Tython Squadron Report #3


Tython Squadron Report #3

An Exciting Time To Be An Odanite

Sorry for this being a day late folks, real life kept me busy. Having said that, we've all seen a pretty hectic month. The first episode of the Seven Pillars Event reached its conclusion, several other clan comps have kicked off, we've had a number of new members join the Squadron, and our own Run-On has finally gotten under way!

Without further ado, let's start the recognitions:

  • Our newest member, Celevon, did marvelously with 7 Competitions participated in, earning 1 Crescent With Emerald Star, 3 Clusters of Ice, and 23 Clusters of Earth. Good start.

  • Kasula also brought in 5 Competitions, and 2 Cresecents With Amethyst Stars.

  • Our good friend Jafits has a total of 6 Competitions, 3 Crescents With Amethyst Stars, and a whopping 201 Clusters of Earth.

  • Maximus has participated in 1 Competition.

  • Ethan came in with 4 Competitions, earning 1 Crescent With Saphire Star, and 24 Clusters of Fire.

  • Nijalah has participated in 4 Competitions.

  • And our own rising star, Agate, has participated in a grand total of 33 Competitions, earning 1 Crescent With Diamond Star, 7 Crescents with Ruby Stars, 3 Crescents With Amethyst Stars, 58 Clusters of Earth, and 14 Clusters of Graphite. Wow.

Competitions: And as always, the club has a number of competitions of all shades rising for us to participate in!

  • Do I even need to remind you all about our team Run-On? Of course I don't. Get in there and the save the system! Fight some pirates!

  • Scurvy A fiction comp for our writers: tell the tale of your own survival while stranded IN SPACE! It's the Robinson Crusoe story in the Star Wars galaxy! Use your imagination!

  • Competition: AVD 2020: Hindsight Is: A series of Valentine's Day related comps, including fiction, graphics, and flash games, all centered around your character's past.

  • [FIST] February 2020 GMRG Competitions: A series of gaming comps hosted by the FIST, for all our gamers in the team (not me).

  • What If...: A series comps in various categories based around the old "for want of a nail..." theme. Mostly puzzles, which are always good for quick and easy participation points.

  • [Sunrider] [Vatali Unsettled] The Mayor and Empress: And of course, we continue to advance the Clan Storyline with Vatali Unsettled, a series of three comps (one fiction, two flash games) based around getting a certain VIP to the Empress safely.

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