House Sunrider Report #03202020


House Sunrider Report #03202020

Well this is it, our test run for the Zombie Apocalypse. Things are getting a little crazy out there, businesses are shutting down, people are getting scared, others are happy to see the chaos. I wish you all the best in these troubling times and hope you all manage to come out of this unscathed.

With that being said, a lot of people are now stuck at home and unable to socialize so your Summit is going to do everything we can to take your mind off of everything. That includes ramping up the number of comps we are doing to put out each month (Tisto has some things for all of you) including the House event (link below), our weekend hangouts will expand to everyday pending availability and we will be adding in some new story elements to keep you entertained.

Here is the newest update for "Vatali Unsettled".

Weekly Hangouts!

As I mentioned above, whenever a Summit member is available the Discord server will be active. So jump on, we would love to lead a game or just chat. Whether its playing a few rounds of Cards Against Humanity or games like Destiny 2 and SWTOR, its a great time to jump into our Discord server and chat with everyone.

Now if you're an introvert like me and are thinking "But Revak, there are people there" you have nothing to worry about. Everyone is pretty chill and things never get too crazy. Even if you don't want to play anything, just get on and talk with your fellow nerds.

Hope to see you there next week!

Tython Squadron: Castaway

If you haven't read the Tython Squadron Report, then you don't know about the great things Tython Squadron is doing. The Run-On is still on going so CLICK ME and have a read.

Also, if you're really active or just want more things to do, sent Jon an email or hit him up on Telegram expressing your interest and we'll add you to the team.

Congratulations Gui as Rollmaster

Big congratulations to Gui for being chosen as Rollmaster of Clan Odan Urr! He has already taken the Master/Student program by the horns and emailed all of our newer members. Check you inboxes often for new updates out of the Rollmaster's Office

One of the finest things about the club as a community is our Master/student program. If you're new, it's a great way to learn the ropes as someone takes you around and shows you the ins and outs on your way to Knight. Not only that, but your Master could be your first real friend in the club, often meeting up with you to do some writing, gaming or drawing.

Even better yet, its TOTALLY FREE!

Now for those of you who wish to be Masters or have been in the past, you know how important being a good Master is for keeping good people in the club (we all have had or have know of Masters who went to get cigarettes and haven't returned). You also know that our club relies heavily on activity, talent and the longevity of its members. Studies show that when a student is guided, they preform better later in life, live longer and go on to become great Masters themselves.

Bombard the new Rollmaster with emails or messages if you're interested!

I would also like to give a big thanks to Liam for his work as Rollmaster, you gave Gui some pretty big shoes to fill.

Welcome... Back!

  • Vez Hirundo (Arch)

Fun Things

  • Discord Role-play: We have an ongoing thread in #roleplay and we do all our out-of-character (OOC) arrangements in #fictionythings. Anyone who has access to our discord server can freely join and even suggest a change of scene and get in on the action

  • Kidnapped! [Urgent]

  • Articles

  • Tenixir Prison Break

Take a look at the Competition page for more things to do!

In Conclusion

Glorious Randomness!

As always , if you have any questions, concerns or just want to tell me how crappy I am, please feel free to contact me and as always, Tisto, Jon and myself wish you well. Stay safe.


  • Celevon Edraven Erinos: 1 Crescent with Sapphire Star and 3 Clusters of Graphite

  • Vez Hirundo: 3 Crescents with Amethyst Stars, 1 Crescent with Ruby Star, 1 Legion of the Scholar

  • Jafits Skrumm: 1 Crescent with Diamond Stars and 91 Clusters of Earth

  • Maximus Alunius: 1 Crescent with Emerald Star

  • Sa Ool: 6 Clusters of Earth

  • Jon Silvon: 1 Clusters of Ice

  • Zeon Blacktooth: 3 Clusters of Graphite

  • Gui Sol: 8 Clusters of Ice and 3 Clusters of Graphite

  • Agate Gua'lara: 2 Crescents with Diamond Stars, 3 Crescents with Sapphire Stars, 6 Crescents with Ruby Stars, 2 Crescents with Amethyst Stars, 27 Clusters of Graphite, 2 Clusters of Ice and 18 Clusters of Earth

  • Shayna Phantom: 4 Clusters of Fire

Over all, good 40% turnout for activity this month. Remember, everything you do is tracked by Aura and V'yr and points are awarded towards the Scimitar of Hoth currently held by our very own Agate Gua'lara. So get on, get active and get that sword!

Current Roll: 25

May the Force guild you,

-Revak Kur

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