House Shar Dakhan Quaestor Report: RoS is in the record books, now time to move forward...


House Shar Dakhan Quaestor Report: RoS is in the record books, now time to move forward...




Well finally here it is, normally this would have been out like two weeks ago, but with the RoS hanging over our heads I thought it would be best to hold off until our Vendetta was complete. Now the first thing I want to say is that I am so freaking stoked and thankful I got to do my first Vendetta with HSD! Could not have asked for a better group to charge into battle with.


Now, I wish I had a full metric of results and snapshots of names to throw in the spotlight. At the moment I do not, but rest assured that when it hits BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM baby!

I do know this, Cal finished third in HotS, I know the faction creation submitted under HSD umbrella should be a contender for placement. Erik Cato, Etah (Hate Backwards), and Augur Sang ROCKED the Knowledge is Power I/II. As stated before, I would be shocked if Adept Malik does not place in puzzle comps, he is like a Jedi at it HA! Though we won’t know until the results are tallied and announced. One way or another, I could not be prouder of us. HSD YOU ROCK!!!!

So, we had a “Blizzard” yesterday, about four inches and 45mph wind. Today is a good day to kick back and watch movies! Been trying to get out of my writer's block, but have not been able to snap my restraints.


Everyone seemed to have been riddled with R/L issues during this event, flooding houses, over-bearing professors, work, football schedules. You guys managed and overcame to make this RoS a most memorable one. So, I can not thank you all enough for participating and knocking out as much as we could, as a team, as a House!

With the RoS finished we can look towards focusing on the House, our direction and some cool storylines!


RoS is finished --- no news as of yet eagerly waiting for full results

Comps --- Check it out more comps have popped up to partake in --- Don't let up!!!!!!!

CSP looking for new Proconsul ---

House Archanis and House Ektrosis looking for new Aedile’s ---


I can only say this my fellow Housemates, we are destined for greatness, you all are destined for the same! I cannot thank each of you enough for such a great time during the Vendetta, being part of this House is truely an honor to be a part of this with all of you! Until next time.....



The hype train has pulled into the station. Please move your trays into the upright and locked position before exiting!

Seriously, this event was fun and you were a great leader.

Thanks Brotha! You guys made it even more fun!

Loving these reports bro!

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