House Satele Shan Quaestor Report 4 December 2017!


House Satele Shan Quaestor Report 4 December 2017!


House Satele Shan Quaestor Report December 2017!

Welcome to the December 2017 House Satele Shan Quaestor report!



You have rose above and accomplished what we once thought was impossible

This reports motivation music comes from The Script with a song called Hall of Fame for all our efforts as a clan during the GJW HERE. Fitting song for something we thought would be one of our biggest challenges as a Clan.

First Clan

Well folks if you have been living under a rock for the past 2 months and just now have come arose from the slumber, Clan Odan-Urr was announced as the “First Clan” after winning Great Jedi War XII.

This is an amazing feat and I'm proud of our entire Clan on their participation. Being the largest Clan there is always some worry if we would be able to carry over the participation enough to be competitive. I can tell you that not only did you all participate, you crushed it with the words straight from the GM stating: “COU's performance was absolutely outstanding with participation levels higher than any Clan in recent memory. The large majority of Clan's members contributed to this victory and they should all be exceptionally proud of their collective team work. I have been Grand Master for almost five years now and I cannot remember such a dominant participation performance. Congrats to all of you! Participation numbers for the entire Club are below.”

Well done everyone. You were humble, active, and showed your actions not with your mouth, but with your own actions. This win is for all Odanites! Lastly if your wondering why this report isn't combined.

Our faithful Aedile Len Iode and I have decided it was best to separate some of the information. Mainly this is due to the average 2-3 hours the reports were taking to compile activity, stats, and recognize you the members. If you miss something in my report, be sure to check his out when it's released soon. As always if you have questions please feel free to reach me.



  • COU Festivus that is a fun container competition for the Clan ran by our very own Daniel Stephens HERE
  • Battle Team New Tython Squad is running a new container competition for the grand opening of the team HERE .
  • Ozosi is running a fun Caroling creation competition for the Clan HERE.
  • Ethan is running a drawing competition where your character is posing for a calendar HERE.
  • Need some meditation after that long war. Great fiction competition related to that HERE.
  • Ethan is getting very creative with his competitions and has dated a cool speed dating fiction competition also located HERE.


Opening of a new Battle Team

Some of you have noticed a new Battle Team that is boasting 12 Shan members presently. We have 5 applications for the position of BTL and it was a very hard selection. At the end we can only select 1. Mauro Wynter was chosen to lead the new Battle Team.

The new team name is “Tython Squad” in remembrance of the disaster that happened to our previous home world and the teams dedication to never let that happen again. He has already been fast at work recruiting and creating a Wiki page that can be found HERE. I encourage you all to read it.

Be on the look out next month for a Battle Team event that will be ran against another DJB Battle Team that we are very excited for. I'll let Mauro detail more in his next report on the event details and the rival Battle team. If your interested in more activity and ways to participate for more rewards then give Mauro a shout about joining.

Lastly as we see Odan-Urr's membership is growing and our activity is equally high we will consider a possible 2nd Battle Team in the future if the activity is there in the first one. We do not want to split Tython Squad if it will kill their membership. However it wouldn't make since to have a 15-20 man Battle Team that's super active if we have the ability to open a second one. This would help open up more leadership opportunities for members looking for it and would make for some great competitions in the House while also adding to our lore fictionally. So show me what we can do here and force my hand Satellites! I know you can do it!

Special shout out to all Odanites members who participated in all GJW bins

Alethia, Aurora, Daniel Stephensl, Droveth, Edgar, Ka Tarvitz, Ethan Martes

Great work Odanites!

Awards, Promotions, and Activity

This section will be now added to the Aedile section of the report. Many members did great during the GJW and were either promoted, or awarded a merit medal. A few of you are on the edge of a promotion, or a medal. We check each month and track all of this, so do not worry if you didn't see anything after the war. We want to get you the best possible medal/promotion and sometimes the member may need more time in rank requirements, leadership, or a few more competitions. If you believe we may have missed you, or have a question in general on what it will take to get you the award/promotion, please e-mail me and I'll work with you to guide you on what else you will need.


-> Conclusion <- That's it for now Satellites. I am very proud of you all. The future is very bright for our Clan, House, and all of our members. Our goal is to keep the momentum moving forward and help keeping you guys having fun. Here in Odan-Urr we truly are a family away from our family in real life. I enjoy everything you guys do and it is even more rewarding to see the achievements you earn a long the way. My goal is a House full of members who enjoy having fun with each other in any form whether it be socially, gaming, character development, drawing, or even just shooting the crap online from time to time. I want much success for each of you and I will always do my best to fight for you and give you the tools to succeed and have fun.

Remember some of the greatest ideas in history have come from the new guy as well. No idea is a stupid idea. Bring them up. I want to hear them if you have them. While some may be harder to achieve I still would love to explore any possibilities of ideas you feel would benefit.

Until next time folks!



“Every Champion was once a defender who refused to give up.” —Rocky Balboa

Excellent report boss!

Great report!

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