House Tyranus Report #6: What The Future May Bring


House Tyranus Report #6: What The Future May Bring



Tyranus Citadel Conference Room

Fort Dooku


38 ABY

Scudi Ferria took a deep breath while holding her hands behind her back with her left hand gripping her right wrist as she looked out to the rest of the fort. She was alone for the time being. An exasperated sigh followed as the Hand of Dread turned away from the window. Slowly she made her way over to the holotable that was her favourite part of the luxurious room. The Chiss placed her hands on either side of the main console and leaned against it. She hadn’t wanted this, any of this. Yet here she was. In command of a not insignificant ground force and fleet, that wasn’t even mentioning all the Sith under her command. She had come to Aliso chasing rumours of an abandoned Separatist prison, only to find it not so abandoned. From there she’d decided to move into New Raxulon and take odd jobs here and there. Then came Tahiri. That was where she entered this world of insanity. She’d helped find Tahiri’s brother and that began the journey to where she found herself today.

Read the full fiction here.


What’s going on Tyranus? Hope you enjoyed that little fiction there. This month on the House Tyranus Report. We take a look into the activity of Tyrants in the past month. We’ll talk a little about the upcoming war and a little talk of something coming later. We’ll also take a look at the competitions currently available and the news posts out there vying for your attention before tying everything together at the end.


Tyranus Activity Spotlight

  • Andrelious: 1x Sapphire Blade, 1xCI and 1xLotS.
  • Azmodius: 1x Crescent with Ruby Star and 1x Crescent with Sapphire Star.
  • Brimstone: 2x Crescent with Ruby Star and 1x Crescent with Sapphire Star.
  • Khryso Mallus 1x Crescent with Amethyst Star.


War and the Future

As you may have heard, there’s a war coming up. We don’t have an exact date for the start, but as I mentioned previously, the best we have is late May/early June. So that’s anything from 1-4 weeks maybe more. We don’t have too many details to share, but there is some news on the gaming front. Justinios posted a report which provides a sign-up form where you can enter one or both of the available brackets. (JA and HotS) On a more general basis, the best advice I can give is to try to hit at least one competition per bin. If there is something that you feel you are particularly strong at in a particular bin, put as much effort as you can into that competition. You don’t need to do every competition in every single bin, especially during this trying time. However, more entries do provide you and the clan with more credits as well as a chance to place which may help the clan’s placement. I would still emphasise quality entries over quantity, however, I believe that one quality entry per competition is possible for a majority of the bins. I’m aware that some members may not have an aptitude for certain types of competitions that is fine too. In that case, I would just get an entry in, just to help out yourself and the clan. We as a summit are looking for ways in which to be the most productive in terms of contacting you all and helping you fulfil your potential.

After the war, we have plans for another Probowl as Ronovi mentioned in her latest report, that’s not all. As was teased, I have an idea for a development event that will come after the Probowl. This will focus on Aliso and some of the other people who have come to call Aliso home as much as Plagueis has. I’m still working out the story, the mechanics of the event and the groups involved, however as there are multiple months between now and the proposed start date for this event, which would be somewhere from late August-early November depending on how things work out. I will provide updates where I can


Comps, Comps, Comps!

These are just a few competitions, to see the full list check out the competitions page.


Notable News From Around The Club

Ask The Hand

So for my first report with a new character I thought it’d be good to open up questions to see what’s on the mind of Plagueians. What I found was interesting so I’ll answer the questions I got. Unless the question involves a specific character or the totality of my characters, responses will be as if Liandry was being asked these questions.

  • Ronovi asks: Fancy getting a drink with the Dread Lord some time? What's your poison? I would be honoured to get a drink with the Dread Lord. I only have one question, your quarters or the exclusive bar at Fort Dooku? As for my drink of choice, Whiskeys are versatile and the closest thing to a go-to drink. Wines for more formal occasions though.

  • Tahiri asks many things, firstly: What will Liandry’s opinion of Tahiri and the summit be? This one I’ll run down from top to bottom. Ronovi: I like her, being the person who gave me the job and the first one of you folks I met, even if it was [REDACTED.] Who knows what the future holds with her? Maybe one day she’ll tell me the story behind those cybernetics.

TuQ: I admire the work he put in to be where he is now. I mean I’m pretty great and I wasn’t offered his job so he must be doing something right.

Tahiri: She seems nice, but you don’t last around these kinds of people by being nice, there’s more to her, should investigate sometime.

Julius: A little old for my taste, but he knows this place better than I do, should be a useful asset even if he’s not particularly remarkable.

Aleister: Strange one, tough to get a read on. If I’m right, I’ve met plenty of his type before. Big and strong, can be useful even if they don’t like listening to orders.

  • What is Scudi going to be doing? It’s touched on in the above fiction, but now that she’s free from leadership, she’ll go back to doing what made her happy, working on droids and machines. Maybe some extra stuff I’ve written on the side but she’s definitely still going to be around on Aliso.

  • How are your characters taking the quarantine? Well, I did an entry for the quarantine event where Scudi was relieved she could be away from the stress of all the angsty Sith who didn’t like her as well as worried for those she cares about and somewhat reflective.

  • Coffee or Tea? Tea, both for characters and IRL. While Liandry, in particular, might be partial to some of the more exotic blends, IRL I’m more of a black tea person.

  • Whiskey, beer, wine, or mixed drinks? For Liandry yes it just depends on who she’s around. IRL I don’t consume alcohol so I guess no would be the answer there.



That’s all from the Tyranus Citadel for this month, though I’d like to once more stress that I’m here for you guys if you need anything at all. Don’t hesitate to get in touch. This has been your monthly Tyranus report, see you when I see you.


Great report Liandry! Love the fiction. Tahiri will have to visit Scudi (or vise versa, if Tahiri hasn't scared her) when she has time. :)

who's this Liandry person? this Chiss is unfamiliar with this person.

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