luck.

Everyone has busy schedules and real life always comes first. Just focus one 1 competition at a time when time allows and have fun with it. I'm so very proud of all of you and how far we have come a during this war.

This event only comes around every couple of years and I know every one of you can do big things. There are at least 3 competitions that can be done in around 5 minutes each depending on how much time you invest into them. I have knocked out some of these easy competitions while on lunch break, in the morning drinking my coffee, and even sitting in bed on my laptop watching TV at night. I encourage you all to dive in even if you only have 10 minutes a day to do so.

If you get a chance please give a special shout out to our own Rollmisstress Blade who earned first place recently in a long, hard, and well fought Jedi Academy bracket. Gold Novae coming your way sista! I'm excited and hopeful for all of our members to have a great shot at Novae after the war ends as well. The more you submit to the better your chances. Well thats it for now folks! Until next time folks keep up the great work and JUST DO IT!



“Winners are not people who never fail, but people who never quit.” —Unknown

Lovely report. I like it :)

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